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United Nations and political discourse of sustainable development in the Czech Republic
Větrovský, Karel ; Kyselá, Eva (advisor) ; Lupač, Petr (referee)
(in English): This work deals with the representation of the SDG in political party programs for elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic in 2013 and 2017. Specifically, the parties are ANO, Civic Democratic Party, Pirate Party, Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia and Czech Social Democratic Party. In the theoretical part, through the Agenda theory, was discussed the process of forming a political agenda at national and international level. Furthermore, the concept of sustainable development is explained, including the development it has undergone historically. Then the position of electoral programs in political discourse is described. The description of the methodology is followed by a chapter devoted to analysis, where the analysis processes are described in detail, including a detailed description of the findings. In the following chapter, the results of the analysis are interpreted and, at the end, all findings are discussed and confronted with other research as well as the limits of this work.
Corporate environmentally significant behaviour
Tomsová, Eva ; Kyselá, Eva (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to gain a deeper understanding of environmental factors affecting the case company, ŠKODA AUTO plc. Škoda is the biggest player on the Czech market, reaching the top sales and production position. The first part of the thesis is description of the company itself and its environmental practices and products. The second part discusses the car demand and supply on the Czech market. The final part is analytical, looking to internal and external factors affecting the company. The conclusions are afterwards summarizing and merging all the gathered information and the analysis. There we conclude that Škoda's overall position on the market is perfect for realising new products, such as electric cars. Key words: environmentally significant behaviour, corporate strategies, manufacturing, environmentally friendly strategies, ŠKODA AUTO
Postoje veřejnosti k politikám mitigace změny klimatu
Kyselá, Eva ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Vávra, Jan (referee) ; Kalvas, František (referee)
Research on public responses to climate change mitigation policies is proliferating. Therefore, a need to critically review the existing research practice arises. Studies published over the last 15 years (n=164) and focusing on public attitudes and responses to climate policies are reviewed in this thesis with respect to a) measures and operational definitions of policy support, acceptability, acceptance, and other types of responses and b) factors related to such responses. A great diversity of measures and measured constructs, frequent lack of theoretical embedding, and conceptual vagueness are currently pervasive in the field. Such state leads to uncertainty of what is being measured, ambiguity, and greater diversity and lower comparability of results. In response to this state, the thesis proposes a construct of policy attitudes and responses as an overarching concept comprising the diversity of measures and constructs already in use, and a theoretical framework, based on the Value- Belief-Norm theory, as a heuristic tool for measurement, analysis, and interpretation of survey results. Additionally, the thesis discusses the interlinkage of public opinion on climate policies and policy-making process to argue the relevance and the role of the reviewed research. Three original studies are part of...
Edgework:The Application of Concept of Voluntary Risk Taking on Recreational Drug Use
Boušková, Kateřina ; Kyselá, Eva (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the work was to introduce Stepheen Lyng's concept of voluntary risk-taking called edgework, and to find a different answer to the question, why in postmodern society individuals need to excite emotions elicited by edgework activities such as recreational drug use. Thesis thus explains what is the cause of the need to excite such edgework elicit emotions. Stephen Lyng based his concept on the synthesis of Marx and Mead, the so-called macro and micro levels of social structures, in which individuals are frustrated by work and seek their own self through extreme leisure activities. From the viewpoint of Gilles Lipovetsky, these activities can be perceived as part of individualistic hedonism. Individuals lose their own identity in a consumer society and try to find their own self through the need of satisfaction of their ego, the sense of pleasure and affluence. It is the edgework activity of recreational drug use, which helps individuals to satisfy all of these needs. Upon this very activity we can demonstrate the consequences of the consumer society. From the point of view of Gilles Lipovetsky, the voluntary risk taking then may not be a question of choice but the necessity.
Antidepressant Use as an Example of the Medicalization and Pharmaceuticalisation of Life
Holada, Matouš ; Paulíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kyselá, Eva (referee)
The term medicalization refers to the process through which a previously nonmedical issue newly becomes conceived of as a medical one. The aim of this thesis is to show how the utilization of this concept can help lead to a better understanding of the contemporary phenomenon of mass antidepressant consumption. I attempt to demonstrate here that the rise in antidepressant use, which has been occurring worldwide in the last few decades, must be understood as the result of a host of factors, among which a key role is played by changes in the conception of certain emotional states, previously understood as normal, as symptoms of mental illness. Aside from a general analysis of the factors that contribute to the consumption of these medications, the thesis also contains my own case study of one of them, namely the ways in which antidepressants are portrayed by the media. I focus on articles, published between the years 1996 and 2016 in Czech national newspapers and attempt to show how discussions about antidepressants, despite their relative neutrality, by accenting a medicalized frame of understanding mental problems help to create an environment, which supports their consumption.
Public awareness about AIDS
Müllerová, Ilona ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Kyselá, Eva (referee)
The aim of this study is to assess the status of HIV positive people in society. To reach the goal and for introducing a whole continuation of HIV positive status will be used interpretation and analysis of research from the very first to the very latest. Research that will appear in the work, are aimed at knowledge and attitudes towards HIV-positive people. In order to capture the continuation of knowledge and attitudes to HIV / AIDS at the time, researches are presented chronologically, and the last one is my own survey. The sense of this study is to pay attention to the problem of stigma and discrimination against people with HIV. HIV / AIDS issue is a complex problem that affects a wide range of scientific disciplines, so the study includes apart from sociological discourses topics of medicine, law and psychology. Key words: HIV, AIDS, homosexuality, drug use, prevention, stigmatization
The Influence of Architectural Environment on the Creation of Neighborhood
Lasovský, Jan ; Sládek, Jan (advisor) ; Kyselá, Eva (referee)
In order to better understanding of influnce of architectural environment on building neighborhood community and close relationships within neighborhood is this bachelor thesis concerned on architectural influence of specific neighborhood in Prague Na Hřebenkách. Not only architectural aspects of residents of this community are examined by the case study which consists of surveys and semistructured interviews. Results of the empirical part reveal that architectural environment was latent determinant in the development of this community. Other aspects like joint building of location and homogeneity of community have greater impact on interpersonal relationships within neighborhood
Sustainable Development in Eastern and Western cities in Europe
Frolíková, Štěpánka ; Sládek, Jan (advisor) ; Kyselá, Eva (referee)
This thesis deals with comparing different environmental attitudes in European cities. The work is focused on a comparison of attitudes to the environment of cities in Western and Eastern Europe and is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part deals with issues of general attitudes and their formation in the society. I pay attention to environmental attitudes, and it describes the development of these attitudes through the centuries. I am looking for an active attitude of individuals to the environment, which contributes to sustainable development. The thesis describes the different environmental attitudes created on the European continent. Empirical part is divided into two parts - the methodology and data analysis. In the empirical part I work with an international survey data International Social Survey Project 2010 Environment III, thanks to which I can analyze the different environmental attitudes in Europe. Klíčová slova Sustainable development, city, Europe, environment, environmental attitudes, comparison, sociology, ISSP 2010 Environment III.
Importance of Plastics and the Impacts of Plastic Waste: The Sociological View on the Possibilities of Solutions of Plastic Waste Accumulated in the Oceans
Heuer, Dan ; Zvěřinová, Iva (advisor) ; Kyselá, Eva (referee)
Importance of Plastics and the Impacts of Plastic Waste: The Sociological View on the Possibilities of Solutions of Plastic Waste Accumulated in the Oceans Dan Heuer Abstract: The Paper deals with a question of plastic waste in the oceans. Especially, it asks about particular solutions concerning plastic waste and its effectiveness. Firstly, it is identified how human understands plastic as a material. Subsequently, negative impacts on the environment caused by plastic waste are summarized. Especially, little pieces of plastic are significant problem. Animals often mistake it for food so they can transfer harmful substances to the food chain. The main part of the work is an analysis of particular solutions. It shows that the prevention and development of bio-plastics has greater potential to solve this problem than recycling and other methods. Although there is needed to know that all of the solutions work together in cooperation so they are dependent on each other. Author presents the model of Competing functions of the environment. This system demonstrates that even though the resolving of the problem is not achievable in short period, it would be very positive that humankind is trying to fight against the stream of plastic waste to ocean. Therefore establish the balance among utility possibilities which...
Modelování portfolií s risk faktory s těžkými chvosty
Kyselá, Eva ; Málek, Jiří (advisor) ; Fičura, Milan (referee)
The thesis aims to investigate some of the approaches to modelling portfolio returns with heavy-tailed risk factors. It first elaborates on the univariate time series models, and compares the benchmark model (GARCH with Student t innovations or its GJR extension) predictive performance with its two competitors, the EVT-GARCH model and the Markov-Switching Multifractal (MSM) model. The motivation of EVT extension of GARCH specification is to use a more proper distribution of the innovations, based on the empirical distribution function. The MSM is one of the best performing models in the multifractal literature, a markov-switching model which is unique by its parsimonious specification and variability. The performance of these models is assessed with Mincer-Zarnowitz regressions as well as by comparison of quality of VaR and expected shortfall predictions, and the empirical analysis shows that for the risk management purposes the EVT-GARCH dominates the benchmark as well as the MSM. The second part addresses the dependence structure modelling, using the Gauss and t-copula to model the portfolio returns and compares the result with the classic variance-covariance approach, concluding that copulas offer a more realistic estimates of future extreme quantiles.

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