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Využití open-source nástroje KiCAD pro realizaci ostrovního nabíjecího systému
LIŠKA, Tomáš
The subject of this bachelor thesis is creation of a complex text using the design tool KiCAD for the design and realization of electronic circuits and data for the production of printed circuit boards. The aim is to create production data that will be used for the manufacture of printed circuit boards. In the application section, the printed circuit board will used together with a control system to implement an island charging system.
Marketing and communication strategy of the hockey club HC Sparta Prague
Babincová, Tereza ; Chylíková, Hana (advisor) ; Liška, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze the current marketing and communication strategy of the hockey club HC Sparta Prague, especially its marketing activities and projects and its communication with the public. Also the aim of the thesis is to find out the awareness of the club's fans of these activities and subsequently to evaluate the current marketing and communication strategy based on the author's own marketing research and to suggest own ideas on improvement this strategy. The theoretical part is focused on defining terms as marketing, marketing and communication mix, SWOT analysis and the specifics of the sport marketing and the importance of promotion and sponsorship in the sport branch. The practical part contains basic information about the hockey club HC Sparta Prague and its history, its SWOT analysis and analysis of current marketing activities and projects. At the end of the thesis is evaluated the marketing research, which was made by the author among the fans of the club. On the basis of the research are suggested own ideas for improvement the marketing and communication strategy of the club.
Analysis of Security for Wireless Networks Using Mobile Device
Líška, Tomáš ; Malinka, Kamil (referee) ; Aron, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with analysis of security for wireless networks using mobile device, where application is created for Android operating system. Application launchs promiscuous mode for wireless card and scans wireless networks in range. There is a possibility to analyze security of these networks. This work describes wireless networks security theory, proposal and implementation. This work also describes problems with analysis and evaluates the final results.
The comparative analysis of mergers realized in the Czech Republic in 2015
Liška, Tomáš ; Skálová, Jana (advisor) ; Pěsna, Lukáš (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with mergers. The main target of this thesis is to carry out the analysis of mergers undertaken during year 2015 in the Czech Republic. The introductory part of the thesis describes the basic theoretical aspects of mergers, including statutory regulation, forms of mergers and motivates to the use of mergers. The big attention is dedicated to the debt push-down. Debt push-down enables the operating income and the interest expense on the acquisition loan to meet at the level of one entity and meet conditions for the tax deductibility of the interests. The main core of the thesis is the analysis of mergers undertaken during year 2015 in the Czech Republic. The last part of the thesis compares the mergers realized in the Czech Republic during the period from 2010-2015.
Dictionary Writing System: Output and Editorial Modules
Barbierik, Kamil ; Děngeová, Zuzana ; Jarý, Vladimír ; Liška, Tomáš ; Lišková, Michaela ; Virius, Miroslav
This paper focuses on a dictionary writing system called Alexis that is currently under development at the Institute of the Czech language of the Czech Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic as part of a preparation of a new monolingual dictionary of the contemporary Czech language. At first, we explain motivation for development of a brand new DWS. We also discuss selected software technologies used for development of the DWS. Then we briefly describe structure of the system that consists of several modules that model key features of the dictionary such as lemma or list of entries. Special emphasis is put on output and editorial modules: we explain the relation between those modules, we demonstrate the process of correction of lemma and roles involved in the process. Finally, we present current status of development and planned new modules which include web interface or revision module.
Development of Dictionary Writing System
Barbierik, Kamil ; Holcová Habrová, Martina ; Jarý, Vladimír ; Kochová, Pavla ; Liška, Tomáš ; Opavská, Zdeňka ; Virius, Miroslav
The article presents a new Dictionary Writing System (DWS) that is being developed at the Institute of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences of the CR, v. v. i., in connection with the preparation of a new monolingual dictionary of contemporary Czech. The overall software architecture is discussed in details; the software is implemented as a web application based on PHP, HTML, and MySQL technologies, users interact with it via the web browser.
e-elarning in human resources management
Liška, Tomáš ; Šikýř, Martin (advisor) ; Stříteský, Marek (referee)
The work introduces the reader the concept of e-learning and provides a structured view of the issue. Explanations of basic terms, forms, methods of implementation or inclusion e-learning in the education system forms makes the basis for understanding the importance of e-learning. The work is explained the issue of standardization, including a summary of the most used standards and the principle of their operation. Issue of e-learning implementation konstitute the fundamental part this work, and it is demonstrated by the example of a model society. There are recognized problem parts in the e-learning implementation, a comparison of possible solutions including design courses, which could be implemented. Component part of this work is the questionnaire survey among employees, potential students, to determine their perceptions of e-learning and in particular their requirements and expectations. For the sake of completeness are recognized developments and trends to e-learning step, and which have promising potential.

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