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Business plan -- Poptávky jinak
Lukeš, Ondřej ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Mísař, Jan (referee)
The main focus of this Master´s Thesis is to prepare a business plan of the project, which will change the relations in craft and construction work in the Czech republic. The first focus of this work is to outline how would this service work, including the business plan. The second focus is to make a questionnaire survey that will be the basis for strategic and marketing planning.
Collective investment in the light of a new Ect on investment companies and investment funds
Lukeš, Ondřej ; Kotáb, Petr (advisor) ; Kohajda, Michael (referee)
The first chapter deals with basic issues of mutual fund industry. The aim of this chapter is to look at mutual fund as an institution especially from a fundamental economic perspective and come through into its economic nature. Furthermore the chapter contain description of main benefits of mutual funds as compared with the individual investment, draws attention to the problem of conflicts of interest and contains the basic classification of investment funds. The aim of the second chapter is to describe in basic features of legal framework of mutual fund industry in Czech Republic in the light of new Investment Company and Investment Fund Law. With regard to the scope of respective law, focuses the chapter mainly on applicability, structure, individual persons, legal forms and on some chosen questions. Content of the third chapter is brief treatise about taxation with respect to the mutual fund industry. This include case study performed on model situation and outline to the investment fund taxation in Luxembourg and Cayman Islands. The goal of this chapter is to evaluate whether intention to set up an attractive tax environment in the Czech Republic was successful or not.
Applying stretching in elementary schools physical education process
Lukeš, Ondřej ; Korbel, Vladimír (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Název: VYUŽITÍ PROTAHOVACÍCH CVIČENÍ VE ŠKOLNÍ TĚLESNÉ VÝCHOVĚ. Názevv angličtině: APPLYING STRETCHING AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROCESS. Cíle práce: Cílem naší diplomové práce je využití poznatků o protahovacích cvičení při sestavení souborů cvičení, jejich využití v hodinách tělesné výchovy na základní škole a ověření účinnost vytvořených souborů v praxi u žáků druhého stupně základní školy. Metoda: Poznatky jsou testovány metodou experimentu. Testování proběhlo pomocí předem připraveného souboru protahovacích cvičení, provedeného na začátku a na konci pedagogické praxe u žáků sedmých a osmých tříd základní školy. Výsledky: Porovnávají účinnost protahovacích cvičení .u žáků provádějících tato cvičení, oproti žákům, kteří tato cvičení neprovádějí. Klíčová slova: Protahovací cvičení, svalová dysbalance, tělesná výchova, zdraví.
Create a file validation exercises to develop coordination and mobility abilities for school age children in Aikido
LUKEŠ, Ondřej
The aim of this thesis is a creation of exercises for a developement of agility or coordinative abilities and movability for younger school children. This exercises will be test in practise in aikido classes. We assume that there we could see a progress in this abilities after three months of training of agility and movability. Theoretical part contains information about aikido, agility, its characteristics and structure. There are listed also means which can help us to evolve agility abilities. Movability, its characteristics and exercises for its development are mentioned as well. Practical part aims on testing children. We used the method of testing and measurment. Nine tests were used, 7 normalized and 2 specialized. There were 20 children in the tested group at the age from 6 to 11 years old. This bachelor thesis could be an asset for trainers who work with children. The thesis could also bring some recommendations to the practise.
Analysis of company competion of EkoTerm – Servis, spol. s. r. o.
Lukeš, Ondřej ; Štamfestová, Petra (advisor) ; Slunčík, Peter (referee)
The topic of my bachelor's thesis is "Analysis of company competion of EkoTerm -- Servis, spol. s. r. o.'' The main target is to analysis company to compare his company competion to his biggest competitors. The thesis is splited to two parts. Teoretical part analyzes, what does competiton mean, definition of company competion, how can we gage the company competiton. Company is going to be analyze by strategic analysis of makro and mikro surroundings. Strategic analysis of mikro surroundings stays on benchmarking method. By this method I am going to analyze this company by method of Porter and his competitve forces and financial analysis. In the end is going to be made SWOT analysis. In practical part is going to be used all analysis, which were mentioned in teoretical part supplemented by comparation of prices services. The practical part is ended by SWOT analysis, which is showing strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Metrics Model In Engigeering Company And Its Initial Implementation in Business Intelligence tools
Lukeš, Ondřej ; Novotný, Ota (advisor) ; Krejcar, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with possibilities of strategic measurement of performance in Czech industrial firm and application of distinguished metrics using Business Intelligence tools. In particular it is a firm called Linde Pohony s.r.o. that produces axes and half axes for forklifts. This thesis is based on contemporary information about strategic performance management and its tools. The main aim of this thesis is to demonstrate possibilities of using Business Intelligence in order to measure key performance metrics. Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 with its Analysis and Integration services are used to prove it. It was necessary to create model of metrics at first. First part of the thesis deals with several ways and methods how to measure firm's performance. Then a proper method to measure performance is chosen. In following chapters ways how Business Intelligence tools can contribute to industrial firms are discussed. Then the real implementation of few metrics is described following with an outline of firm's software architecture. Main contribution of this thesis is particularly in demonstrating power of Business Intelligence tools when they are used along with Balanced Scorecard methodics in small or medium sized Czech industrial firm. Also Linde Pohony s.r.o. can profit from this work -- considering that many administrative tasks are much easier and faster and management has much better view into their firm. Keywords Business Intelligence, industrial firm, Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Strategic performance management, metric
Application of metadata for distribution and use of multimedia files
Lukeš, Ondřej ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Švecová, Jarmila (referee)
Práce se zabývá způsobem, jak by se dalo vylepšit ukládání a vyhledávání multimediálních souborů pomocí vhodně strukturovaných metadat. Je rozdělena na dvě logické části. První obsahuje analýzu současného stavu a jejím výstupem, je kritické ohodnocení současného používání a popisování multimediálních souborů. Druhá část obsahuje návrh možného vylepšení tohoto stavu a to využitím standardu MPEG-7, technologie XML a nativní XML databáze.

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9 Lukeš, Ondřej
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