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Analýza významu a uplatnění kulturních rostlin v programu "fair trade"
Lišková, Martina
This thesis analyse the issue of fair trade and the posibility for this program in the Czech republic. The literary part of thesis describes the program fair trade, reasons for formation of fair trade, its current status and issue of oil palm planting in the world. This thesis evaluates influence of oil palm planting on the environment and economic, social and health impacts connected with oil palm planting for local residents and communities and impacts of oil palm production on the Czech Republic. For the practical part of thesis I used the questionnaire survey, when I examined public knowledge of the fair trade, consumer behavior, the range of demand for fair trade products and the interest of citizens about problematic situatin of oil palm planting.
Annotated translation: Mehrsprachigkeit als Chance - Empirische Erfahrungen zu Mehrsprachigkeit in Österreich (Anton Prochazka). In: The Multilingual Brain: Zum neurodidaktischen Umgang mit Mehrsprachigkeit (Konferenzband TMB 2014). Heiner Böttger, Gabriele Gien (eds.)
Lišková, Martina ; Kloudová, Věra (advisor) ; Svoboda, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis includes translation of selected parts of the article Mehrsprachigkeit als Chance - Empirische Erfahrungen zu Mehrsprachigkeit in Österreich, by Anton Prochazka and a commentary on the translation. This commentary consists of a translation analysis of the original text, the translation method and translation problems typology with examples and their solutions. The last part of the commentary is devoted to translation shifts. Key words Translation, translation analysis, translation method, translation problem, translation shift, multilingualism, languages
Changes of the Literacy Concept
Lišková, Martina ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Miroslava (referee)
This paper treats changes of the literacy concept. It presents five most important conceptual frameworks, such as literacy rate, functional literacy, Freirean framework, New literacy studies and literacies of information. Literacy can be defined as the ability to read and write, as a set of basic skills or as competencies. Because of OECD's influence, the functional literacy concept is the most powerful one. Literacy involves a continuum and is oriented mostly towards economical outputs. Influence of OECD is supported by the international surveys IALS, ALL, PIAAC, PISA and LAMP. The surveys TIMSS and PIRLS organized by IEA are influential as well. This paper summarizes the most important critical reviews to the OECD's methodology and to the interpretation of the results. It also comments current activities of OECD, UNESCO and European union. Based on the socio- cultural framework, it brings in several recommendations how states and organizations could approach literacy and its assessment. The paper relies on the documents of UNESCO, OECD, IEA, the World Bank, the European union and on the published works of foreign and local experts.
Sustainability of the pension reform in Slovakia
Lišková, Martina ; Janotík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dózsa, Martin (referee)
This paper explores the sustainability of pension system in Slovakia on the local institutional, socio- economic and political background, analyzing the past and current reforms and their impact on public finance. In the first, theoretical part of the paper, the World Bank strategy is sketched out to provide general framework for sustainability of reforms and their goals, and actual past reforms that took place in Slovakia from 2004 until present are dissected. These reforms are most notable for their reorientation from pure pay-as-you-go system to combined PAYG and fully funded system. While this step alleviates the crushing implicit social security debt to some extent, it is shown that not even the latest reforms alone will suffice to cover the increasing burden of the pension system on public spending. Therefore, in the empirical part of the paper, several parametric reforms are proposed and are analyzed from long term perspective (until 2100) using the World Bank PROST economic model. These scenarios approximately represent some of the reforms currently on the table that could be carried out in the near future. The varying inputs are retirement age, the contribution rate for the fully funded system, the replacement rate, the affiliation rate and the type of valorization, with the output being...
Culture of an international company
Lišková, Martina ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šerák, Michal (referee)
Working life of most individuals is carried on in organizations. Every organization creates its own corporate culture, that is influenced by external environment and its culture. This thesis is focused on theoretical hypothesis of this subject and their comparison with several real life experiences. It describes corporate culture and its impact on shared values, norms, symbols and artefacts. It concentrates on international companies, where members of different national cultures have to cooperate, and it considers the importance of good preparation and awareness of possible differences as factores, that enable realization of own ethnocentrism, which can subsequently reduce culture shock, caused by different approach to time, space, and especially to communication. The paper focuses on french ethnocentric companies, coming to the Czech republic after 1989 and keeping deliberately french management. Those managers, representatives of the french national culture, are confronted with the local czech culture. The thesis presents results of selected researches with their experience with czech employees. Despite a relatively close geographic location (in global scale), cultural diversity can be detected in many fields of company life, which can be the source of possible misunderstandings or even...
Možnosti uplatnění a význam vybraného „fair trade“ produktu v ČR
Lišková, Martina
This thesis analyse the issue of fair trade and the posibility of using its principles in the Czech republic. The literary part of thesis describes the reasons for formation of fair trade, its current status and issue of cultivation of cocoa beans in developing countries. For the practical part of thesis I used the method of questionnaire survey, when I examined public awareness of the fair trade, consumer behavior, the range of demand for fair trade products and the interest of citizens about problematic situatin in developing countries.
Urbanistický vývoj zemědělského areálu v obci Záblatí ve vztahu k hospodaření zemědělského podniku
Lišková, Martina
This thesis analyses development of agricultural complex Agro Záblatí a.s. following the development of economy in the course of time. It focuses on agricultural buildings and their importance in an integral part of livestock production and crop production. Moreover the work desribes the original development and current characteristics of the company. In addition it also mentions impact management with regard to agricultural buildings and deals with the basic natural conditions in which the company manages. The necessary research has been done and informatin has been gathered.
Ways of IT processes management in organizations (IT governance)
Lišková, Martina ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Kubíček, Jovan (referee)
IT governance is a very pressing matter for many companies not only all around the world but also in Czech Republic. Therefor this thesis will in the beginning introduce reader to the subject of IT Governance, it's historical development, structure, participants and also its benefits for the organizations but also with possible hardships of incorporating it into companies. Main benefit of this thesis is mapping of different solutions providers. These solutions include software platforms, differentiating methodics and also consulting IT services. This work chooses and introduces key market providers. Last part of the thesis hints at the possibilities of implementing chosen methodic into a sample company. Reader is introduced to the chosen methodic in greater detail and the aforementioned methodic is demonstrated through the companies services.

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