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A History of Criminal Law in the Czech Lands in 1848-1989
Jablonický, Tomáš ; Kuklík, Jan (referee)
1 Summary Dissertation builds an objective, transparent, systematic and yet concise interpretation of the history of criminal law in the Czech lands in 1848-1989. The aim of this work is, however, not only to chronologically present the most important criminal codes, but also to tell a parallel story of criminal law science and criminology, which to a bigger or lesser degree substantially influenced the development of criminal law and criminal legislation. Therefore, this work also includes biographical and bibliographical profiles of leading Czech educators, criminal law scientists and criminologists - the founders and pioneers of Czech and Czechoslovak criminal law science, whose lives have been closely linked with the complicated socio-political events of the given historical period. History of criminal law shows a strong interconnection of criminal law and policy, which consequently causes the criminal law without proper criminal law science and criminology to be the most politically affected branch of law. For this dissertation is symptomatic the search for critical causes and factors that lead to progress or, on the contrary, to the decline of criminal law. In such moments, the criminal law science and criminology emerge again, naturally and clearly, from a scientific analysis of historical events of...
Confiscation in 1945 - 1948 - activities of extraordinary people's courts in individual regions
Feniková, Petra ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Šouša, Jiří (referee)
Confiscation in 1945 - 1948 - activities of extraordinary people's courts in individual regions Abstract This work discuses confiscation of immovable and movable property after the Second World War according to Decrees by President Edvard Beneš (The Beneš Decrees) and also retributive justice, which was executed chiefly by means of Extraordinary People's Courts, and which is also based on the standards created by the Decrees. The work contains interpretation of the Decrees and their implementary regulations, and also an excursion into the period of their preparation and origin, from which it is possible to infer the context and importance of some of the provisions of legal regulations, which the legislative text itself cannot provide. The work also contains a description of several specific cases heard by Extraordinary People's Courts, and also specific cases of administrative proceedings, the content of which was confiscation of movable and immovable property. Both post-war confiscation of property and retributive justice were a response to the events of the war (illegitimate transfer of property, war crimes committed against the population) and also a means to restore post-war Czechoslovakia. The legal regulations concerning both topics were not created spontaneously in response to the end of the wartime...
The investigation of political delinquency of Czechoslovakian military personnel in the years 1948 - 1989
Polnar, Stanislav ; Soukup, Ladislav (advisor) ; Klimko, Jozef (referee) ; Kuklík, Jan (referee)
The investigation of political delinquency of Czechoslovakian military personnel in the years 1948 - 1989 Abstract The primary objective of this dissertation is to reconstruct the investigation of political delinquency in the environment of military forces. The text is focused on the persecution of military personnel in the years 1948 - 1989. The key issue is described in the broader context of the socialistic legal system and contemporary structure of power and political development of the Czechoslovakian state. The author used methods of legal history, the roots of which are interdisciplinary and lie on the boundary of legal and historical science. The text is integrating the recent material and procedural criminal law, which is considered to be a part of public law. Moreover, this theses draws out of archival sources and files created by military investigating organs and organs of military prosecution. The author also used rare historical sources, which are typical for contemporary history. We are talking about film documents and memories of participant. Basic stated algorithm is bet in the context of Czechoslovakian political progress after events in February 1948. Implemented research showed the fact, that political delinquency of military personnel was its special form. Consequently, this topic...
Development of the Prosecutor's Office in Trutnov district in years 1949 - 1993
Jarolínová, Veronika ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Gábriš, Tomáš (referee) ; Soukup, Ladislav (referee)
Development of the Prosecutor's Office in Trutnov district in years 1949 - 1993 Abstract Presented work deals with origin, development and activity of District Prosecutor's Office in Trutnov in years 1949 - 1993. Time frame of this work is defined by the beginning of the year 1949, when District Prosecutor's Offices were originated as whole new type of public prosecutor's offices, and by the end of the year 1993, when whole new legal regulation of public prosecutor's offices was accepted, which no longer had roots in communist Czechoslovakia. In the first part the work deals with organisation and position of public prosecutor's offices from historical and legal point of view, where belongs the origin of District Prosecutor's Office in Trutnov. Second part of the work deals with substantive jurisdiction of the Prosecutor's Office, main principles of its activity, qualification and ethics of the prosecutor. Especially it focuses on the problematics of prosecution supervision, which integral components were general supervision, criminal prosecution of persons, supervision over maintaining lawfulness in criminal proceedings, supervision over lawfulness of procedure and court decisions and state notaries and supervision over maintaining lawfulness in places of custody, imprisonment, protective treatment and...
Suffrage in England in the 19th and the early 20th centuries
Klener, Vavřinec ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Seltenreich, Radim (referee)
Suffrage in England in the 19th and the early 20th centuries Abstract The diploma thesis adress the issue of suffrage in England in the 19th and the early 20th centuries. Attention is paid primarily to the reform acts governing elections to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which were passed in years 1832, 1867, 1884-85, 1918 and 1928. The implementation of these reform acts led to the transition from the archaic form of suffrage, which persisted without major changes from the period of the late Middle Ages, to a universal and equal suffrage with direct and secret voting in the form which in the United Kingdom prevails, with minor amendments, to the present. This transformation was completed in 1928. In addition, the development of the municipal elections legislation, changes in a qualification of the Members of the Parliament and other changes in electoral legislation, especially in the legislation dealing with electoral corruption, are mentioned. There is also outlined a political and public debate on electoral reform, with an emphasis on parliamentary relevant debate. The text of the thesis is divided into six sections, corresponding to the chronological development. The first section focuses on the description and evaluation of the unreformed suffrage prior to 1832. The...
Origins and development of the Parliament of England up to the end of 15th century
Vovchuk, Oleksandr ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Seltenreich, Radim (referee)
Origins and development of the Parliament of England up to the end of 15th century Abstract This thesis is dedicated to the formation of the English parliament from the enactment of the Magna Carta to the onset of Tudor dynasty reign. It consists of an introduction, conclusion and 13 chapters; chapter 5 has also subchapters. The first chapter describes the origins of parliament's formation and its connection to the Witan and Great Council. The second chapter is dedicated to the period of John's reign, which lead to the rebellion of barons and following that, the enactment of the Magna Carta. Afterwards, it examines provisions of the Magna Carta and its significance for English society and the development of parliament at the time. It also refers to the growing importance of the Magna Carta over the course of following centuries. The third chapter is concerned with the period of Henry's reign when the key importance was the revolt of barons under the leadership of Simon de Montfort. Simon de Montfort in order to secure his position of power summoned a parliament which consisted of, among others, representatives of towns and boroughs as well as knights of shires. Fourth chapter addresses development of parliament during the rule of Edward I which in this regard followed footsteps of Simon de Monfort and...
The Anglo-Saxon origins of the English Parliament
Nevyjel, Jan ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Seltenreich, Radim (referee)
This master's thesis is the result of an effort to analyse Witenagemot, the Anglo-Saxon medieval assembly in terms of its constitutional functions and its relationship to the English monarch during its existence from the 7th to the 11th century. In the beginning, the work deals with etymology and the definition of the term Witenagemot, which is cited not only in historical sources but also in English historiography. Furthermore, through critical analysis of historical sources and available English literature, the work discusses Witenagemot's origins, development, organization and basic functions in dedicated chapters. In these chapters, particular emphasis is placed on the drafting of Anglo-Saxon charters conferring privileges and patronages, on the appointment of prelates and nobility, on the exercise of justice, and on the creation of Anglo-Saxon law codes as an important source of Anglo-Saxon law. The thesis also deals with the right of the assembly to elect the king and its significance for the formation of Anglo-Saxon law within the framework of the English constitutional development at the end and after the dissolution of the assembly itself in the second half of the 11th century. Attention is paid here, above all, to the way in which the right to elect the king was used to permanently alter...
Restrictions in public and private lives of Jews during the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia - legal regulations and their practical application
Bačová, Jitka ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Skřejpková, Petra (referee)
This thesis "Restrictions in public and private lives of Jews during the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia - legal regulations and their practical application" deals with how Jews were excluded from public and private life, after the commencement of Nazi occupation, all this taking place legally. The work is concerned with how the exclusion of Jews was legally anchored. This work is arranged systematically, and it is divided into ten chapters. Specifically, the thesis pays attention to the origins of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and its characteristics, law making in the protectorate, outset of the Solution to the Jewish Question that already appeared in Second Republic, introduction to Jewish politics in the protectorate, definition of the term Jew in the protectorate, exclusion of Jews in public life, racial bans, exclusion of half-Jewish people, as well as husbands or wives of Jews from public life, and concluding with restriction of Jews in private life. Key words Jews Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia Restrictions in public and private lives
Preparation and adoption of constitutional laws on the Czechoslovak federation
Hlaváč, Martin ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Kindl, Vladimír (referee)
1 Preparation and adoption of constitutional laws on the Czechoslovak federation ABSTRACT (ENGLISH) The diploma thesis is focused on the preparation of the conception, respective negotiations, and also actual implementation of the federalization of the Czechoslovak state from January 1968 to December 1970. It considers the internal political situation in the context of the state development and of the relations between the federal and national state institutions. I have divided my thesis into five chapters. The first chapter provides brief introduction into development of Czechoslovak constitutional law and Czech-Slovak relations in the period of 1944 - 1967. The second chapter describes in detail negotiations on prepared changes of constitution arrangement, main options which were discussed, process of adoption of respective constitutional law in October 1968 and description of adopted conception of federation. The third chapter deals with realization of Czechoslovak federation, the fourth one is focused on deformation (re-centralization) of federation which resulted in constitutional laws adopted in December 1970. The fifth chapter shortly describes extinction of Czechoslovak federation after Velvet revolution in 1989. Key words: History. Czechoslovakia. Federation.
The popularity of the athletics and viewership on the Czech television
Kuklík, Jan ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Štědroň, Bohumír (referee)
Název: Popularity of athletics by Czech athletic public and its viewing on Czech Television Cíle: The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find popularity of athletics in the Czech athletic public and to compare the obtained secondary data on athletics audience on Czech TV. Metody: Opinions and attitudes to popularity are found in respondents from the athletic family by means of written questioning. Using interview based on in-depth interviews, we get data on the issue of athletics programs on Czech TV and how the broadcasting itself is being prepared. The obtained secondary data on tracking of athletics on Czech TV was used to compare all the results. To create the theoretical part of the work, the method of document analysis was used. Výsledky: The results show that athletics belong to popular sports. The results are strongly outweighed by the opinions of men who tend to be more productive in athletics than women. Athletics in the Czech Republic confirm the rule that the number of men in sport exceeds women. Respondents' views on doping are comprehensible in that a substantial part of the public wants tighter penalties. Czech athletic public considered as a most popular athlets firstly Usain Bolt then Wayda van Niekerka and Mutazza Barshima, and athletic legends strongly favor Jan Železný's...

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