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Legal aspects of state property management
Štancl, Michal ; Liška, Petr (advisor) ; Dvořák, Tomáš (referee) ; Marek, Karel (referee)
Název disertační práce v anglickém jazyce, abstrakt v anglickém jazyce a tři klíčová slova v anglickém jazyce Title: Legal aspects of state property management Abstract: When acting in the field of private law, State has the quality of a legal entity. However, State is a legal entity of its own kind. It has an immanent double nature and consequently it doesn't cease to stand on the border of private and public law. The principle of legality doesn't apply to State as a private law actor, which means that it can do even what is not explicitly permitted by the law. On the other hand, State cannot fully exploit autonomy of its will because its legal actions are rigorously predestined by the rules setting clear limits to it. Those limits in form of restrictive dispositions are addressed directly to organizational units of the state and state organizations and their purpose is to ensure efficient and economical management of state property as it is in the public interest. This dissertation aims to analyse the individual elements of property relations of the State. The most important subject in those relations is State itself. Nevertheless State cannot be regarded as one compact and confluent unity. On the contrary, its internal structure is crucial. The effects of internal structure of the State on the property...
The status of persons placing public contracts in specific sectors
Kolář, Filip ; Horáček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Liška, Petr (referee)
The status of persons placing public contracts in specific sectors Abstract The topic of the thesis is the position of the utilities contracting authority. Although the new regulation, ie Act No. 134/2016 Coll., On Public Procurement, as amended (the "Act") does not explicitly include the term "utilities contracting authority", the concept of public procurement regarding utilities has remained de facto preserved. To emphasize not only this but also some other vital facts, the thesis compares the contemporary legislation with the previous legal regulation of the matter. At the same time, the thesis attempts to take a comprehensive approach to the area of public sector (utilities) procurement and its specifics, in particular through comparisons of legislation affecting the award of utilities public procurement and oteher public procurement in general. In the first part of the thesis I define concepts that are fundamental to the subject of this thesis, ie terms such as "contracting authority", "public contract", "dominant influence", "special or exclusive rights"or "relevant activity. Other parts of the thesis are devoted mainly to utilitis specifics and "reliefs". Gradually, I first draw attention to the obligation of the contracting authority to award only an above the treshold utilities public procurement...
Optimization of Carbon atomic source for graphene layer growth by MBE method
Liška, Petr ; Bartošík, Miroslav (referee) ; Mach, Jindřich (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the development and optimization of an atomic source of carbon atoms with the thermal energy (0.1÷1 eV). An atomic beam in the conditions of ultrahigh vacuum is considered to be a suitable source of superior graphene layers also due to the high purity of the method. The first part of this work describes graphene as a material and the method of molecular beam epitaxy. The second part is dedicated to the description of an assembly of the carbon source and its optimization which also concludes with experimental data obtained from measurement of the deposited carbon layers on various substrates (Cu, Ge, Al2O3, SiO2).
Entering into a public contract
Drdák, Josef ; Horáček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Liška, Petr (referee)
Entering into a public contract Abstract The topic of this thesis is entering into a public contract while this issue remains highly topical particularly with regard to the new complex legislation on public procurement, which brought a relatively significant change into this legal area. The main objective of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive interpretation of a process which results in a public contract as well as to analyse the admissibility of a modification of this legal act. This thesis is divided into three parts. First part is particularly concentrated on the sources of a public procurement legal framework. National and European legislation is analysed in this part, together with a minor attention to the international public law. Furthermore, the fundamental principles of a public procurement are subject to rather detailed research as they have significant impact on the entire contracting process. Due to a non- negligible shift in the terminology the basic terms of a public procurement are shortly explained in the end of the first part. In the second part which is crucial for this thesis the actual process of concluding a public contract is described. This process comprises two main stages. Therefore the second part is focused on both pre-contracting and contracting process together with its...
Elements of Promissory Note
Beránková, Kateřina ; Liška, Petr (advisor) ; Zahradníčková, Marie (referee)
Elements of Promissory Note Abstract The rigorous thesis is dealing with the matter of elements of a promissory note, the thesis goes through particular elements in detail and explains how to include them on the promissory note so that the note is a valid security. Alongside the examples of writing elements of a promissory note that cause nullity of promissory note are given, which come from decision-making process of the courts. The elements of promissory note are analysed one by one depending on division to obligatory elements, facultative elements and subsidiary elements. The thesis primarily works with judicial decisions which are the main source of knowledge in this thesis. The rigorous thesis is apart from introduction and conclusion divided into seven chapters. The largest part of description and analysis is dedicated to obligatory elements of promissory note and to facultative elements enumerated in article I. s. 75 of Bill of Exchange and Cheque Act, which are the most common for the promissory note. First chapter focuses on term of promissory note, its substance, characteristics and general definition of elements of promissory note. Second chapter analyses substantial elements of promissory note which are clause of promissory note, unconditional promise to pay certain amount of money, name of...
The evaluation criteria in public procurement
Černá, Anna ; Horáček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Liška, Petr (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to provide a comprehensive analysis of legislation of evaluation criteria with its main focus on quality criteria taking account of decision practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition, case law of administrative courts and foreign and also domestic practice of awarding of the public contract. The diploma thesis is divided in five chapters, with each chapter being split in subchapters. The first chapter presents a brief overview of the public procurement legislation and intends to describe its basic aims and purposes. The second chapter focuses on legislation of quality criteria. The subject of the third chapter is the act of contracting authority prior to the launching of the procurement procedure and with it relating preliminary market consultation and award criteria. The fourth chapter deals with individual evaluation criteria including unnamed criteria and proposes the outline of the foreign practice of evaluation with the Best Value Procurement method. Furthermore, the chapter deals with the subjective award criteria in the light of the case of administrative courts and decision practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition. The last fifth chapter is devoted to the evaluation of tenders, deals with the changes to the award...
Special regulation of obligations between food suppliers and clients
Večeřová, Ludmila ; Patěk, Daniel (advisor) ; Liška, Petr (referee)
Name of thesis: Special regulation of obligations between food suppliers and clients Abstract The thesis addresses the issues connected to Act No. 395/2009 Coll., on significant market power in the sale of agricultural and food products and abuse thereof. The Act applies to obligations between suppliers of food products and buyers with such market power which allows them to use disadvantageous business conditions towards their suppliers, abusing their power. The Act's impact on the business relationships between suppliers and buyers in particular is considered as well as the conflict between the principles of protection of weaker contracting party and contractual freedom. The first chapter contains an analysis of the supplier-buyer relationship and the food market which serves as its platform. Beside the definition of food products, the chapter contains characterization of both parties, the evolution of the food market over time and evaluation of the capability of both suppliers and buyers to affect the conditions of their relationship. The second chapter deals with the Significant Market Power Act itself, particularly its purpose, circumstances of its adoption and the subsequent reactions of the interested parties and the public. The process of the Act's amendment in 2016 is described as well as the...
Usufructuary lease of a business
Němec, Jakub ; Liška, Petr (advisor) ; Josková, Lucie (referee)
Usufructuary lease of a business ABSTRACT The object of the thesis is to analyse the current legal regulation of the usufructuary lease of a business and, in appropriate places, to compare this regulation with the previous legislation and to submit proposals for suitable contractual arrangements under the usufructuary lease of a business contract and the related documentation. At first, for the purpose of analysing the legal regulation of the usufructuary lease of a business, the thesis defines the institutes of a business enterprise and of a usufructuary. The first chapter focuses on the historical development of the concept of the institute of the business enterprise in Czech legal regulations, starting with the pre-war legal regulation and finishing with the current legislation. There is a passage devoted mainly to the definition of a business enterprise, a plurality of business enterprises and the nature of the business enterprise as a collective thing. This is followed by the effort to define the usufructuary lease of a part of a business enterprise constituting a separate organisational component, as the provisions on the usufructuary lease of a business are applied by analogy to the usufructuary lease of such part of the business. A part of the second chapter devoted to the institute of a...
Jiří Hájíček's novel work and it's reflection in media
Liška, Petr ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Malý, Radek (referee)
The master's thesis Jiří Hájíček's novels and their reflection in media focuses on evaluating critical reviews of three subsequent Hájíček's novels: Selský Baroko, Rybí krev, a Dešťová hůl. The author analyzed contemporary czech literary periodicals, daily press and literary webs. The theoretical framework consists of defining the terms criticism and interpretation, a brief introduction into the history of czech rural novel while taking into consideraton contemporary czech literary production. The work also reviews new milenium's czech literary critics' disputations. The practical part of the work focuses on interpretation of the novels and assesing the reviews. The work primarily empasises the evaliuation of different reviews. Thesis also focuses on style and preference of different critics, especially those reviewing the novels continually. Special emphasis is given to fitting Hájíček's work into contemporary literary context, especially the rural novel context. Finally, the work compares the author of the thesis' interpretations of the novels with other reviews. Thesis includes an interview with Jiří Hájíček. Keywords Jiří Hájíček, Selský baroko, Rybí krev, Dešťová hůl, reflection, reception, review, critique, novel
Selected issues of public tender: the institution and types of public tender
Večerková, Kateřina ; Plíva, Stanislav (advisor) ; Liška, Petr (referee)
The presented thesis addresses selected questions within the topic of public tender competitions, with focus on defining the term "public tender" and defining different types of public tenders. The thesis attempts to explain current legal environment of public tenders with regard to the amendment which has entered into force on September 15, 2010, and which has altered certain establishments of the Public Tenders Act. Alternations occurred also in the establishments focused on in this thesis; and because there has been no statutory interpretation or judicature yet, this thesis attempts to shed light on the implications of the amendment on the selected establishments. Definition of the term "public tender" is crucial from the viewpoint of full compliance of the Public Tenders Act; therefore, definition of the term along with its proprieties is one of the core topics of this thesis. Connected to this topic is also the question of proper definition of the term contracting authority, and assortment of subjects into correct contracting authority categories. This assessment is deemed fundamental for public tender competition. The thesis attempts to analyze situations where contracting authority specification is ambiguous. The case of ČEPRO, a.s., was chosen as a practical example to demonstrate such...

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