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New Nature Trail on Dendrology in the Podyjí National Park and the Integration of the Trail into the Existing Trail Network
Šlechtová, Hana ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the creation dendrological nature trails and its integration into the existing network of hiking trails. The proposed route of the nature trail was selected the National Park Podyjí and location Lesná - Ice caves. Work is also engaged in the exploration habitats and trees in this area. According to their location in the terrain along the trail, they were scheduled individual stops. The topic itself stopping is a graphic and text attachments to individual tree species and their habitats within the meaning of National Park. They were made graphic designs of information boards. These are presented as separate outputs nature trails. The thesis deals with research already existing network of hiking trails in the localized area. It offers the possibility of tourists use the proposed nature trails in the overall assessment of attractive tourist destinations National Park. On the territory of the National Park were surveyed exploration existing nature trails. The inquiry was the issue of the length and design information boards.
Use of urban greenery for lecturing on biology, forestry and environment
Šlechta, Rostislav ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor)
This thesis aims to develop the concept of use of urban greenery in Znojmo for lecturing on biology, forestry and environment. Perform basic records of trees selected in urban green area; identify the target group of pupils and suggest appropriate topic fieldwork in accordance with the content of the curriculum taught. Choose a suitable, safe excursion route, develop a concise educational materials for teachers and propose a method for testing the effectiveness of fieldwork.
Morphological variability of birch genus (Betula L.) in chosen regions of the Czech Republic with a focus on tetraploid taxa
Linda, Rostislav ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor) ; Jana, Jana (referee)
The aim of this work is to propose reliable method for distinguishing between diploid (2n) and tetraploid (4n) taxa of the genus Betula L., based on leaf measurements. These measurements are realized by common tools, such as ruler or protractor. Main advantage of these methods is that they can be applied even in the field. The further aim of work is to describe and evaluate genetic variability within tetraploid taxa, whose taxonomic relationships are still unclear and under discussions. For statistical analysis, 97 individuals from 6 localities within Šumava region were selected and 4 leaves from every individual were analysed. In total, 20 parameters were measured on every leaf (16 quantitative and 4 qualitative). Each individual was also analysed by flow cytometry method to determine real genome size (ploidy). Differences in selected parameters between individuals with different ploidy were statistically tested. Significant results were observed in 12 of 16 quantitative and 2 of 4 qualitative parameters. For real ploidy prediction, the classification function was designed, whose reliability was 96 % for the primary data. The reliability of classification function was verified on samples from three different regions within the Czech Republic and compared with functions suggested by other authors. Function designed in this work was able to correctly determine real ploidy in 89 %, which is the most of all compared functions. Genetic variability, especially within tetraploid taxa is mentioned in relation to other author's previous studies. Distinguishing between B. pubescens and B. carpatica was not possible using selected genetic markers. Genetic conformity of these taxa is also mentioned in publications of foreign authors, as contrasted to Czech literature, which generally distinguishes B. pubescens and B. carpatica as separated species.
Growth performance of common-sized planting stock and saplings after plantation on forest sites
Kaiser, Josef ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor) ; Tužinský, Marek (referee)
The clear-cut area which is afforested in the Czech Republic is around 20 th. hectares large annually. In the last decades, we have observed frequent periods of the spring and late summer drought, which significantly negatively influence survival of the reglarly used transplants (RUT) however. Thus, it is necessary to search methods, which can decrease such losses. One possiblity how to solve this problém is to used containered transplants, the second one is the use of the plant material (PM) of bigger size (semi-large-sized=SLSPS and large-sized planted stock=LSPS). These larger plants are more resistant to unsuitable influences of environment than the RUT. The advantage of SLSPS and LSPS is also shorter time of necessary care to plants and lower costs to secure plants in comparison to RUT. Above mentioned facts were taken into consideration in creation of instructions for my bachelor thesis. The goal was to estimate the parameters of mortality and growth of selected various PM, moreover on sites heavily influenced by human activities. As model trees were selected: oak (Quercus robur) and lime (Tilia cordata). PM was generally bare-rooted (RUT, SLSPS and LSPS) and planting was done by mechanize equipment (into bored holes) at study sites Truba (Kostelec nad Černými lesy) and Hůrka (Planá nad Lužnicí). The first part of experiment was established at Truba on area of former forest nursery and cosisted of lime RUT and LSPS, the second one was established at site Hůrka in area of former sand querry, where RUT, and oak and lime SLSPS and LSPS were used. No one site was moved during experiments. The measurement on Truba was repeated on spring and on autumn 2012-15 and in 2015 on Hůrka. The height of PM was evaluated by using scale lath, the thickness of stem was measured above ground by using digital scale. Subsequently, data were evaluated in Excel and statistically tested by Kruskal-Wallis test. The results indicate, that mortality of RUT at Truba is 5 times larger than that of LSPS. The similar result was obtained also at Hůrka, the mortality of lime RUT was twice larger than in case of LSPS however. The lowest mortality was observed surprisely on SLSPS. The comparison of the oak RUT and LSPS indicated no any differences in mortality. The mortality of oak PM was generally significantly lover than lime PM one. Statistical tests also indicated, that the size of study sets of PM was too low for optimal scientific evaluation of selected parameters. The obtained results also indicate, that important factor, which influences mortality must be (apart from type of the PM) also additional, non-defined factors of environment up to now.
Evaluation of taste repellents for protection of tree planting stock from deer browsing
Triner, Libor ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor) ; Kupka, Ivo (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to assess the efficacy of two repellent products with active ingredients denatonium benzoate and capsaicin to protect the newly established forest tree planting prior to browsing damage by wild game. Repellents were tested on two different experimental plots planted with silver fir (Abies alba). Application of repellents held in three terms and total three times were the damages, which were included in the framework of the six-rating scale, has been detected. The effectiveness of these repellents has been demonstrated already during the second term damage assessments caused by game. During the more than 14-month experiment was damaged almost 2.5 times fewer seedlings treated with repellents based on denatonium benzoate and capsaicin than untreated seedlings, serving as a control. The most common form of damage to the tree was bitten off terminal bud with little scope of additional damage. Damage to seedlings by game differed significantly even within the investigated areas. Use of repellents did not affect the physiological death of seedlings. It was justify the conclusion that most of the damages were caused by roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). Based on several scientific papers on the efficacy of repellent products based on capsaicin and denatonium benzoate was concluded that the main active ingredient in tested repellents is capsaicin.
Potential of brassinosteroids for forest seed management with regard to species utilizable as Christmas trees
Jílek, Jan ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor) ; Olga, Olga (referee)
The aim of this work is to assess the effect of brassinosteroids on germination of selected forest tree species with a potential to be used for the production of Christmas trees.The synthetically prepared analog 24-epibrassinolide (was tested on germination of seeds of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). Prior to launch of germination, the seeds were being soaked for 48 hours at three different concentrations of the tested brassinosteroid (BR-treatments) and in distilled water only (control), respectively. Seeds of each above-mentioned treatment were exposed to two alternative regimes: the stressed and unstressed one, respectively. In the stressed regime, seeds were exposed to a stress episode with temperatures up to 42 °C. In the unstressed regime the temperatures followed a pattern prescribed by Czech seed testing rules. Fully germinated seeds (the length of root radicle at least 4 times longer than the size of seed) were calculated. The root radicle length of each germinated seed was measured as well.The best results were recorded in the BR-treatment with the highest concentration of the tested brassinosteroid (0.4 in both germination regimes. As contrasted to the control, the high concentration treatment increased germination capacity in the unstressed and stressed regime by 16.8% and 31%, respectively.
Forestry potential of Carpathian birch on extreme mountain sites
Skibková, Lucie ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor) ; Ulbrichová, Iva (referee)
After a pollution calamity with its peak in the 70s-80s the Jizerské Mountains were quite fast reforested. The new generation of stands with spruce as a dominant species needs a differentiation of the species, age and structure. Not just the climatic conditions but also the predation pressure of hoofed game and rodents causes big difficulties to the possibility of enrichment of other tree species on some places. One of potentially suitable tree species in the acid and exposed mountain sites is Carpathian birch (Betula carpatica). This species is so far not well researched. The main aim of this thesis is to evaluate the prosperity of experimental planting of Carpathian birch. This planting was established in 2008 close to the hamlet Jizera in the locality of Panelová cesta. Other aims of this thesis are to follow up on former measurements on the research plot, to carry out another series of biometric investigation, to set the mortality, height and height increment and according to this research to evaluate the forestry potential of Carpathian birch on extreme mountain sites.
Growth performance of containerized and bare-rooted planting stock
Pechman, Petr ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor) ; Otakar, Otakar (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the development and growth of containerized and bare-rooted seedlings of Norway spruce on the plots situated on the Dolní Lomnice Forest District, a division of Karlovy Vary VLS ČR, s. p. (Army Forest and Estates of the Czech Republic). In this work addressed the following sub-tasks: comparison of mortality, height increment and increment of root collar, root development, analysis of cost recovery stands on the site. Three years after the founding of the plots it was discovered that containerized planting stock reached higher relative increment. When using a planting hole technology, the mortality was in both types of planting stock approximately similar. Furthermore, it was found that containerized planting stock planted with the planting hole technology, a higher incidence of advent naturally developed roots occurred. The planting technology using a loading mandrel (similar typesetter) used for containerized planting stock was assessed as an unsuitable and also the most frequent presence of unnatural root architectonics (deformations and secondary roots, if they were ever developed) it was demonstrated. An economic study showed that the overall costs for the forest regeneration using of the containerized planting stock are higher compared with the bare-rooted planting stock.
@Potential of brassinosteroids for forest seed and nursery management and for forest regeneration@
Bach, Petr ; Kuneš, Ivan (advisor) ; Švec, Otakar (referee)
Brassinosteroids (BRs) are a class of polyhydroxysteroids that have been recognized as a sixth class of plant hormones. In specific conditions BRs can positively influence the plant growth and development. The first isolated brassinosteroid was natural Brassinolide from rapeseed (Brassica napus L.). Recently BRs are extracted primarily synthetically; they are effective even in very low concentrations. Several studies of different plant species show positive influence of BRs on growth, flowering, germination and resistance to stress factors. Existing scientific studies that deal with BRs impact on plants were predominantly applied on agricultural crops. Until presence, the similar research in forest seed treatment and forest nursery was almost missing. In the Czech Republic the Department of Silviculture of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague newly started to deal with the use of BRs in forestry. The aim of this master thesis is to elaborate literature review on BRs and to summarize existing research of their impact on plants. Second part of the thesis solves influence of BRs on Scots pine (Pinus silvestris) seeds germination. Tests are performed in normal and in stress conditions. Results of the practical part show that BRs affect positively seed germination in normal conditions; seeds treated with BRs show higher germination rate than control seeds. Positive impact was not registered when the seeds were exposed to stress factor -- heat. Any research paper showing significant positive influence on forest seedlings in Central European conditions was not published yet.

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