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Literary surshyk: contours of literary multilingualism
Sevruk, Alexej ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Bakula, Boguslaw Leszek (referee) ; Kalina, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with mixed hybrid Russian-Ukrainian language known as surzhyk with an emphasis on its reflection in contemporary Ukrainian literature. The aim of the thesis is to outline the basic features of the contemplation of literary surzhyk. The first part presents a general definition of the concept of surzhyk, its sociolinguistic definition, geographic and functional extension. Further on, it suggests the relationship between this phenomenon and its literary reflection - so-called literary (or also author's or conscious) surzhyk. The following section reviews the reflection of literary surzhyk in theoretical works, both linguistic and literally theoretical. The use of literary surzhyk is discussed in detail in the major monographs dedicated to this phenomenon (Artur Bracki, Larysa Masenko, Salvatore Del Gaudio) and in the key works on Ukrainian postmodern literature and Ukrainian society (Tamara Hundorova, Roksana Charchuk, Ola Hnatiuk). In the third part, Peter Mareš's concept of intratext multilingualism is taken over for further investigation of literary surzhyk. The paper tracks the forms of hybrid language in Ukrainian literature and what functions it performs here. Some specific forms of textual multilingualism have been introduced as the most appropriate for grasping literary...
A.D. Grigoryev's dialectological heritage in the context of Siberian dialects studies.
Kipchatov, Mikhail ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Čermák, Václav (referee)
The following Master's thesis is devoted to the topic of Russian Siberian dialects, which are based on Great Russian dialects. The aim of the thesis is to present and evaluate a unique and still unexplored source of dialectological information - the work of the Russian scholar A. D. Grigoryev Русские старожильческие говоры Сибири written. This manuscript, which is still stored at Grigoryev's personal fund at the archives of the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic, is an extensive work containing more than 1,600 pages, where dialectal features of more than 550 municipalities in 12 provinces of Siberia are described. Theoretical part (Chapter I) shows the history of research of Siberian dialects as secondary dialects, their main specifics and history of settlement in Siberia. A. D. Grigoryev's life and work are introduced in Chapter II (practical part), along with detailed analysis and description of Russian Siberian dialects from the phonetic, morphological, lexical and syntactic point of view, based on the above mentioned work with an indication of toponyms where relevant linguistic phenomena are registered. The Master's thesis is mainly based on Russian materials, which deal with the topic of Siberian dialects. The main method applied in the thesis is a descriptive method.
The economical and juridical terms in treatise of Ukrainian universities in emigration in the interwar period in Czechoslovakia.
Byshenko, Maryna ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Sverdan, Tetiana (referee)
In the thesis we will researche the economic and juridical terms in specialized works of emigrative Ukrainian universities in the interwar period. This work identifies diachronic and synchronic specificity of economic and juridical terms in Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Ukraine during the interwar period. Comparation with the current condition of economic and juridical terms in the independent Ukraine. Keywords: keywords: juridical terms, economic terms, Ukrainian emigration, Czech Republic.
The economical and juridical terms in treatise of Ukrainian universities in emigration in the interwar period in Czechoslovakia.
Byshenko, Maryna ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Sverdan, Tetiana (referee)
In the thesis we research the economic and juridical terms in scientific papers of Ukrainian universities in emigration in the interwar period; try to define diachronic and synchronic specificity of such terminology in Czechoslovakia and Soviet Ukraine during this period. Also, this reaserch aims to compare the mentioned terms with current units of economic and juridical terminology in independent Ukraine. Keywords: keywords: juridical terms, economic terms, Ukrainian emigration, Czechoslovakia.
Bilingualism and its manifestation in various culturally lingual communities
Novotná, Veronika ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Gladkova, Hana (referee)
The present thesis mainly deals with bilingualism in adults, comming from Eastern Europe, mainly from Ukraine and Belarus. The main contribution of this work is the analysis of the questionnaires, which I filled my respondents who belong to the status of educated people. Thanks expected, interesting and even original answers reader to better inform and understand the language situation that is occurring in the area of East. In this work, the reader can gain a lot of interesting findings, which are not met. I focus on the further question of how many there are bilingual people who speak two languages at the level of the mother tongue. The theoretical part deals with the process of learning and language acquisition. Furthermore, I turn attention to the concept of bilingualism, which has become in recent decades literally phenomenon. Equally important are the types of bilingualism, with which it is associated bilingual different types of companies and types of bilingual families. Finally, I will outline the benefits of bilingual education. In the practical part, deals with adult bilinguists of southwestern Ukraine and Belarus. It is about one hundred and twenty students and professors from the University Černovické and six students from Minsk. The sample of people I responded to thirty-six issues were...
Folklore group "Skejušan": past, present, perspectives. Case study of cultural strategy
Malinová, Irina ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Lemeškin, Ilja (referee) ; Otčenášek, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis aims to analyze the forms and ways of presentation of the cultural heritage of the chosen ethnic group, Ruthenians, by introducing the Skejusan ensemble. The work has the form of a case study and deals with the ensemble including the characteristics of its repertoire - songs, national customs and traditions. The ensemble is important for its endeavour to preserve only the Ruthenian folklore in a conservative way (unlike other Ruthenian ensembles in the Czech Republic). In this way, the interpretation of folklore does not include only isolated songs, but takes into account also the original context, in which the songs had existed in the culture. The thesis contributes by its research and its conclusions to the discussion about the problems of Ruthenian national minority, tries to characterize the complicated national identity of the Ruthenians in the multicultural milieu of the Czech Republic, and defines also the influence of this milieu on the Ruthenian culture. The work also deals with the history of migration of relatively small group of so-called Skejus Ruthenians, it analyzes and clarifies the historic route of transmission of traditions and customs during their migration from Slovakia to Romania and their subsequent movement from Romania to Czech Lands. The work also compares...
Transcription of the French Toponyms into Russian
Tomová, Simona ; Kitzlerová, Jana (advisor) ; Lendělová, Věra (referee)
TOMOVÁ, Simona: Transcription of the French Toponyms into Russian [Bachelor Thesis]. Charles University. Faculty of Arts; Institute of East European Studies. Bachelor thesis instructor: Mgr. Jana KITZLEROVÁ, Ph.D. Graduate degree designation: Bachelor (Bc.). Praha, UK, FF, ÚVES, 2014. Pages 67. The subject of thesis is to analyze the transcription of the French toponyms into Russian. In the introduction, the work is devoted to the characteristics of analyzed languages and it defines the essential differences between French and Russian in their classification, orthography and phonetics. It mainly focuses on the differences in phonetic systems of the languages, which are crucial for the issue of transcription. The thesis then defines the development, use and types of the transcription and discusses the methods to transcribe one language system to another. The thesis also defines the main principles for transcription from the Latin script into the Cyrillic script. In the section devoted to the analysis of transcription, work assigns the selected toponyms to the each type of transcription and it explains how the transcription rules were used. By this method, it is possible to highlight the diversity of the principles applied in the transcribed geographical names. The thesis is accompanied by French -...
Addressing in selected writings of A. P. Chekhov and its equivalents in Czech translations
Koutná, Adéla ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Stranz-Nikitina, Veronika (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the analysis of addressing as a partial translation problem, preceded by basic linguistic characteristics of this language phenomenon and comparison of addressing in Czech and Russian. Based on the theoretical work of leading theorists of translation, own categorization of translation processes was developed within the work. The application of specific translation procedures on selected Chekhov stories was analysed and evaluated in terms of suitability. The work aims to examine and summarize the issues of addressing translation in a transparent way. Key words: A. P. Chekhov, stories, addressing, its semantic-grammatical characteristic, translation, Czech addressing equivalents
Issues of translation of the novel NeprOsti by Taras Prochas'ko
Gazukina, Jekaterina ; Chlaňová, Tereza (advisor) ; Lendělová, Věra (referee)
This diploma thesis on Issues of translation of the novel NeprOsti by Taras Prochas'ko deals with an analysis of the translation and specification of particular translators' solutions of the novel NeprOsti written by one of the famous one of the famous contemporary Ukrainian prosaist and essayist, who belongs to representatives of the Stanislav Phenomenon. His work has a specific characteristic distinguished from the other Ukrainian post-modern authors. The characteristic of his work and its placement within the contemporary Ukrainian literature is a part of the first section of the work. The attention is paid to Prochasko's specific text NeprOsti, published in 2012, in Czech translation titled Jinací. In the second part of the diploma thesis there are stated the theoretical solutions of my analysis. The story is set into ethnographic specific Hutsul part of Carpathian Ukraine, which is rich in numerous local facts and linguistic interesting peculiarities that are significantly reflected in the text. For this reason the novel contains a number of problematic and interesting phenomena, which are generally referred to as culture-specific items. A difficulty during the translation process was also caused by the author's distinctive syntax, language games and numerous polysemantic expressions. In the...
Analysis of the Czech translation of Yuri Vynnychuk's collection of short stories Chachacha
Stelibská, Alexandra ; Chlaňová, Tereza (advisor) ; Lendělová, Věra (referee)
This diploma thesis Analysis of the Czech translation of Yuri Vynnychuk's collection of short stories Chachacha is devoted to the analysis of translation solutions of selected linguistic features in two short stories - Chachacha and Kulparkiv, aneb Chachacha 2. The goal of this work is to assess translation methods of Rita Kindlerová, describe its possible positives and negatives. Introductory chapters deal with the biography of Yuri Vynnychuk, his classification in a literal context, general characteristics of his work and consequently the stylistic analysis of two excerpted texts. An integral part of the work is definition of theoretical base for translatological analysis. Main parts of the work are focused on the analysis of translation of specific linguistic features, which are the stylistic dominants of selected texts: stylization of speech, style differentiation, phraseme and selected culture- specific items with an emphasis on proper nouns.

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