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From Komenský's Orbis sensualium pictus to Schola ludus
The aim of this diploma work is to study and analyse Schola ludus and Orbis sensualium pictus by John Amos Comenius. First it tries to describe both works, then it states their mutual relationship and finds out their specific features and their place in Comenius{\crq} pedagogic legacy. The first chapter informs the reader about the situation when both manuscripts were written. Chronological interpretation of events from the author{\crq}s life is focused on those that most affected his opinions and ideas. Mainly the period of the origin of both works is studied in a greater detail. The second chapter deals with Orbis sensualium pictus and is devoted to its characteristics, form and content. It also mentions the origin and the reasons why this picture language textbook was written. The third chapter of the diploma works looks at Schola ludus. The same points are analysed, i.e. the origin, the form, the contents and the purpose of this work. It shows the important role of Schola ludus which the book had while the secondary school in Blatný Potok was being reformed. The last chapter summarizes the relationships between Schola ludus and Orbis sensualium pictus, mainly from the point of view of their origin, purpose, social and didactic need. The conclusion of the diploma work considers possible use of the two Comenius{\crq} works for contemporary pedagogy and modern education.

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