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Economic evaluation of surgery compared with pharmacological treatment for patients diagnosed with gonarthrosis
Hájková, Kateřina ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor)
The main purpose of my diploma thesis is the application of economic evaluation principles; costs quantification and the consequences quantification of two different approaches in the gonarthrosis therapy from the perspective of Health Insurance Company and from the perspective of the patient; furthermore the evaluation of the effectiveness and utility ratio and the final determination for more convenient option. Considered alternatives are the hyaluronic acid injection and the total knee arthroplasty realization. Effects for the expenditures at cost-effectiveness analysis are measured by WOMAC Index. Effects for the expenditures at cost-utility analysis are measured by HUI2 score system. The research includes two sections: (1) the case study of two patients and (2) the clinical trials and nationwide Health Insurance Company´s data analysis. Particularly because of the brief observation time period, the pharmacotherapy is quantified as a more convenient alternative.
Analysis of sickness insurance of self-employed persons in the Czech Republic
Pelcová, Aneta ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaczor, Pavel (referee)
Předmětem diplomové práce je analýza nemocenského pojištění se zaměřením na nemocenské pojištění osob samostatně výdělečně činných v České republice. Cílem práce je zhodnotit systém a to za pomoci komparace podmínek nemocenského pojištění pro osoby samostatně výdělečně činné s podmínkami systému pro zaměstnance. Porovnání z finančního hlediska je provedeno modelací dávek pomocí tří názorných situací dočasné pracovní neschopnosti a tří situací nástupu na peněžitou pomoc v mateřství. Hlavní metodou použitou k dosažení cíle je dotaz-níkové šetření, dále pak kvalitativní výzkum v cílové populaci osob samostatně výdělečně činných. Z výsledků práce vyplývá, že podmínky pro osoby samostatně výdělečně činné a zaměstnance jsou v mnoha ohledech velmi rozdílné. Dále práce ukazuje, že nezájem o nemocenské pojištění ze strany podnikatelů je způsoben především nízkou informovaností o podmínkách, které pojištění nabízí.
Quality of Eye Operations in Selected Eye Clinics of the Czech Republic
Seifertová, Kristýna ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor)
In the present diploma thesis titled Quality of Eye Operations in Selected Eye Clinics of the Czech Republic, the author deals with the issue of the quality of current health care in the field of ophthalmology. The aim of the work is to evaluate the quality of eye surgery in specialized eye clinics using quality indicators through structural, outcomes and design. These criteria include the maturity of the used medical technologies and procedures, medical knowhow, the course of the initial examination, the effects of the health services on the patient's condition and the satisfaction of the patients. Data for research is obtained through a questionnaire survey in the form of open questions. The overall quality level is evaluated according to the specified quality index. In the end, some systemic measures for improving the present quality of ophthalmology are outlined.
Management of Human Resources in the Health Service in the Czech Republic
Rybníčková, Petra ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor)
The following Thesis deals with problems concerning human resources management in the area of Health Care and its failures. Furthemore, it seeks for the reasons for such failures, analyzes the legal background and compares it with the day-to-day life of hospitals. The goal of this Thesis is to reveal the real roots of the ongoing crisis, which was demonstrated e.g. by so called Děkujeme, odcházíme campaign, and to find out possible solutions to stabilize the Health Care system and minimaze the risk of lose of health care professionals.
Cost Analysis of Treatment of Cataract
Pleskačová, Iva ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pažitný, Peter (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on cost analysis of cataract treatment.The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of cataract surgery and treatment in terms of the costs and benefits of treatment in two possible ways from the perspective of the patient and the health care facility.
Evaluation of cost effectiveness of NOAC (New Oral AntiCoagulants) in the indication of atrial fibrillation
Vothová, Petra ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pažitný, Peter (referee)
In my thesis, in the theoretical part I deal with atrial fibrillation. I also deal with management of atrial fibrillation treatment. In the paper I explain the basic principles of pharmaco-economic evaluation in the Czech Republic, on the basis of which laws these pharmacological interventions are evaluated and who are in the Czech Republic. In the work I present cost breakdown and what are the most commonly used pharmaco-economic analyzes. In the practical part I will apply the theoretical knowledge. I have developed cost utility analysis based on available clinical evidence - randomized clinical trials ARISTOTLE (Granger, 2011), RE-LY (Connolly, 2009), ROCKET AF (Patel, 2011). I made an indirect comparison of the total benefits of NOACs. In the baseline scenario, I have calculated QALY to evaluate the benefits of effectiveness, safety and reduction of mortality. I have also dealt with a bleeding-related scenario. The ICER's greatest contribution to the public healthcare system has shown the active substance apixaban in both scenarios. I added the results and confirmed the clinical results of a recent, robust, retrospective study by Mayo Clinic (Yao, 2016).
Trends in Medicines Usage in ATC Group L01
Weber, Jakub ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kostřiba, Jan (referee)
The work analyzes trends in medicines used in specialized medical centers from ATC (Anatomical-Therapeutic-Chemical Classification System) L01 in Czech Republic from perspective of the State Institute of Drug Control (SUKL) and of Czech Health Insurance Companies (Vseobecna zdravotni pojistovna Ceske republiky as the biggest one, and rest joined in Svaz zdravotnich pojišťoven Ceske republiky). SUKL perspective considers medicines delivered to healthcare facilities and the other side providing information regarding payments for L01 medicines between years 2012-2015. Conclusions presented show slightly decreasing trend in terms of number of packages delivered (935 ths. in 2012 and 931 ths. in 2015). On the other hand, value of medicines has increased from 5 067 mil. CZK in 2012 to 6 568 mil. CZK in 2015. The increase in value and decrease in volume in the same time (while prices remain stable or decreasing) indicates trend in increasing size of packaging or entry of new strength (with more active ingredient and therefore more expensive) e.g. entry of Herceptin 600 mg in 2014. This paper further identifies the most expensive medicines in ATC L01 group and starts a discussion about possible reasons of discrepancies between different sources of data which are for the most expensive medicines in hundreds of mil. CZK in value and ths. of packages in terms of volume (e.g. Avastin in 2014: difference 104 mil. CZK and 5 598 packages).
Program of continual health care quality improvement in a private clinic in Ukraine
Shvets, Anna ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pažitný, Peter (referee)
The aim of this master s thesis is to establish continual program of health care quality improvement in a private multi-specialty medical facility Nebolejka based in Ukrainian city Kharkov. Thesis is divided into several parts. Theoretical part is focused on quality examination from the healthcare system point of view, deals with the analyses of Ukrainian healthcare system actual state. Practical part is focused on health care quali-ty evaluation in a private clinic Nebolejka. With a use of patient satisfaction survey a program of health care quality improvement was established. Its effectiveness was also verified via repeated patient satisfaction survey in short- term time period. This thesis is primarily useful for medical facility Nebolejka, because improvement of health care quality not surprisingly constitute to better competitive market position.
Work motivation of employees in SZPI Tábor
Šesták, Kevin ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kandilaki, Daniela (referee)
The aim of this theses is to analyze the situation in the area of work motivation in CAFIA Tabor through a questionnaire survey and to draw up suggestions for improvement in this area on the basis of the findings. This thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part.The theoretical part explains the important concepts associated with motivation.The content of the practical part is a presentation of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority, where the questionnaire survey aimed at finding the situation in the field of employee motivation was implemented. It has been found that most employees are motivated enough to carry out their work and they are satisfied with their work. Minor shortcomings were revealed in the inspection's motivation system. The recommendation is to focus on the motivation of long-term employees in this institution, conduct regular employee surveys and alternatively set up Cafeteria system.
Ranking of financial performance of companies ranking of '100 Most Significant Companies in the Czech Republic'
Holický, Martin ; Hajdíková, Taťána (advisor) ; Lešetický, Ondřej (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with ranking of financial performance ranking of companies in period from 2011 to 2015. The main goal is to propose ones own ranking, which compares companies on the basis of indicators of financial analysis. Ranking contains seven models and indicators, which comprehensively evaluates important economical spheres of company and its environment. Signatures of assessment are given bankrupt and solvency models, absolute and relative economic value added, net present value. Partial goal is to compile seven independent rankings, which with the help of method of simple sum of ranking and method of distance from fictive object create final propose of ranking.

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