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How to Workwork with Community Center Clients in Exluded Zengrovka Locality Develops Their potential
Zárubová Mirgová, Alena ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
The bachelor thesis entitled "How to Workork with Community Center Clients in Excluded Zengrovka Locality Develops Their Potential "deals with the phenomena that occur in this locality as a consequence of social exclusion and activities aimed at their reduction. The thesis consists of the theoretical part and the empirical part. In the theoretical part, I discuss the issue of social exclusion and the role of ethnicity in it. I also follow key competencies that show the perspective of client's potential. The empirical part deals with the specific problems of the development of the potential of the inhabitants of the locality, with the problems of individuals, groups and the whole community. I also deal with the preconditions of a worker in this community center. The aim of the thesis is to analyze specific activities with clients in the Zengrovka community center aimed to getting clients key competencies of the excluded Zengrovka locality.
Changes in perception of social and distributive justice in the Czech Republic after the year 1989
Prokůpková, Zuzana ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is specialized for perception of social and distributive justice in the Czech Republic after the year 1989 with the target to specify the potential changes and differences in the individual opinions caused by the influence of transformation. The thesis starts with a definition of the concept of social and distributive justice and after that it consists of one methodological and two empirical sections. The methodological part determines the questions which are probed in a survey (secondary analysis) than the used data files and chosen personal characteristics. This diploma work also clarifies (represents) a focus groups research, its process, the sample and the target groups. The secondary analysis of perception of social and distributive justice is the first empirical part the target of which is to identify the changes which had happened in 1990s. The next goal is to determine the factors on which perception of justice was depended. These outcomes are replenished by the view of the perception of the justice in the year 2005 when the similar survey was made. The focus group research is the other part of the thesis which could examine into individual motives and determines the concrete facts which are the reasons of individual persuasion about justice or injustice. The attempt of finding the model...
How often and why were not only Czechs being discriminated against? International comparisons before and after 89
Stelzerová, Hana ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd / Smetanovo nábřeží 6, 110 01 Praha 1, tel: 222 112 111 Dle čl. 4 Opatření rektora č. 6/2010 o Zpřístupnění elektronické databáze závěrečných prací a čl. 1 Opatření děkana 29/2010 se z časového hlediska závěrečné práce dělí do tří skupin: a. "nové práce", tj. práce odevzdávané k obhajobě počínaje 29. 9. 2010, b. "starší práce", tj. práce odevzdané k obhajobě od 1. 1. 2006 do 28. 9. 2010, c. "práce před rokem 2006", tj. práce odevzdané k obhajobě před 1. 1. 2006. V tomto případě jde o "starší práci" odevzdanou k obhajobě od 1. 1. 2006 do 28. 9. 2010. Omlouváme se, ale dokument není v elektronické verzi k dispozici.
Analysis of Chosen Concepts of Quality Systems in Further Education in the Czech Republic
Straková, Michaela ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Šerák, Michal (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the area of quality of further education. It focuses in detail on the concepts of quality of further education, standardized quality management systems at international level (ISO 9000, EFQM Model Excellence) and specific systems used abroad (Swiss model eduQua and German model LQW). The work focuses on specific concepts and proposals of quality education systems developed and implemented in the Czech Republic. The output of the thesis is an analysis of selected concepts (National Qualification System, Project Concept, Quality in Further Professional Education), critical assessment of their form (methods, methodology) and reflection of their implementation into practice and impacts on quality in further education. The thesis links the theoretical knowledge with the practice and on their basis it presents its own proposal of possibilities of solution of system quality assurance in further education. Key words: quality, further education, quality in further education, quality systems, ISO 9000, EFQM Excelence Model
Level of Media Literacy of Adults in Curent Czech Society and the Ways of its Achievement
Mašková, Hana ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
This thesis outlines the current state of adult media literacy and education in the Czech Republic. It defines basic concepts, present and historical approaches of media literacy and its anchoring in the Czech legal order and international documents. It further focuses on current phenomena of media world and selected media institutions involved in media literacy development. The analytical part compares and evaluates Pan-European and Czech research aimed at measuring the level of media literacy of adults. Key words media literacy, media education, media, adult education, longlife learning, civic education
The Developement of Lifelong Education of General Nurses in the Czech Republic
Mamulová, Tereza ; Záškodná, Helena (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
5 Abstract This diploma thesis is focused on the development of lifelong education of general nurses in the Czech Republic. The duty of lifelong education and its control has been introduced with the admission of the Czech Republic into the European Union. However, the development timeline is possible to follow until the period after the Second World War. The theoretical part describes the term of non-medical occupations, nursing and the roles of general nurses. Within the concept of lifelong education and learning is pursued European development line, as well as its influence in the Czech Republic. There is also a track of professionalism within the nursing occupation, which enables general nurses to take over more responsibilities and this led to the requirement of higher education. The empirical part of the text is dedicated to the analysis of the questionnaire of my own construction, which examined rapport of lifelong learning principles by general nurses. These principles were chosen on the base of nursing strategies which were acquired by the Czech Republic. The interest of the research was to compare two groups of general nurses. The first was represented by nurses educated before adopting the law no. 96/2004, and the second group included nurses with tertiary education level. Key words: general...
Children from excluded locality Kladno - Dubí, Na Vysokém and their motivation for education
Janoušová, Tereza ; Dočkal, Jan (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with children from the excluded locality Kladno Dubí, Na Vysokém and their motivation for education. The aim of the thesis is to find out and evaluate how given motivatio factors influence the motivation of Roma children from a specific excluded locality to education and based on these findings, propose solutions to improve their motivation for education. The theoretical and practical parts are connected: the theoretical part describes the basic concepts while the practical part specifies the motivation factors for education in relation to children from the mentioned locality.
Teaching methods and their application in the practice of special schools
Littmann, Petr ; Ortová, Marie (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor's study has called "Educational methods and their application in practice of special school". This study describes use of educational methods in one from Czech special schools that means special primary school in Žebrák, a small town near Praha. This study makes efforts to derive from theoretical sources originated from The Czech Republic primarily. Theoretical knowledge is a base for practical observation just in the school. This study takes one class like a representative of this school. This class is frequented by pupils that have such good chance for achievement of knowledge and skills according to qualitative and quantitative points of view. Findings about the school come from practical work of author of this study there. This work and collection of information went for few months. The study describes methods that used there, including practical examples for a better picture about methods use. This study makes effort to connect theory and practice and also to compare them in terms of additional context of useful information from pedagogical theory and Czech school law. The study observes its target continuously. There has evaluated achievement of its target in the final conclusion. Keywords Methods, education, pedagogy, special, children, knowledge, empathy.

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