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Silica optical microresonators
Jelínek, M. ; Todorov, Filip ; Matějec, Vlastimil ; Chomát, Miroslav ; Kubeček, V. ; Berková, Daniela
The paper deals with the preparation of spherical silica microresonators by melting silica optical fiber with an oxygen-hydrogen flame. Resonant spectra of prepared spherical silica microresonators suitable for telecommunications and sensors purposes are also presented.
Optical microresonators for sensing and communications
Todorov, Filip ; Matějec, Vlastimil ; Chomát, Miroslav ; Berková, Daniela ; Jelínek, M. ; Kubeček, V. ; Sedlář, R.
The paper deals with optical microresonators, their preparation, characteristics and application to telecommunication and sensor purposes. Results in the preparation and characterization of spherical silica resonators achieved by the authors are presented.
Er: Yb fibre-optic laser excited by a diode
Zavadilová, A. ; Kubeček, V. ; Honzátko, Pavel ; Kašík, Ivan ; Matějec, Vlastimil
The paper deals with the employment of special optical fiber doped in the core with ytterbium and erbium ions in a fiber laser emitting at 1540 nm. The fiber was drawn from a preform prepared by the MCVD method at it was coated with a polysiloxane polymer coating with a refractive index lower than of silica. This coating makes possible to launch light from a laser diode directly into a silica jacket of the fiber. An output power of 47 mW was measured with an excitation diode power of 860 mW.
Lasers based on the double-clad fibers fabricated in IREE AS CR
Zavadilová, A. ; Kubeček, V. ; Kašík, Ivan ; Matějec, Vlastimil
In this artical the fiber lasers using double-clad fibers as an active medium, fabricated in IREE AS CR are presented. This fibers are doped by erbium and ytterbium ions with different concentration ratio. These fibers have also different lateral structure like refractive index profile or material of secondary cladding. For these fibers the optimal lenght, maximum power and efficiency of linear resonator in configuration without external reflected components were found.

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