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Image of the USA and Americans in North Korean Propaganda
Kolářová, Hana ; Chlada, Jaromír (advisor) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyze the image of the USA and Americans in North Korean propaganda. The thesis briefly defines the concept of propaganda, describes its characteristics and categorizes its types and purposes. It deals with the specifics of North Korean propaganda and examines its techniques and effectiveness. The core of the thesis focuses on the image of the USA and Americans in relation to historical events which form North Korean Anti-Americanism. Furthermore, it thoroughly analyzes the visual aspects of the portrayal of the USA and Americans in North Korean propaganda and searches for generally valid principles and the way they are applied. Keywords Propaganda, DPRK, USA, Anti-Americanism, Americans, image
Popular Paraphrases of Classical Japanese literature in the Edo Period Creative Strategies in Nise Murasaki inaka Genji
Mikeš, Marek ; Tirala, Martin (advisor) ; Paulovič, František (referee) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
This thesis deals with popular paraphrases of classical Japanese literature in the Edo period (1600- 1868). It analyses creative rewritings of a famous Heian tale Genji monogatari by popular authors of the Edo period, primarily Nise Murasaki inaka Genji by Ryūtei Tanehiko (1783-1842), which is one of the most successful works of Japanese early modern literature. The aim of this thesis is, utilizing elements of narrative analysis, to identify and interpret creative strategies applied by Tanehiko and his predecessors (Kogame Masuhide, Miyako no Nishiki and Okumura Masanobu) in works based on Genji monogatari and to find out what the relation was between their works and their Heian model, and if and to what extent Tanehiko's work was a unique occurrence between popular paraphrases of classical Japanese literature.
Postal system in Korea between 1884 and 1905
Kocinová, Kateřina ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (advisor) ; Zemánek, Marek (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the topic of modernization of communication means in Korea during the late 19th century, namely with the intruduction, organizational structure and development process of the West-inspired postal system in 1884-1905. It further examines the extent of actual utility, accessibility and importance of postal services from the perspective of the then Korean society and government. This work is divided into two parts. The first one covers approximately the first half of 1880's, exploring the situation regarding the very brief existence of the first Korean post office, Ujŏngch'ongguk. This part also briefly deals with the alternative medium of modern communication, telegraph. It was, however, not until more than 10 years after the abolishment of the first post office that Korean postal services were resumed. In the second part of the thesis I inquire into the postal system's development throughout the period of so-called kabo reforms (1894-96) and the Korean Empire (1897-1905).
Translatological analysis of the Czech translation of Yi Munyeol's work Poet
Kim, Marie ; Horák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
In the beginning, the specific problems of the literary translation will be introduced on a theoretical level. Based on the theory, the detailed translatological analysis of chosen Czech translation of Yi Mun Yeol's novel The Poet will follow. The translation will be compared to the original from various points of view. The biggest focus will be on various translation methods and strategies used for the transfer of the lexical and grammatical expressions, the information structure organization of the target text, cases of amplification, reduction, etc. The attention will be also focused on non-linguistic aspects of translation, such as transferability of cultural and historical facts to a distinct environment.
Horace Grant Underwood and His Missionary Work in Context of American Protestant Mission in Korea
Boháčková, Ester ; Zemánek, Marek (advisor) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on protestant missionary Horace Grant Underwood and his missionary work in Korea in 1885-1916. It describes his family and academic background and the circumstances of his arrival in Korea. It also deals with his missionary activities as a pastor, evangelist and teacher. Another part of the thesis is dedicated to his publication activities and his work as a translator, editor and author. Key words: Korea, christianity, protestant mission, H. G. Underwood
Repatriation of Koreans from Japan after World War
Andrýsková, Adéla ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (advisor) ; Zemánek, Marek (referee)
(in English): This master's thesis focus on the repatriation of Koreans from Japan after World War II. The repatriation process was in many aspects more complicated than it could seem to be at the first sight. A hindrance to the repatriation of more than 2 million Koreans, who were left behind in Japan after the end of war, was vague politics of Supreme Command for Allied Powers (SCAP). SCAP did not possess any specific plan considering Koreans and other foreigners in Japan after its arrival to the Japanese archipelago. Therefore, the government of Japan was the one who seized upon the Korean repatriation and began sending ships from Japan's islands loaded with Korean laborers and soldiers, who were living testimony of its war crimes and a thread for Japanese public order. The government of Japan, however, was limited by number of ships, which it could provide for transportation of Koreans, and by number of available ports. As the waiting time for boarding on a repatriation ship was getting longer and longer, majority of Koreans could not wait anymore. In those cases, they usually decided to rent a small vessel, by which they got transported to the Korean peninsula. Those vessels, however, were making their voyages without a permission and were easy target for pirates or typhoons, which were...
The Concept of East Asian Medicine in Tongwi pogam compendium
Landsmannová, Anna ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (advisor) ; Horák, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with Dongeui bogam - medical book that was written by the royal physician Heo Jun in 1610. The bachelor's thesis contains history and literature background as well as information about author's life and his other works. There is also a part that deals with the essentials of traditional Chinese medicine. Contents of Dongeui bogam is described thoroughly in the main part of this thesis. There is a summary of the essentials of Dongeui bogam as well as comparison of this book with traditional Chinese medicine. The real contribution of Heo Jun to Korean medicine and his perception nowadays is also mentioned. Keywords Dongeui bogam, Heo Jun, Chinese medicine, Korean medicine
An Analysis of Early Japanese Authors' Studies on Korean Religions
Bartošová, Lucie ; Zemánek, Marek (advisor) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
An Analysis of Early Japanese Authors' Studies on Korean Religions Abstract Korean religion has been a matter of interest of many researchers not only from the western countries, but from neighboring Japan as well. Many researches have been conducted during the period of Japanese occupation of Korea. However, their political involvement has often been disputable and thus marginalized and deprecated by the Koreans. In this thesis I deal with Japanese research of Korean religion and I focus on the work of Akiba Takashi and Akamatsu Chijo, whose research is among the most important ones due to its depth and expertise to this day. I analyze parts about shamans' names and their geographical differences in more detail, as well as shamanistic rituals and the tools used.
Keyword valence and collocability in construction of fictional world. Korean war through Czech ideological texts of 1950s.
Valošek, Matěj ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (advisor) ; Mazaná, Vladislava (referee)
The following thesis is a linguistically oriented study of propagandistic language. In my conception "Korean war" is a systém of means of expressions, a system of signs. The main intent of my research is to refigure the Korean war image given by ideologically tinged literary production that depicted Korean war by linguistics methods esp. by searching the common and dynamic semantic motives and normatives. The main topic in presented thesis is the question of nature of productive models and patterns in creating fictional manifestation of this war. Key words Korean war, propaganda language, collocation, collocability, valence, 50s, propaganda, aggression.
Domestic adoption in Korea
Grünerová, Markéta ; Mazaná, Vladislava (advisor) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
Adoption has always been bone of contention in Republic of Korea. The country, which for a few decades gave it's abandoned children upon international adoption and for a long time was profiting through it, had to face this problematics in the 90's to maintain it's status of modern state. Since then an Adoption law was changed a several times. The last version from 2012 caused a lot of contradictions, if it lowers a number of international adoption to the detriment of more abandoned children. This bachalors thesis targets aspects of this act and it's actual effects. Equally is focusing on domestic adoption in ROK and it's charasteristics from different points of view. Parses opinon of Korean citizens about adoption and unwed mothers, who are main source of abandoned children.

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