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Feeding dogs the natural way
Beranová, Daniela ; Rozinek, Jiří (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
The bachelor thesis has the character of literary research. Focusing on feeding dogs the natural way. It is divided into several chapters. The first chapter describes the digestive tract of the dog, its parts and operations which it provides. First described digestive system overall, and its importance for the body of the dog. The first part of the digestive system is the head portion, which include the mouth, including teeth, and pharynx. In the pharynx the digestive crosses paths with breathing. Epiglottis separates the head portion from the front intestine, which starts and continues through the esophagus into the stomach. It is connected to the small intestine, which parts are duodenum, jejunum and ileum. Small intestine enters the large intestine. It has three distinct parts: cecum, colon and rectum. Rectum narrows the anal canal, which ends anus. Further additives are described intestine organs and their functions. They are the liver and pancreas. The second chapter focuses on the fact that the dog is a carnivore. Briefly summarized the emergence of dog domestication of the wolf and his digestive system, since it is still very similar. Changing digestion is a process that requires several hundred years. This section also describes what nutrients are important in the food contained a brief description. Another important part of the food is fresh water. The third chapter is a division of commercially produced feed. They are divided according to water content and the method of preservation, according to the quality of raw materials and by ages, sizes and breeds workload. The next section summarizes the book by Dr. Hans-Ulrich Grimm. He is a journalist and author of several books that reveal the truth about industrial foods and certain brands in the industry. The main part deals with the natural food for the dog. Is it a combination of meat, vegetables, fruits and sometimes other supplements, such as dairy products, cereals, herbs and much more. This chapter summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of feeding a natural food. Finally, the work distinguishes the difference benefit the dog fed first industrially produced feed, then the natural food.
Analysis of the logistic system in Drůbežářské závody v Klatovech
Pošarová, Marie ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to optimize logistics costs in a food processing production enterprise. The thesis describes the whole logistics process in a particular company from the transport of live poultry intended for processing through the distribution of finished food products to customers. In the first phase the thesis is devoted to theoretical bases and concepts such as the creation and development of logistics, definition of logistics, logistics systems and distribution chains. In another part the theoretical knowledge is applied to a particular company Drůbežářský závod Klatovy, a.s.and current logistical costs associated with distributing food products from external carriers are examined. Subsequently the financial calculation is processed and using methods of multi-criteria model it is decided in what model of vehicle to invest to ensure logistical tasks in a food processing enterprise. In the end the result is interpreted, from which it emerges whether the logistic costs and investments in own vehicles are worth purchasing thus reducing logistics costs or not. Therefore the thesis can serve as a basis for the financial management of the company as to how it is possible to reduce costs in the future and thereby improve earnings.
Impact of urbanization on ecological status of the Smržovský creek
Polák, Michal ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
This thesis handle with the ecological status of Smržovka stream, respectively handle with change of the ecological state of stream due to urbanization. Smržovka stream, concretely the right tributary of significant river Kamenice Jizerské hory Mountains rises in the Jizerské hory Mountains protected landscape area, which is almost intact due to water pollution and gradually flows through an urbanized area with a relatively high level of infrastructure and sources of pollution. For the ecological status assessment of stream were used the following three indicators: hydromorphological mapping, physico-chemical water analysis and evaluation of biological components of makrozoobenthos in terms of saprobity. The work provides information on water quality in the stream with that this unique data can be the basis for the study of other small streams that spring in urban mountainous areas.
Impact of antropogenic activities on ecological status of the Meredský creek
Rosypalová, Hana ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
The presented thesis deals with the evaluation of the ecological status of small watercourse Meredský creek situated in Central Bohemia. Meredský creek springs in the village of Záborná Lhota, runs through the village of Chotilsko and behind the village of Čím empties into the river Vltava. This creek is affected by the urbanization, in the catchment area there is continual livestock grazing and there are several bigger water areas and smaller ponds situated on the creek. The landscape is completed by the mixed and coniferous forests and meadows. The evaluation rate of the pollution was determined according to the selected physical and chemical indicators of the water quality directly in the flow or evaluated in the laboratory conditions, biological status was determined by the community of aquatic macroinvertebrates (saprobity index, ASPT index, BMWP score, Margalef´s diversity index) and hydromorpohological status (average status) was evaluated too. The final ecological status was evaluated according to the Czech State Standard 75 7221 and requirements given by the environmental quality standards. Concentrations of ammonia, total phosphorus, nitrates, chlorides, dissolved oxygen were accomplished as not meeting environmental quality standards. According to the saprobity index, ASPT index, BMWP score water quality is average. Meredský creek reached the 3rd Class of hydromorphological status. According to the chemical status final ecological status is established as not meeting the requirements of the environmental quality standards and general measures leading to the better ecological status are suggested.
Proposal of waste water treatment in small village Velké hydčice
Bambule, Luboš ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
This thesis deals with sewage disposal in the village of Great Hydčice. In this thesis I evaluated wastewater treatment. I summarized the main issues of water polluted treatment methods and types of wastewater treatment plants. From this overview section I then chose the most suitable treatment and waste water treatment for the community with regard to the financial possibilities and environmental requirements of the municipality. This choice I then added on the results of the questionnaire which indicates respondents awareness of the root wastewater treatment plants. Based on the data the result of the thesis can be applied to other small municipalities, with regard to the total population and the financial possibilities of the place.
The Designing complementary activities that will lead to an increase in revenues contributory organizations
Morová, Pavlína ; Štáfek, Pavel (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
The subject of the thesis Desgning complementary activites that will lead to increase revenues of contributory organizations is working schedules in the framewok of complementary activities. Under the theoretical background there are named basic terms, determination autonomous organizations established by local authorities, the principles of their financing operations, In the next chapter there is described the management of concrete allowance organization, its current activity, additonal profit generated there, consequently suggested of the new possibilities for complementary acitivities and their profitability. Revenues are estimated from ancillary activities the work cntemplated Higher Vocational School included to current secondary school, gym rental income and income from a school camp organized for the potential students. The final chapter summarizes the results and evaluates their contributon to specific allowance organization.

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