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A verification of an approximation of the continuous double auction by a sequence of call auctions.
Kubík, Petr ; Šmíd, Martin (advisor) ; Branda, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with two kinds of double auction - with the continuous auction and a sequence of call auctions. We explain their rules and we define their models. We present results of simulations of the both kinds of double auction - the aim is to look for the call auction with such parameters that the prices and the traded volume of the continuous auction are approximated best. Finally, in a theoretical part, we characterize the dis- tribution of the order book in the continuous auction and then we specify the joint distribution of the price and the traded volume in the call auction (the distribution of bid, ask and the traded volume given by the continuous auction may be immediately devised from the distribution of the order book).
Analysis of influence of geometric deviations of semifinished product on following bending process
Anděl, Tomáš ; Kubík, Petr (referee) ; Vosynek, Petr (advisor)
Presented diploma thesis was created in cooperation with Siemens s.r.o., and deals with the analysis of the bending of aluminium sheets which are later used as a conductors of high voltage electrical energy. These parts are completed into assemblies which serves as connectors of particular segments of an electrical network. The problem occurs as a result of incorrect bend, because it is impossible to join these sections properly. The customer would like to verify if the defined tolerances of semi-finished products are sufficient for proper bend and in case they are not, the tolerances should be modified. Due to the requirement for running numerical simulation in one of the open source software, the Salome-Meca program environment was used.
The use of mass scaling within Abaqus explicit code
Hacek, Samuel ; Kubík, Petr (referee) ; Šebek, František (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor’s thesis is to evaluate the usability of the mass scaling function in Abaqus computing environment. The introductory part starts with a description of the explicit formulation of the finite element method, which is followed by a definition of various mass scaling methods and a description of their usability. The practical part of the thesis consists of a few problems solved using aforementioned mass scaling techniques. The course of the solution is focused on the determination of the extent of the influence that the use of various mass scaling techniques has on the obtained data. The last part of the thesis is devoted to evaluation of the applicability of various mass scaling techniques in different situations, considering possible reduction of computing time as well as the reliability of the obtained data.
Computational modeling by using the remeshing method in FEM program Abaqus
Zářecký, Tomáš ; Šebek, František (referee) ; Kubík, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is about theoretical basics of finite element method and remeshing methods available in Abaqus. These are adaptive remeshing, mesh-to-mesh solution mapping and ALE adaptive meshing. Selected methods are shown in several exercises. Results are compared to the analytical solution and the solution without use of remeshing methods.
Experimental data processing for calibration of isotropic hardening model
Chlaň, Jakub ; Kubík, Petr (referee) ; Šebek, František (advisor)
The main aim of the present bachelor's thesis is to create a universally applicable script, which is used for the data processing of the fatigue test in order to calibrate the isotropic hardening model. The theoretical part is devoted to the phenomenon of cyclic hardening/softening, the mathematical models of hardening and last but not least, the practice of fatigue tests together with the possibilities of their evaluation. The rest of the work includes the algorithm creation procedure and demonstration of its functionality by processing data from fatigue tests of alloy AlCu4Mg1.
Antonín Hudeček's Painting around 1900
Kubík, Petr ; Prahl, Roman (advisor) ; Rakušanová, Marie (referee)
The diploma work deals with the paintings of Antonín Hudeček from around 1900, which are viewed from two positions. The first thematic area includes the analysis of selected thought sources (the topic of a soul or a mood in the art), the motives (mirroring) and the themes (bathing boys) of Hudeček's paintings, which are treated with regard to the period art criticism a thought currents. The second part is made by analysis of some art sources which were essential for Antonín Hudeček's paintings around 1900. These were especially Hudeček's training with figuralists in Prague and Munich and the possible foreign inspiration, most importantly from the context of the contemporary art colonies and informal art groups. Fundamental theme of the work is the relationship of figure and landscape in the work of Antonín Hudeček around 1900. The catalogue of Hudeček's paintings from this period and excerpts from selected periodicals serve as the main methodological tool for comparison of Hudeček's work with other artists. Hudeček's schematic biography is also presented in the appendix of the work.
Reflexion of the Effect of Group Work in People after a Divorce
Kubík, Petr ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
This thesis examines the effect of group programme for clients of marriage counselling, who are going / have gone through a divorce, or disintegration of cohabitation (or possibly through other difficult situations connected with marriage, partnership, family …). The first - theoretical- part consists of a summary of the relevant literature related to the topic focusing on stages of divorce. The second part involves a qualitative analysis of eleven interviews with clients - attendants of two cycles of the programme and an analysis of a focus group. The analysis of the interviews has resulted in an individual reflexion of the effects of the programme and an attempt on formulation of efficient strategies of the help during the divorce process with focus on restoration of social integration during the restructuring stage after the divorce. The obtained results show that the clients consider the programme efficient and helpful during adaptation to divorce/disintegration of cohabitation in terms of changing their perspective on the course of their marriage/ partnership and their divorce/break up crisis. Key words Divorce, Group Work, Marriage Counseling
Roles and Competences of a Social Worker in Marriage Counselling
Kubík, Petr ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Pazlarová, Hana (referee)
The thesis focuses on the activities of a social worker in a specific position - marital and family counselling. The aim of the thesis is a draft of an educational programme with respect to the needs of the target group and the most common working activities of a social worker. The thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical section. The theoretical section describes the history of the field, defines the target group and the theoretical framework of the field. The practical section presents methods and the outcome of a survey, as well as a draft of specialized education of social workers in marital and family counselling. Key words Social Worker, Marriage Counseling, Educational Program
The usage of Impact FEM workbench for task solution in the field of solid mechanics
Ferenc, Filip ; Kubík, Petr (referee) ; Vosynek, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on calculating the main tasks in the field of solid mechanic with usage Impact FEM. At the beginning, there is some basic information about a numerical calcu-lation focusing on the Finite element method. The second part deals with Impact FEM pro-gramme description and model preparation. The main part of this thesis are examples of the tasks which I evaluated by Impact FEM. Results of those calculations were compared to the results obtained by analytic calculations and programme Ansys Workbench. Based on those verification calculations, I consider the Impact FEM programme is not able to calculate the main tasks of solid mechanic at this moment but it may be useful as a learning tool.

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