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The Development and Objectives of Adult Education Policy in the Czech Republic in the Context of Europeanization
Nováková, Eliška ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Langer, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the influence of Europeanization in the Czech political documents concerning education and learning of adults. It also discusses the development of the concepts of adult education and learning in lifelong learning in EU policy papers and how adult education and learning has been reflected in the political documents of the Czech Republic with regard to the phenomenon of Europeanization. The thesis is based on the assumption that although education and training policies are fully within the competence of national states, the European Union has a major influence on the form and development of the education systems of the member countries. The aim of my work is to analyze selected key policy documents of the European Union and the Czech Republic and to find out whether EU strategies related to adult education were incorporated into national documents. The second objective of the thesis is to compare the development of concepts of adult education and learning in the key political documents of the Czech Republic and the European Union. Keywords: European Union, Czech Republic, education policy, lifelong learning, adult education
Mental Hygiene of Lecturer in Further Education
Kučerová, Lenka ; Gruber, Jan (advisor) ; Langer, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis addresses mental hygiene of lecturers in further education and focuses on a workplace. Mental hygiene is established as a set of preventive methods that lead to a well- balanced mental state. Poor mental hygiene is linked to low-quality performance and demotivation. The aim of the thesis is to identify negative aspects of the lecturer's work regarding mental health as well as the mental health prevention methods used by practising lecturers. The first chapter explains a meaning of mental hygiene, describes a brief history of its development and its aims and methods. The following chapter is dedicated to the characteristics of helping professions and specific psychological stressors associated with them. The last theoretical chapter contains a theoretical background describing specific aspects of the lecturer's work. Last part of the thesis is a qualitative investigation that identifies negative factors affecting the mental health of practising lecturers and maps practical methods lectors used as a mental hygiene. Keywords: Mental Hygiene, Mental Health, Lecturer in Further Education, Mental Hygiene Techniques, Prevention
Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Adult Education Counseling
Langer, Tomáš ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with adult education counseling, a topic that is not accentted in andragogical theory or practice. The aim of the thesis is to create an elementary theoretical basis on which adult education counseling can be developed as a specific subdisciplinary of andragogy. On the basis of andragogy (especially in an integral concept) as a discipline studying the issue of adult education, the theoretical basis of counseling in adult education is built, with the support of two crucial disciplines: psychology exploring the individual and turning it into his inner world and sociology for which is an individual part of the social groups, societies and culture. In my work, I turn to the individual psychological schools and directions, whose ideas and concepts are related to the topic of adult education counseling. Attention is paid to psychology of personality describing and exploring personalities in its structure and dynamics (here I deal in detail with the selected psychological schools and the directions used in the adult education counseling). I also deal with developmental psychology oriented towards the (adult) person during his life and the specifics of the individual stages of development and, finally, social psychology examining a person as an individual acting in the community of...
Didactic analysis of the topic of international marketing and brands
Hnyková, Andrea ; Langer, Tomáš (advisor) ; Králová, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with marketing education at secondary economically oriented schools, specifically with the topic of international marketing and brands. The first part of the thesis contains the importance and inclusion of the curriculum in the study programs. Another theoretically focused part deals with didactic aspects and means used to teach the above-mentioned topics. Because the aim of the work is creating a case study linking the two topics mentioned above, this method is discussed in chapter three and the proposal of case studies of specific IKEA brand, including the solutions and methodological guidelines for the contracting authority, is elaborated in the last fifth chapter. The fourth chapter deals with the factual analysis of the subject, including the evaluation of textbooks used for teaching subjects in marketing at secondary schools.
Cluster Analysis Czech 100 Companies on the Basis of Financial Statements
Langer, Tomáš ; Král, Jiří (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
The diploma thesis called Cluster Analysis Czech 100 Companies on the Basis of Financial Statements deals with the testing of two hypotheses using a multidimensional statistical method - cluster analysis. The input data for the application of statistical methods are financial statements of selected companies for the years 2014 and 2015 which are publicly available. These data are digitized and subjected to methods of financial analysis.
Proposal of Part of Information System for Selected Subject
Langer, Tomáš ; Polách, Pavel (referee) ; Luhan, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis, proposal and implementation of part of the information system for a selected subject, specifically the proposal of a website including a web application for content management of selected parts of the website. For a successful proposal solution it is very important the first analysis together with requirements of the contracting authority. The graphic design phase occurs after analysis and is followed by the development of the website and the application for content management. After testing and agreement of the proposal solution from the contracting authority the website and application are implemented to the server site. In the final part of the thesis an economic evaluation and benefit’s analysis of the proposal solution are done.
Metaphors and Analogies in Economics and Economic Education
Langer, Tomáš ; Krpálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Šlosár, Rudolf (referee) ; Pavera, Libor (referee)
Presented thesis explores the ground at the intersection of three topics: education, relational thinking and economics. Within the sphere of economic education it investigates the use of concepts known from (i) conceptual metaphor theory, (ii) psychological model of analogical reasoning, (iii) model of generative learning from educational psychology and (iv) existing research on use of metaphors and analogies in natural sciences education. Thesis shows the potential of metaphorical origin of economic terminology for teaching economic concepts and educational use of economic media content. At the same time it proposes a notation for visualizing metaphorical mappings between domains. It addresses economic interpretation from the viewpoint of the relationship between theoretical economic models and actual economic situations, as well as from the viewpoint of the relationship between mathematical structure of the model and its economic meaning. In the first case, it shows interpretative skill, being framed within the revised Bloom taxonomy, as a complex cognitive task, in the second case it develops model of economic interpretation of mathematical structures on the basis of psychological model of analogical reasoning. In both cases it formulates highlights students should know about the analogical nature of economic models. On the basis of the model of generative learning it develops a set of visual methaphors applicable in the introductory topics of microeconomics and macroeconomics and examines effects of their use in the classes of economics. By undertaking such research it initiates the exploration of paths leading in the directions suggested by the theoretical analysis.
Social skills development of secondary school students in the Economics
Urbášková, Kateřina ; Krejčová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Langer, Tomáš (referee)
This final thesis deals with the issue of social skills development of secondary school students in the Economics. The theoretical foundations of this work is to define the term of social skills and is explained his importance to the society. A substantial part of the theory is also devoted to the social skills in connection with the Framework educational program. Within the empirical part, an analysis of the FEP for BA is performed, through which the state of the method concentrated on the social skills of students is determined. Furthermore, through a questionnaire survey, the current state of acquired social skills of selected students from the first years on BA is investigated and their view on this issue. This work is also focusing on whether teachers in the Economics produce sufficient appropriate environment that would allow students to develop their social skills. The final goal is to suggest specific games and activities that allow students to improve these skills in the Economics.
ICT Selection
Langer, Tomáš ; Ing.Marek Čačka (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals analysis, selection and implementation of information system for selection company. The requirements of company are important for selection new information system. I choose one of offer information system on the market which is same as company´s requirements. After I am going to suggest implementation procedure and execute economic evaluation.
Innovation of Company Eshop and Optimization of Order Management
Langer, Tomáš ; Král, Jiří (referee) ; Řešetková, Dagmar (advisor)
The Thesis focuses on the design of optimization of corporate e-shop in terms of user experience and accessibility, and in terms of processes necessary for order execution. The aim of this work is to design and create a product, which ensures a return on investment due to its efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs and becomes more comfortable for the customer.

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