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The Inaugural Addresses of the Re-elected US Presidents after the WW2: Stylistic Analysis of Selected Features
Procházková, Alžběta ; Lancová, Klára (advisor) ; Ženíšek, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with identification, analysis and assessment of the usage of individual style in the inaugural addresses of the re-elected American presidents after the Second World War. The thesis is anchored in the functional approach to style as described by British linguists Crystal and Davy. The analysis focuses on syntactic, morphological, lexical and semantic levels of the inaugural addresses. From each level the analysis selects several stylistically significant features, which influence the style of writing and thus create an individual style. The selected Presidents' addresses are then compared and stylistic similarities and differences are examined.
Comparative Analysis of Neologisms in Selected Works of Terry Pratchett and George R. R. Martin
Dragounová, Tereza ; Lancová, Klára (advisor) ; Pípalová, Renata (referee)
The thesis presents a comparison of the neologisms found in selected works of two fantasy series, namely those from the books Last Continent and Jingo (both by Terry Pratchett, they belong to the Discworld series) and A Game of Thrones (by George R. R. Martin, an installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire series). The neologisms gathered from the three books are firstly dealt with separately and subcategorized according to the word-formation processes that were employed in their creation. Subsequently, the data from respective categories in each series are compared with attention paid equally to possible disparities on one hand as well as to significant similarities on the other hand. An attempt at interpreting thus obtained results has been made, mostly with respect to the subgenres of the books and the roles they might have played in the creation of the acquired neologisms. The comparison reveals both differences and similarities, some of them quite striking. The word-formation processes that demonstrate the most intriguing results are compounding and miscellaneous processes, which are utilized to vastly different degrees in each of the series. The other processes display mostly similarity of use or just slight differences. Key words: word-formation process, neologism, comparison
Analysis of English and French True Friends (Vrais Amis) in a Corpus of Authentic Text Samples
Pípalová, Mariana ; Lancová, Klára (advisor) ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (referee)
This PhDr. dissertation provides a parole analysis of vrais amis (true counterparts) in current French and current English. To this end a specialized English-French translation corpus was assembled, composed of three subcorpora equal in length, namely Religious, Political and Fiction discourse, amounting altogether to approximately 60,000 words. With the help of the AntConc computer tool, true friends employed in the corpus were generated, here conceived of as a register-specific phenomenon exclusively. Using the frequency criteria, a "central setˮ of 64 most frequent counterparts was delineated. These central counterparts, marked by (almost) identical frequencies, identical contexts and the same registers, were subjected to a multiaspectual analysis, scrutinizing the pronunciation, spelling, word classes, share of derivation, and frequency of both, the types and the tokens. Since English proved to be the borrowing language in all instances, the research also indirectly addressed the degree of their integration in the English lexicon by reference to frequency bands. For most of the researched aspects, three zones of counterparts were identified, namely those exhibiting identity, close similarity and relative difference. As a result, employing the Theory of Centre and Periphery (Daneš 1966), we may...
Language and Ageing - Cognitive and Educational Aspects in the Elderly with Special Focus on Cognitive Training in a Foreign Language in People with Dementia
Veltruská Šmídová, Kateřina ; Pípalová, Renata (advisor) ; Lancová, Klára (referee)
The thesis explores cognitive as well as educational aspects in elderly people. The main emphasis is put on investigating the influence of cognitive training carried out in a foreign language on the elderly suffering from dementia. Having described the basic anatomy of the nervous system, neurolinguistic theories as well as ageing and having dealt with cognitive aspects in relation to language learning, the thesis aims at performing an experiment that should help dementia clients to broaden their vocabulary in a foreign language. This is to be achieved through individual therapy- like units using worksheets created specifically for these purposes. The results indicate that cognitive training in a foreign language is beneficial to dementia clients and could be used more extensively. The worksheets were redesigned in order to facilitate their further use by specialised teachers or lectures working with mentally healthy seniors. Key words ageing, dementia, language, cognitive training, neurolinguistics, geragogy

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