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Classification of rural municipalities by developmental potential
Skála, Vít ; Potůček, Martin (advisor) ; Majerová, Věra (referee) ; Kupčák, Václav (referee)
The issue of rural areas in the Czech Republic concerns about 5,800 municipalities, what is 93 % of all municipalities in the CR. These municipalities cover more than three-quarters of the CR territory where live over 3 million inhabitants, more than one third of the total population of the CR. Although there is consensus that the countryside faces a lot of problems which affect the lives of many people on a large territory, the adequate attention to this topic is still not given by official authorities. This confirms the facts that the CR has not adopted a clear definition of rural areas yet and the rural policy is not a priority of programs of political parties. But the urgency of solving problems in recent years stepped up. Quantity of scientific teams that focus on countryside problems increased. They are defined different typologies of rural areas, are seeking methods for dissolve disparities among different areas, there are efforts to measure the development potential of municipalities. This work is in accordance with these initiatives and by mixed research methods defines Development Potential Index (DPI). The DPI consists from 101 individual indicators. Verification of created index was done on data of 18 small villages located in three different regions of the Czech Republic, for which...
Analysis of a Chosen Timber Processing Company Economic Management in the Yekaterinburg Region
Baldina, Elena ; Šišák, Luděk (advisor) ; Kupčák, Václav (referee)
The theme of my bachelor thesis is Analysis of the economy of a selected woodworking company in the Ekaterinburg region. My work consists of three main parts. In the first part, I described the basic concepts of financial analysis and how SWOT analysis is performed. In the second part I analised the company based on several criteria. I am going to a brief description of what the company's main business is, what it does and what it offers to clients. In the last part of my thesis, I perform financial and SWOT analysis. On the basis of the data I get, I make graph and then I will do conclusions of the results. At the end of the third part I appreciate the whole financial situation with the data and propose a solution to the problem that is reflected in the analysis.
Economic factors and profitabilty in woodworking industry
Červený, Luboš ; Kupčák, Václav (advisor) ; Palátová, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis was focused on identification of economic factors in the lumber factory and their influences on economic efficiency and competitiveness under real company conditions. The other aim was in the field of the economic viability of forestry and lumber sector. The sawmill Javořice, Inc. became the selected company because of its komplex history. The sawmill was analyzed by financial indicators for period 2003 - 2014. The axis was divided in three time frames, of that two periods are evaluated (1/2 - 2003 - 2006; 2/2 - 2011 - 2016). The second step gives a defines the current competitive environment, for the identification SWOT analysis and 5F were used. Results of thesis contribute to the issue of the economic viability of forestry and lumber sector in the Czech Republic. The impoving trend of financial stability with the deleveraging of the fianancial situation, which is a residue of the insolvency period, follow from the economic analysis of the sawmill Javořice, Inc. In the field of competition the situation in the company is relatively good. The thesis can be a valuable tool, with which everyone can evaluate the company and a partner with who can trade.
Economic Evaluation of the Operation of Game Management at the School Forest Enterprise in Kostelec nad Černými lesy
Strnadová, Martina ; Kupčák, Václav (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with economical evaluation of the operation of game management. Thus how the School Forest Enterprise in Kostelec nad Černými lesy treats with resources invested to operation of game management. The document is particularly focused on the financial data of hunting grounds Bohumil and Radlice in years from 2013 to 2015. At the beginning of this document are analyzed issues of game management, costs, revenues, hunting reports, beasts appreciation, damage and the protection of forest culture. The thesis informs about the organization of both the School Forest Enterprise and the Fishing and Game management Center. In the next part the accounting data and hunting reports of hunting grounds Bohumil and Radlice are analyzed in detailed graphical way. The stress is put on costs added above the scope of commonly used for calculation of economic result from game management. It is focused on costs on protection of forest culture and on overheads which means on all own costs covering the game management operations. The determined values are transferred to the price per kilogram for a piece of hunted and dead beasts. This will show how much has to be paid more for getting a profit when the costs are higher compared to the costs calculated previously. Thanks to the complete analysis it has been discovered that according to the standard calculations the game management for ŠLP is profitable. This result is reached especially by the income from the sales of common hunts. The profit is getting smaller, when the overheads are included. In case of inclusion of the costs for the protection of the forest culture the result is even in red numbers.

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