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Communication when negotiating a construction contract
Pelčák, Svatopluk ; Plesník, Zdeněk (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The main objective of the Diploma thesis is to create and analyze marketing researches and evaluate its possibilities of application in reality. There are marketing and communication basics, alongside with brief introduction to Baťa’s Zlin listed in the theoretical part. The practical part of the thesis is focused on defining the methodology of the marketing researches, including its analysis. Based on these information there is a conception created. The main reason to create this conception was rising amount of houses, which are being repaired regardless of its historical value and city regulation. This concept is therefore focused on creation of alternative plan on – how to preserve unique urbanistic character of functionalistic garden city of Zlin.
The importance of association of municipalities for development of the regions
Istenčinová, Nikol ; Sigmund, Martin (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
As the main topic this thesis theoretically defines the subject municipality with extended powers and voluntary associations of municipalities for developement of regions. In the practical part i focused on a research inquiry, i analyse results of this inquiry and i consider a practical use in the public area. I try to point out the importance of the strategic management by dint of all needs which mean a long-term planning in relation to methods of managerial work. Another part of my survey is to analyse all technical infrastructure of municioalities in the south moravian district. And i would like to attention to the problems and deficiencies and not only to try fix this things but find out an actual oppurtunities to help these municipalities. Facts in this work can point out the importance of unions for developement of regions.
Managerial preparation of the Construction of streetworkout playground in Bojnice
Kotrík, Ján ; Demkov, Jaroslav (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the management of the construction of street workout playground in the town of Bojnice. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of public administration, construction company and communication. The practical part consists of verifying the validity of the five hypotheses by means of a questionnaire, selecting a suitable land and a specific place for future construction, analyzing the Czech and Slovak market with companies dealing with the construction of street workout playgrounds, analyzing the necessary legislation, my own street workout design and comparing three bids from specific businesses. The result of the thesis is a comprehensive background for the management of the town of Bojnice, which will serve to define the funds for this project.
Equal Opportunities in Construction Engineering
Řeháková, Adéla ; Antl, Pavel (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis "Equal Opportunities in Construction Engineering" deals with gender equality of employment opportunities, work-life balance, alternative employment and employment of graduates. Basic terms are introduced in the theoretical part. Based on the hypotheses carried out questionnaire survey is evaluated in the practical part. According to the evaluation of the investigation, steps are proposed to improve equal opportunities in construction companies.
Coaching in Construction Engineering
Čičmanec, Juraj ; Škríb, Ivan (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis deals with what today’s modern era of technology in construction management looks like. The thesis goes on to deal with some basic concepts, the main tasks of management, the ethics of managers and the handling and management of change. The work expands into a discussion on coaching. Specifically the practice of coaching, what coaching is as a concept, and the application of coaching when working with people. Finally, the dialogue moves onto present the basic tools available to managers, as well as the effective application of those tools. The end of this thesis is devoted to practical verification using a questionnaire, and concludes with his evaluation.
The specifics of motivation in construction company
Smejkal, Marek ; Doležel, Pavel (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The dissertation‘s thesis, called „The Specifics of Motivation in Construction Company“, deals with problems connected with motivation, company’s culture and leading of employees in construction companies. The theoretical part includes basic information about motivation and its theories and practise. The practical part handles with a present situation in two construction companies. Based on previous hypothesis and questionnaire, which was prepared by me, new processes were suggested. These new suggestions use for a future improvement in motivation and company’s culture.
Current trends of the firm culture in construction company
Rychetský, Tomáš ; Lakuš, Jan (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This diploma thesis provides an overview of current trends in firm culture of companies and their context. The theoretical part specifies the field of civil engineering, defines the concept of corporate culture and enriches it with existing approaches to management and determination of the form of corporate culture. The empirical part includes research that identifies changes in corporate culture related to the Y, Z generations on the labor market, and to what extent they meet the requirements of the corporate environment. The result of the thesis is evaluation, SWOT analysis of "millennials" and proposals for solutions.
Cooperation of public and private sphere in construction sector
Dorušák, Petr ; Táborský, Jan (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals how public sector co-opete with private one. The are explain the types of cooperation and the reasons why they are used or not. In the beginning are defined the main terms used later in this thesis, those definitions are based on the datas from the books. The second part, practical part, is focused on evaluation of the respondents’s answers, which have been gotten from questionnaire. There are used also my personal opinions and experience in the practical part. In the final part there is decribed current cooperation those sectors and there are given the recommendations for improving their relationships.
Forms and methods of motivation in construction company work
Vojenčáková, Paulína ; Matúš, Martin (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to define individual terms in the theoretical part. The work deals with a questionnaire, consisting of interesting questions of various forms. In the practical part, the working hypotheses are established and then a questionnaire survey is carried out, as to how satisfied workers are, how they come from their energy, what sense they see in their work. Further, the results are analyzed and the results are compared and recommended for practical use in the construction field.
Comunication and the firm culture in construction company work
Istenčinová, Nikol ; Sigmund, Martin (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis focuses on communication and corporate culture in the construction company. In the theoretical part, there are specified basic concepts of communication and corporate culture. The practical part is based on research hypotheses, on the basis of which a questionnaire was created. It analyses the actual situation of communication and corporate culture in the construction company and it verify the hypothesis. To expand research was used controlled interviews were conducted with selected employees in the company. The final part occurs the analyzed data and the resulting recommendations to improve the situation in company.

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