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Demographic-economic development of the parish Lašovice
Válová, Nikol ; Slaboch, Martin (advisor) ; Ladislav, Ladislav (referee)
This master thesis tries to solve in a practical part economic managements of two unios, the first one is Kampelik´s union in Lašovice and the second one is union Kampelička Lašovice. Thanks to financial statements, which were available in Písek, is in the master thesis calculated, in which years were unions losing and profiting. Registers of dead, birth and marriage would be checked for the informations in every single year. In a registr of birth were checked months, when were kids born or number of twins. In a register of dead were checked genders and their marital status. In a register of married people were checked grooms, grooms fathers, father of brides and grooms and brides witnesses. The theoretical part deals with the history of the village Lašovice, then deals with credit unions in the Czech countries. There are also demographic indicators, such as birth rate, marriages a dead rate.
Event Marketing - Successful Event Manual
Roubíček, Jan ; Chocholoušek, Michal (advisor) ; Ladislav, Ladislav (referee)
This thesis concerns with syntesis and evaluation of event marketing activities at sports events. Besides assembling a functional manual, it offers subjective and objective suggestions how to improve some best practices. Organizational manualu was set up using a semistructured survey of two sports events organizer groups. One of them is accountable for RunTour series, the other is preparing a brand new event. Where event marketing comes into play when organizing a new event is shown on the later one. Thesis offers an overview of sponsors event marketing activities, hence maret trends, as both organizing subjects are capacities in their field and at the end of the thesis, all is summarized to a severa steps guide n how to organize a succesfull event implementing event marketing functionality. There is also a scheme for better visibiity of this complex matter. These are also main contributions of the paper.
Archivation and data backup
Zámostný, Jindřich ; Havránek, Martin (advisor) ; Ladislav, Ladislav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with backup and archiving of data in a business environment. The first part of the thesis focuses on individual categories of backup systems for possibilities how to backup and archiving as well as the backup repository. Given that companies are dependent on the timeliness and availability of data, spending more and more resources on systems that they ensure that data is securely backed up. The second part contains analysis of the current backup status in the company. It also includes requirements for business what they need to back up. After that three backup and archiving systems are chosen, which meet the business requirements. The last part deals with the evaluation of information and recommendations.
Java in corporate environment
Picmaus, Martin ; Havránek, Martin (advisor) ; Ladislav, Ladislav (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of the program, which is used for sale of medication. The theoretical part is divided into five parts. First, there is an introduction of object-oriented programming globally as a whole. The following section concerns with Java programming language. The emphasis is put on specific features of this language and basic syntax. The chapter also includes objects and their basic principles of use. Next part specializes in SQL. and describes the basic clauses. Chapter UML is mentioned just partially. The main focus is on different perspectives of UML. In last part there is a division of companies based on legal form, including the description of each type. The basis of the practical part is to create a program code according to the assignment. Initially, a profile of the company, for which the program has been created, is introduced including the specifications and their requirements. Then the proposed solution is described. In the technical part a preparation of development environment is elaborated, which is followed by a detailed description of the functioning of the program. The end of the practical part is dedicated to a description of individual classes, in which their functionality is gradually explained. The result of the thesis is the output data written to the file. This file is used by the company to promote sales.
Security inspection of network traffic
Kult, Viktor ; Havránek, Martin (advisor) ; Ladislav, Ladislav (referee)
Thesis topic concerns the issue of information security in corporate environments. Literature search includes information obtained by studying articles and literature in the field of information security. Resources were selected with a focus on the security risks, security technologies and legislative regulation. Attention is focused on technology that supports monitoring of communication flows in the data network. Overview of traffic operating a data network provides important information for the prevention or investigation of security incidents. Monitoring also serves as a source of information for the planning of the network infrastructure. It can detect faults or insufficient transmission capacity. The practical part is dedicated to implementation of the monitoring system in the real corporate networks. Part of the experience is the analysis of the network structure and choice of appropriate tools for actual implementation. When selecting tools, you can use the scoring method of multicriterial analysis options. The integration of the monitoring system is also the configuration of active network elements. Subsequent analysis of network traffic provides information about the most active users, most used applications or on the sources and targets of data transmitted. It provides a source of valuable information that can be used in case of failure on the network or security incident. The conclusion is a summary of the results and workflow.
Lean Management Production – an advanced management system of the production company with international participation
Dvořák, Martin ; Štůsek, Jaromír (advisor) ; Ladislav , Ladislav (referee)
Thesis deals with the analysis of production processes management in the selected company with the use of metodical principles such as Lean production, process management and the others. The aim solution will be finding of suggestions leading to the strengthening of the managemement and effectiveness of production in the welding robots section. In theoretical part the basic concepts of process management will be defined and in practical part the specific analysis of the processes of setters work on the machines in welding robots area will be conducted.
Logistics management of inventory
Jankovská, Marie ; Štůsek, Jaromír (advisor) ; Ladislav , Ladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of a logistic stock management in the company STOLFIG s.r.o. (Ltd.) that focuses mainly on the construction and production of metal products. The theoretical part deals with the basic terminology such as logistics, its management and targets. Nevertheless, most of the theoretical part is focused on the stock, specifically on its characteristics, structuring, management and also risks and costs connected with it. At the beginning of the practical part, the company is introduced with the focus on the stock characteristics and its management system. The next part analyses the present stock management, particularly the analysis of costs, turnover and liquidity, and an ABC analysis. Attention is also paid to the signal level of the stock, the process of selecting suppliers, an unnecessary stock and a warehousing system. Every part is not only analysed but it is also evaluated whether the present situation is satisfactory or not. The third part is based on the given analysis and it contains specific recommendations for improvement, namely in the field of the minimum stock determination, evaluation criteria for supplier selection, management with material with no turnover, and also recommendation for changes within the warehouse. The final part is a clear summary of the whole thesis.
Business process improvement
Vasyliev, Viktor ; Tichá, Ivana (advisor) ; Ladislav , Ladislav (referee)
This paper focuses on a timely topic, specifically management of processes and improvement of business processes. Czech economy has now fully accommodated to business in market conditions and Czech businesses are increasingly more integrated into the global economy. These conditions require increasing competitiveness of Czech companies and increasing the efficiency of administrative activity. In order for modern companies to succeed in the marketplace they must constantly focus on the improvement of their activities, and therefore it is important to keep developing new technologies, business methods, and improve the quality of the final products of the introduction of new effective methods of management and organization of businesses. Business processes are an integral part of every company and their improvement is an essential tool to increase competitiveness and proximity to the customer. The study of business processes allows to gain the necessary expertise in complex analysis and a detailed assessment of existing processes, finding optimal solutions that the managers and employees cannot see in their positions. Optimizing business processes supports us in having a clear idea of all the activities, objectives and final outcome of their activities. Only in case where the company will have a good analysis of the underlying business processes focused on a specific goal can the enterprise achieve improvements in all the necessary activities. Process analysis is a good method to answer the question what is necessary and sufficient to achieve the desired objectives. This thesis is focused on business processes and their improvement. The theoretical part elaborates on the process management and compares different approaches to making changes. The practical part focuses on the application of theoretical knowledge in a chosen company. Firstly it describes the analysis of the current situation and subsequently submits proposals for specific improvements.
Improving Services for End Users Using System Center
Toman, Martin ; Havránek, Martin (advisor) ; Ladislav, Ladislav (referee)
The weakest part of the process of preparing the new computer for users in the company Linet is long and hard installation of the operating system using tool Clonezilla, and then manual installation of required software. In addition, if the software update comes out, it needs to be installed on all computers manually. It is therefore necessary to find better and automated way of installing updates and preparing computers for users who will get the device earlier, software will be always up-to-date and IT staff will have extra time to solve other tasks. The company uses only the Windows operating systems from Microsoft, therefore was chosen a tool from the same company: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. For testing was used virtual environment Hyper-V, in which there were created two servers: one for a functioning domain infrastructure and the other for tool Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Functionality was tested on Virtual stations Client#. After verifying the functionality of the tool it will be deployed into infrastructure of the company Linet.
Effect of snowpack on runoff generation during rain on snow event.
Juras, Roman ; Máca, Petr (advisor) ; Ladislav , Ladislav (referee)
During a winter season, when snow covers the watershed, the frequency of rain-on-snow (ROS) events is still raising. ROS can cause severe natural hazards like floods or wet avalanches. Prediction of ROS effects is linked to better understanding of snowpack runoff dynamics and its composition. Deploying rainfall simulation together with hydrological tracers was tested as a convenient tool for this purpose. Overall 18 sprinkling experiments were conducted on snow featuring different initial conditions in mountainous regions over middle and western Europe. Dye tracer brilliant blue (FCF) was used for flow regime determination, because it enables to visualise preferential paths and layers interface. Snowpack runoff composition was assessed by hydrograph separation method, which provided appropriate results with acceptable uncertainty. It was not possible to use concurrently these two techniques because of technical reasons, however it would extend our gained knowledge. Snowmelt water amount in the snowpack runoff was estimated by energy balance (EB) equation, which is very efficient but quality inputs demanding. This was also the reason, why EB was deployed within only single experiment. Timing of snowpack runoff onset decrease mainly with the rain intensity. Initial snowpack properties like bulk density or wetness are less important for time of runoff generation compared to the rain intensity. On the other het when same rain intensity was applied, non-ripe snowpack featuring less bulk density created runoff faster than the ripe snowpack featuring higher bulk density. Snowpack runoff magnitude mainly depends on the snowpack initial saturation. Ripe snowpack with higher saturation enabled to generate higher cumulative runoff where contributed by max 50 %. In contrary, rainwater travelled through the non-ripe snowpack relatively fast and contributed runoff by approx. 80 %. Runoff prediction was tested by deploying Richards equation included in SNOWPACK model. The model was modified using a dual-domain approach to better simulate snowpack runoff under preferential flow conditions. Presented approach demonstrated an improvement in all simulated aspects compared to the more traditional method when only matrix flow is considered.

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