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A Creation of Class Features for the Building Information Model
Šuba, Štefan ; Kuruc, Michal (referee) ; Volařík, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is introduction with BIM and the use of laser scanning for creating BIM. This thesis deals with informations about BIM, laser scanning and with process of creating families in Revit.
Measurement and creation of the thematic map for a check in the locality of Brno – Všetičkova street
Pavlíková, Michaela ; Kuruc, Michal (referee) ; Foral, Jakub (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the geodetic survey and subsequent preparation of the special purpose map of Všetičkova Street in the cadastral district of Stránice in the city of Brno. The resulting map meets the criteria of the third accuracy class. In the S-JTSK coordinate system, in the BPV height system and with the scale of 1:500, it can be used to check the Digital Map of Brno.
Surveying and documentation of the freestyle campus in Řečkovice
Horník, Ladislav ; Kuruc, Michal (referee) ; Vondrák, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with planimetry and altimetry survey of freestyle campus and its close surroundings located in Brno, Řečkovice. This thesis begins with basic information about the measured locality, followed by a theoretical analysis of an interesting area. Subsequently, the construction of geometric network using GNSS technology, land surveying, and processing of the measured data considering specific character of the locality are presented in the practical part of the thesis. The final purpose map is drawn under ČSN 01 3410 and ČSN 01 3411 standarts, at a scale of 1:250 and is connected to S-JTSK and Bpv binding reference geodetic systems.
Application of a point cloud in building information modelling
Tuhá, Silvia ; Kuruc, Michal (referee) ; Volařík, Tomáš (advisor)
The main aim of this master thesis is utilization of the laser scanning technology in the field of information modelling of historical objects (HBIM). The optimal workflow of creating the information model in the Autodesk Revit has been demonstrated. The workflow deals with the historical value of the object. For the purposes of this work, the object of the mausoleum Fabara has been selected. Furthermore, the master thesis focuses on the possibilities of publishing the resulting model.
The Mapping Survey of a part of the former Peklo inn in Tišnov
Kryl, Marek ; Guzdek, Adam (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with measurement of former Peklo inn in Tišnov and creates a documentation of its building. Measurement is connected to the binding reference system – the S-JTSK coordinate sytem and Baltic Vertical Datum Bpv. The thesis countains a description of the place of interest and history of the building, preparatory work, choice of instruments and tools. In the next part measurement, processed of recorded data, requirements of creating documentation of the ground plan and vertical section, testing results of the work, are described. The thesis countains ground plan of the cellar, ground plan of the second floor and the vertical section of the building in scale of 1:50. Outcomes of thesis will serve as documentation of the current conditions of the building.
The Mapping Survey of part of historical house Peklo in Tišnov
Karafiát, Lukáš ; Řezníček, Ivo (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is survey of former traveler´s inn called Peklo and upcoming creation of its building documentation. In the first part there is an introduction of the former pub and there is also a chapter about building measuring network. In the next chapter is described measurement and a data processing. The final part of this diploma thesis is dedicated to description of creation required documents, which are clear sketch of measuring network, floor plan, view of vertical section, outside views of the pub from two different sides and a thematical map. The final documentations will be delivered to the current owner of the house and will be used for the planned reconstruction.
Testing of an Accuracy of Mobile Laser Scanning
Hoffmannová, Lada ; Volařík, Tomáš (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
Diploma thesis describes collecting of data by mobile mapping system Riegl VMX-450. Science centre AdMas was captured with mobile mapping system. For the purpose of testing the accuracy, a calibration field was constructed in AdMaS. Main part of the thesis deals with testing of the accuracy of point cloud. Calibration field's coordinates were obtained by adjustment of the geodetic network using the least squares adjustment. During the testing, the coordinates of the calibration field points determined by the adjustment of the geodetic network and the coordinates of the points determined from the point cloud were compared. Another part of the work deals with testing of the accuracy, when target's position is in different height levels.
Thematical large scale map of education simulator - location Za kostelem
Ivančík, Eduard ; Kuruc, Michal (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Richard (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the measurement of surface features on the street Za Kostelem in the village Jedovnice. The individual parts of the thesis deal with the procedures leading to the solution of the problem, from terrain recognition, building geodetic network, selection of the surveying method to the actual interpretation of the measured data itself. The result of work is a thematical map at a scale of 1:200.
Mapping Survey of the locality Areal Metra company in Blansko - south part
Zubík, Tomáš ; Svoboda, Libor (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with planimetric and altimetry determination of the area Metro company in Blansko , its southern part. The content of the thesis is a detailed description of the schedule, survey section, calculations, graphic processing in the GEOSTORE V6® program, description information connection. The result is a printed 1: 250 scale maps in the S-JTSK coordinate system and the Bpv elevation system.
Mapping Survey of the locality Areal Metra company in Blansko - north part
Chaloupka, Roman ; Hovorka, Jiří (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the creation of map bases in the northern part of the Metra areal in Blansko in the form of a thematic map in a scale 1:250. Descriptive information for each element has been added to the map. The thesis describes in detail the process of creating a measuring network, detailed survey, calculations, testing accuracy and creation of a thematic map including descriptive information.

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