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Picture of the Holy Land in Adomnán's De locis sanctis
Falátková, Michaela ; Kubín, Petr (advisor) ; Nechutová, Jana (referee) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
The presented thesis deals with the work On the Holy Places (De locis sanctis) compiled by the monk and abbot Adomnán of Iona (624-704). Adomnán's work provides evidence of the unknown Gallic pilgrim Arculf about his journey to the Holy Land. Furthermore, Adomnán's text represents a complex historical source about the character of the early medieval pilgrimage during the second half of the 7th Century. Moreover, On the Holy Places offers extensive description and topography of the holy places associated with Jesus Christ's life, passion, and resurrection, hence oscillates between itinerary and hagiography. From the perspective of literary history, Adomnán's narrative has a deep-rooted background within the tradition, nevertheless, provides a significant number of innovations beyond the traditional views. The thesis contextualised Adomnán's text within the 7th-Century Iro-Scottish literary production, i.e. introduces Adomnán's new concept of pilgrimage narrative. Moreover, the text presents the first translation of On the Holy Places from Latin into Czech along with extensive commentary. The historical-critical method of Classic and Medieval studies, together with synchronous and diachronic analysis, was used. The detailed commentary contextualised Adomnán's work within the archaeological excavations...
The law governing obligations with an international element
Kubín, Petr ; Růžička, Květoslav (advisor) ; Bříza, Petr (referee)
1 The law governing obligations with an international element Abstract The legal regulation of obligations with an international element constitutes an extensive issue which forms a significant part of private international law. It is also the area with the most frequent appearance of an international element which is particularly important in international business. This thesis firstly deals with the distinction of legal norms which regulate contractual relationships with an international element according to their origin and methods that govern these relationships. Such distinction of legal norms is essential for the comprehension of their mutual relations and therefore for the application of a correct norm to the particular obligation. The thesis also defines basic concepts which are necessary for orientation in this part of private international law. The main content of the thesis is represented with an analysis of legal norms, which, from the perspective of the Czech legal system, govern relationships with an international element. The thesis contains a basic analysis of legal regulations contained in international treaties concerning mainly international trade and types of contracts which are used in international trade, i.e. purchase and transport contracts. The core of this thesis is represented by...
The Sedlec region in the 10th - 13th century and German influence in the region
Bělohlávek, Miloš ; Kubín, Petr (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eva (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the special status of the Sedlec region (later called Loket region) as a specific region at the borders between Bohemian and German countries in the historical period from the end of the 10th century, which was the first time the region was mentioned - specifically in connection with the establishment of the Prague bishopric, until the beginning of the 14th century, when also the neighboring Cheb region has become a permanent part of the Bohemian lands. The thesis puts great emphasis on the period when the Sedlec area was removed from the Czech duke's jurisdiction and was affiliated to the Holy Roman Empire. Especially it describes the region in this period, with respect to the German colonization and the strong influence of German monasteries and minor imperial nobility. The confrontation of the Slavic population and the Germanic colonists significantly determined the further development of the region and its character, so the theses also follow the gradual cultural and linguistic assimilation of the Slavic population. Keywords Loket region - Sedlec region - Cheb region - colonization - House of Staufen - assimilation
The Life and Works of Grandmaster Vlasák, O.Cr. (1867-1958)
Kučerka, David ; Kubín, Petr (advisor) ; Šmíd, Marek (referee)
This thesis The Life and Works of Grandmaster Vlasák O.Cr. (1867 - 1958) with the life of The Military Order Crucifers with the Red Star, ThDr. Josef Vlasák O.Cr., and its action in the Order. His work is se the context of the historical event, which was accompanied by him in his difficult aktivity, and which had to deal: the firs world war, the first land reform, the second world war, the second land reform, the advent of comunism and dissoluction of the Order. Other chapters are dedicated to J. Vlasák, its meaning and importance from the Catholic Church and for czechoslovac society. The information is drawn from the available nad archoval sources.
Canonisation of Saint Thomas of Aquin
Štěpánek, Robert Benno ; Kubín, Petr (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eva (referee)
Canonization of Saint Thomas Aquinas Abstract This thesis inquires into the canonization process of Thomas Aquinas, in relation to specific circumstances and general usage of the era on the field of canonizing saints. While at the grave of the reverend master, miracles were produced and the popular cult was rising, on western universities, a doctrinal dispute has flared up which touched Thomas' doctrine, as well. The case has not be resolved untill nearly fifty years, when the pope John XXII has shown interest in canonizing one important personality of Dominican order. The choice fell on Thomas. The minor friars, protected by the roman king Louis IV the Bavarian, oposed but the pope got his purpose through, and so Thomas' learning became the leading stream in theology and thinking. The aim of this thesis is to approach period specificities of the cult of saints and canonization processes, to outline a brief history of Thomas' way to canonization and following occurrences, and to try to figure out broader context of the process, evaluating the importance of particular aspects at the same time. The thesis is based on canonization documents and relies on relevant sources and specialized literature. Keywords Canonization, canonization process, cult of saints, Thomas Aquinas, relics, translation, dispute,...
Norbertin Monastery in Zábrdovice in the Middle Ages
Fidrmuc, Lukáš ; Kubín, Petr (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eva (referee)
The thesis describes the origins of Norbertines in Brno and establishing of a monastery in Zábrdovice. Author focuses on the medieval stage of the monastery's history. Part of the work is also a reference to the pilgrimage site of Křtiny, whose history is connected with the monastery in Zábrdovice and whose name appears soon after the foundation of the monastery.
Augustin Komanec (1885-1953)
Hlava, Luděk ; Kubín, Petr (advisor) ; Šmíd, Marek (referee)
This thesis deals with the life story of Augustin Komanec, dean of Slaný, a man standing among many other anonymous priests who were persecuted for their firm human and Christian attitudes towards the Church and its bishops in the early 1950's. Augustin Komanec was one of those tried by the totalitarian communist regime in fabricated trials. He was not sentenced to death, nevertheless the stiffness of the punishment led to the ultimate sacrifice. He died soon after he had been sent to the communist prison in Mírov. Based on documents available, the work presents Komanec's both civil and clerical life from 1885 to 1948 and then from the communist coup to his death in 1953. The aim of the work is to present the destiny of this brave person, who refused to give in to the totalitarian power and who represented the real enemy of this power: the Church, courageous and free.
The Mapping Survey of the Dominican Convent in Znojmo city
Kubín, Petr ; Machotka, Radovan (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the geodetic survey of historical part of Dominican monastery in Znojmo city and to create documentation of the building. The thesis contains a description of the place of interest, preparation for work and measuring process. Next part the thesis deals with the requirements of creating the drawing documentation of the ground plan and the vertical section and also testing results of the work. The final documentation will be used for the reconstruction of the building.

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