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Geodiverzita, sekundární gediverzita a kulturní dědictví
Kirchner, Karel ; Kubalíková, Lucie ; Kuda, František ; Havlíček, M. ; Machar, I. ; Pechanec, V.
V rámci projektu NAKI II - Kulturní dědictví krajiny Arcidiecéze olomoucké - výzkum, prezentace a management (DGB 16P02B014) se zaměřujeme na výsledky, které přispějí k udržitelnému rozvoji regionální kulturní identity prostřednictvím aplikovaného výzkumu kulturního dědictví v kulturní krajině studované oblasti. Součástí hmotného kulturního dědictví jsou tvary reliéfu, které vznikly vědomou činností člověka - antropogenní tvary reliéfu. Tyto antropogenní tvary doplňují geodiversity krajiny a jsou označovány jako sekundární geodiversita, jejich identifikace a interpretace umožní doplnit a zvýšit rozmanitost kulturního dědictví a upřesnit rozvoj kulturní krajiny. První výsledky z Arcidiecéze olomoucké jsou prezentovány.
Cultural heritage and geodiversity of landforms in the landscape of the Archdiocese of Olomouc
Kirchner, Karel ; Kuda, František ; Kubalíková, Lucie ; Havlíček, M. ; Machar, I. ; Pechanec, V.
Within the framework of the NAKI II project – Cultural heritage of landscape of the Archdiocese of Olomouc - research, presentation and management (DGB 16P02B014), we focus on the results that will contribute to the sustainable development of regional cultural identity through applied cultural heritage research in the cultural landscape of the area of interest. As part of the material cultural heritage, we include the landforms that originated from the conscious activity of man - the anthropogenic relief forms. These landforms complement the geodiversity of the landscape and are referred to as secondary geodiversity. Therefore, their identification and interpretation will make it possible to complement and enhance the diversity of cultural heritage and to specify the development of the cultural landscape. The first results from the area of Central Moravia will be presented with the using of the historical maps, the digital model of the relief DMR5G and the field research.
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Assessment of anthropogenic landforms for the geotourism purposes (case study: Velké Opatovice fortification site, Archdiocese of Olomouc, Czech Republic)
Kirchner, Karel ; Kubalíková, Lucie ; Machar, I.
The human impact on the relief is often very devastating: natural landforms are modified, damaged or destroyed and the intensity of human-induced processes even surpasses the natural ones. However, people also create new landforms which are interesting from geoconservation, educational, cultural and historical points of view. Thanks to these aspects, they also have a potential for geotourism, geoeducation and recreation. For the assessment of anthropogenic landforms (respectively anthropogenic geosites and geomorphosites), a method based on the concept of geomorphosties and taking into account the holistic approach to geotourism, is proposed. The article presents an example of anthropogenic landforms on geo-cultural site "Velke Opatovice fortification site" situated in the western part of the Archdiocese of Olomouc. Based on the detailed fieldwork, the inventory of landforms and other features, the assessment and some proposals for geotourist use of the site are presented.
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Tourist interest in illicit zone of ice caves
Nováková, Eva ; Kuda, František ; Kubalíková, Lucie
Ledové sluje (Ice Caves) in the Podyjí National Park represents one of the most spectacular sites within the area. It consists of the large boulder field and several pseudokarst caverns on the north-western slope of the ridge that are very important from the ecological and geomorphological point of view. The access to the site is restricted for the visitors of National Park as there exists a risk of damage and disturbance of these unique phenomena; tourist can use the marked paths leading around the site, they can reach the top part of the ridge.\nCurrently, there are only several persons who have legal access to the site (employees of the National Park Administration and other researches with the permission issued by NP Administration). However, the installed sensor that counts the passages proved that the site is visited more frequently than it should be. The number of people who visit this site (situated within the first zone of National Park where there is no marked path and so the access is forbidden by decree) is quite alarming. Based on these findings, some proposals for the solution of this unfavourable situation are proposed and other possibilities how to avoid this undesirable phenomenon are discussed.\n
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Local geoheritage: its importance and potential for geotourist and recreational activities (a case study from Lomnicko area)
Kirchner, Karel ; Kubalíková, Lucie ; Bajer, A.
Geodiversity, respectively its valuable part – geoheritage is considered an important resource for the geotourism and recreation purposes. In the C.R., there are a lot of examples of such use of geoheritage: sandstone rock cities, karst areas or polygenetic relief at mountain areas and others. These geoheritage features are usually significant on the national level, their existence assure the attractiveness of the given area, enables the geotourist and recreational activities and support the local and regional development. However, in the local scale, the geodiversity (respectively geoheritage, represented by particular geosites and geomorphosites) can also serve the above mentioned purposes. The paper presents the example from Lomnicko area which can be seen as an “average” area from the geodiversity/geoheritage point of view on the national level, but on the local and regional level, there is a considerable number of geosites and geomorphosites with a potential for geotourism and recreation.
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