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Analysis and Testing of Concurrent Programs
Letko, Zdeněk ; Vojnar, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis starts by providing a taxonomy of concurrency-related errors and an overview of their dynamic detection. Then, concurrency coverage metrics which measure how well the synchronisation and concurrency-related behaviour of tested programs has been examined are proposed together with a~methodology for deriving such metrics. The proposed metrics are especially suitable for saturation-based and search-based testing. Next, a novel coverage-based noise injection techniques that maximise the number of interleavings witnessed during testing are proposed. A comparison of various existing noise injection heuristics and the newly proposed heuristics on a set of benchmarks is provided, showing that the proposed techniques win over the existing ones in some cases. Finally, a novel use of stochastic optimisation algorithms in the area of concurrency testing is proposed in the form of their application for finding suitable combinations of values of the many parameters of tests and the noise injection techniques. The approach has been implemented in a prototype way and tested on a set of benchmark programs, showing its potential to significantly improve the testing process.
Testsuite for Analysis of Properties of Tuned Profiles
Blaškovič, Branislav ; Letko, Zdeněk (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
This work is aiming to analyze Tuned profiles with automatic tests. The tests are ran on the most common disk devices and file systems. It is also dedicated to automatic evaluation of these tests and shows other tools that can be used to test speed of disk operations.
School of Martial Arts Information System
Lorenc, Ján ; Dudka, Vendula (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of an information system for a school of martial arts. It characterizes the concept of information system, it describes the design and implementation of an information system. The work also includes a comparision of several PHP frameworks. Developed system is platform independent and is based on technologies CakePHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
Lombok Framework Study
Paštrnák, Ján ; Müller, Petr (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze Lombok framework and its usage for the development of Java programs. Framework Lombok enables the generation of a primitive, often repetitive code during compilation of the annotated code. Using annotations, programmer specifies what and where the framework needs to generate during the compilation. This thesis explains the basic principles of the framework and design tests that demonstrate practical aspects of its use for creation of Java programs. Emphasis is placed on the estimation of the time saved through the development of Lombok, study its influence on the process of compilation and testing framework integrity with three development environments - NetBeans, Eclipse and IDEA InteliJ. The thesis summarizes the pros and cons of using this framework in real work.
Centralization of Java Security Policy Management
Kalina, Jan ; Rogalewicz, Adam (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
WildFly is a platform for distributed environment which meets specification of Java Enterprise Edition. This thesis deals with possibilities of centralized management of security policies in this environment. Security policy is a set of permissions to which the Java virtual machine (JVM) limits possibilities of running applications. Just possibilities of security policy using was in WildFly so far heavily restricted. The result of the thesis are extensions of WildFly which add possibility of central deployment of security policies to individual servers, without need for restart that server, into program interface of WildFly and into WildFly management console. Part of result is also patch of core of WildFly, which solve problem of exchange security policy at runtime of JVM.
Java.math Package Benchmark
Frýz, Pavel ; Letko, Zdeněk (referee) ; Dudka, Vendula (advisor)
The aim of this work is to compare the performance of different implementation of java virtual machine, when using package java.math. The classes BigInteger and BigDecimal are described. Existing benchmarks for measuring the performance of a java virtual machine are also described. The work also describes in detail the hardware and operation system used for performing benchmarks. A tool for the benchmarking performence of implementation of classes BigInteger and BigDecimal has been developed. Finally, the analysis and the discussion upon the results of benchmarks has been made.
Planning Task Monitoring System
Maga, Martin ; Müller, Petr (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
Task of this bachelor work is to create system for monitoring of statuses of planned jobs according to requirements defined by sponsor Red Hat. The main target is to understand what planning problem means, how can be defined, stored to system, how to initiate his planning and to monitor progress. Planning system has been split to the 2 parts. The first part is user interface build up based on technologies JavaServer Faces, RichFaces a Twitter Bootstrap which allows recording, beginning and put on hold of running jobs. The second part represents web service with combination of technology Enterprise JavaBeans which processes requirements for beginning/put on hold of planning run accomplishes with utilization of framework OptaPlanner, planning progress is being stored to MySQL database. Information about planning problems is obtained from this database and continuously is being displayed in user interface. For implementation both parts has been used platform Java Enterprise Edition 6 and has been deployed in application server JBoss. System has been tested on artificial planning problem N Queen and practical problems from Red Hat company cloud balancing and travelling tournament on platform UNIX via cloud service OpenShift by users.
Use Firebird Database in JBoss Application Server
Maruniak, Lukáš ; Fiedor, Jan (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
The task was to propose a solution for the Firebird database connectivity to JBoss aplication server.The work deals with configuring source code of JBoss application server so it could work with Firebird database, including procedure for the preparation of environment and implementation enterprise aplication.In conclusion of the work there are analyzed and shown misconfigurations.
Computer Game Based on Artificial Inteligence
Serédi, Silvester ; Letko, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rogalewicz, Adam (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis is focused on artificial intelligence in computer games. It introduces the design of a two-dimensional computer game for two players of which one can be computer-controlled. The main task was the creation of a game with a simple user interface with focus on the opponent's artificial intelligence.
Temporal Logics for a Man
Žilka, Lukáš ; Letko, Zdeněk (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
The work deals with the automated translation of a natural language to temporal logic. Existing research attempts are summarized and built upon. For specificating the temporal properties a subset of English is introduced. The main contribution of the work is the proposed algorithm of translation of a property in the given language to LTL temporal logic, based on processing of and finding patterns in grammatical dependencies of The Stanford English Parser. Future research directions are discussed at the end.

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