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Generation of Energy Using Renewable Resources
Vrbka, Martin ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
This Bachelor thesis focuses on the generation of electric energy using renewable resources. There are numerous factors related to renewable energy; however, these aspects are mostly looked upon individually rather than in a complex form. Therefore, the thesis attempts to cover most of the important aspects related to the generation of energy using renewable resources and organizes them into a logical form. This is done by presenting a general description of the technology itself as well as resulting impacts from utilised systems.
The influence of mother tongue on learning foreign languages
Kimličková, Lenka ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Smutný, Milan (vedoucí práce)
This thesis deals with the topic of the second language acquisition and relationship between the mother tongue and target language. It explains basic definitions regarding second language acquisition, contrastive analysis and language transfer. It stresses the importance of the first language acquisition and explains theories of SLA. It provides reader with examples of the most frequent errors in language learning. Furthermore, it discuses non-language factors and their influence on SLA.
Practical applications of superconductivity
Mádrová, Tereza ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor’s thesis is focused on the elaboration of a summary overview of the use of superconductivity in technical solutions and applications, which means not experimental use, but use in a real technical solution. This work deals with the description of basic superconductivity attributes in the first part (without which the principle of superconductivity cannot be fully understood and therefore description of superconductivity is a necessary part thesis), in the second part of the division of superconductors and superconducting categories according to specific criteria is described, and the last part of this thesis states examples of applications of superconductivity as we can encounter them in everyday life.
A Comparative Study of English as a Lingua Franca in International Corporations
Juráň, Vilém ; Šťastná, Dagmar (oponent) ; Langerová, Petra (vedoucí práce)
Nowadays, English has become a Lingua Franca of international communication. The thesis focuses on important linguistic problems that arise among the employees in international corporations. In the thesis specific language issues are analysed, such as pronunciation and idioms. The main aim of the thesis is to present useful ways how communication can be performed more efficiently. Valuable evidence was obtained in BMW UK.
Advanced systems of Li-Ion accumulators
Lexová, Kristýna ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Mihai, Hana (vedoucí práce)
With the growing need for energy for portable electronics and electric vehicles, the issue of energy storage becomes increasingly important. This bachelor’s thesis provides an overview of electrochemical sources of energy, focusing on lithium-ion accumulators and the most commonly used cathode materials. It discusses the development of high-voltage cathode materials, including the system lithium-sulphur. The experimental part of this thesis describes the preparation of several cathode samples and compares their electrochemical properties.
From industrial robots to androids
Baďura, Martin ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Šťastná, Dagmar (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor’s thesis is focused on the theme of robotics. In the theoretical part, it briefly introduces the term robot and then it describes history of robotics from the most primitive inventions to today’s androids. It mainly focuses on the most significant milestones throughout the history. The next part aids at the problematics of sociable robots. It describes the aspects of sociable robots and deals with various design and ethical issues associated with the construction of a sociable robot. The last part deals with legal and ethical problems according to the European Parliament. In the practical part, results of the questionnaire survey are presented.
Measurement in Electrical Engineering – Digital Learning Materials
Ondráčková, Michaela ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Ellederová, Eva (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present theoretical background for creating Digital Learning Materials for subject “Measurement in Electrical Engineering”. The work focuses on the concept of digital learning materials and on the design methodology of digital learning materials. The thesis describes the learning requirements of the subject (“Measurement in Electrical Engineering”), necessary theoretical basis for creating didactic text and design requirements. Additionally, this bachelor thesis presents two designs of digital learning material, presentation and worksheet.
Technologies for storing electrical energy in electric vehicles
Zdražil, Marek ; Walek, Agata (oponent) ; Langerová, Petra (vedoucí práce)
This bachelors thesis is focused on technologies used for storing electric energy in electric vehicles. The first chapter deals with history of technologies for electric energy storing and their use in early electric vehicles. It continues by description of electric vehicles that were occasionally produced through the 20th century, up to 1990s when this technology became attractive again. The following chapter describes types of electric cars and gives us examples of currently produced cars. The third part deals with technologies used in present and recent past. Subsequently, in the last chapter, there are introduced technologies which might be sufficient substitution to current systems or even to conventional combustion engines in future.
Antennas from non-conventional materials
Sedlák, David ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (oponent) ; Langerová, Petra (vedoucí práce)
Production of alternative types of antennas is a very interesting sector of electro-industry, and many of the world's largest companies but mainly portable electronical devices producers are involved in. However, the development as in any industries is in process. All of the process described in this thesis is verified and tested. It has to be noted that there are many more procedures and processes which are not described in this thesis. Therefore, the thesis will deal with: Antenna types for wearable application, wire antennas, aperture antennas, conductive material coating, screen printing, inkjet printing, implementation of conductive fibre into textile, printed glass antenna and practical realization of the patch antenna.
Fast signal processing
Rychlý, Ivo ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Mikulka, Jan (vedoucí práce)
An increasing amount of data in modern image processing requires a new approach in algorithms. The biggest obstacle for successful speed up of an algorithm is parallelization and subsequent optimization. Architectures like CUDA and OpenCL with modified programing languages and interfaces help to overcome this obstacle and bring parallel computing to a broader audience. In this paper I take a look at basics of image processing and how parallelization can speed up the algorithms in image processing.

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