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The block of flats
Kubíček, Jan ; Pilík, Václav (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on construction of an apartment building in quiet area of the town of Prostějov. Its appearance and purpose fit into the surrounding buildings. The free-standing object is a partially basement, it has parking space and approximately shape of rectangular. The apartment building is designed as a 4-storey building with one underground floor. There is a separate cellars for each of apartment unit in the basement. There are sixteen residential units in four floors, always 4 residential units per floor. Flat units have its own entrance to private terraces on the ground floor and to balcony in upper floors. The building is based on concrete foundation strips and is covered with a warm flat roof. The load-bearing system is a two-way wall system and is lined with ceramic blocks. Horizontal structures are cast-in-place reinforced cncrete. The vertical connection is ensured by a three-arm staircase that wraps around the elevator shaft. The work is developed to the level of project documentation for the construction.
Six Sigma methodology in industry
Kubíček, Jan ; Opočenská, Hana (referee) ; Hammer, Miloš (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis describes Six Sigma methodology. Six sigma is described generally and includes parts about its history and usage. The most used Six Sigma application cycle DMAIC is introduced together with tools that can be used in its phases. Thesis provides a description of Six Sigma program at Sanmina-SCI Czech Republic s.r.o.
Contextualising or relativising evil? A probe into US antebellum slavery
Kubíček, Jan ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Topolovská, Tereza (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the abolition of antebellum slavery in the US through a leftist prism introduced by Michael Parenti. The first part provides a brief explanation of Parenti's theory on an example of the late Roman republic and its politico-economic background, which is depicted in The Assassination of Julius Caesar. In this part is also covered the historical precedent of slavery along with specific scientifically based arguments in favour of slavery developed by Samuel Cartwright. The last chapter gives a description of the process of abolition and eventually an analogy between Roman senatorial democracy and the antebellum slavery is established on a premise that in both the cases the privileged social class influenced historical narration of those events for its own benefit to cover its economic interests. Keywords: Michael Parenti, slavery, historical narrative, exploitation, Samuel Cartwright, the process of abolition
Gravitation in higher dimensions
Kubíček, Jan ; Pravdová, Alena (advisor) ; Žofka, Martin (referee)
The thesis starts with a brief introduction to the algebraic classificati- on of tensors and spacetimes in higher dimensions. Attempts to generalize the Goldberg-Sachs theorem are also discussed. There is a summary of main results for optical matrices of algebraically special spacetimes in higher dimensions. The optical matrix for a type III spacetime in six dimensions is found using Bianchi identities. A few properties of type III optical matrices in a general dimension are also found. Various properties of equations obtained from Bianchi identities for type III spacetimes are studied in appendices. 1
Totalitariankitsch and underground. The semiotic model.
Kubíček, Jan ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee)
As a consequence of a process of semiotic totalization of public life in totalitarian societies, a system of social, esthetic, ethic and language norms becomes radically altered. This system is partially described in Totalitarian kitsch section, in chapters called Totality, Kitsch, Art, Language, Esthetics and Myth. In a passage called Underground, totalitarian realism and Egon Bondy's and Ivan Vodseďálek's gauche poetry is interpreted as a model reply on totalitarian society conditions. A concept of total poetry is introduced. We ask a question: what actually total poetry is, if not an art? Eleven answers are being sequentially found: 1. it is a complex of apocryphal texts of socialistic realism, 2. it is a game about art, 3. it is culture at the phase of being born, 4. a method of phenomenological reduction, 5. a language game, 6. de-construction of myth, 7. occupation of game position within totalitarian society, 8. a myth, 9. a semiotic clearance process carried out through semiotic rage, 10. symbolization of reality and realization of symbol, 11. call for a game. In the end, we try to define total poetry in relationship to avant-garde, modern art and postmodernism. Three points have been discussed in a chapter called Kitsch and underground: 1. recapitulation of acceptation of Egon Bondy's and...
Thin discs and rings as sources of Weyl space-times
Kubíček, Jan ; Semerák, Oldřich (advisor) ; Žofka, Martin (referee)
Static and axially symmetric vacuum solutions of Einstein's equations can be descri- bed by the Weyl metric which only depends on two unknown functions, given by the Laplace equation and a line integral. In this thesis we study some properties of two Weyl space-times whose sources are one-dimensional rings - the Appell ring and the Bach-Weyl ring. On the behaviour of proper distances and geodesics in the central region we demonstrate that in Weyl coordinates these sources represent directional singularities. 1
Verification of Programs with Pointers Based on Pattern Detection
Kubíček, Jan ; Erlebach, Pavel (referee) ; Vojnar, Tomáš (advisor)
This paper presents our results in study of verifiaction of infinite state space systems. We deal more concretely with abstract model checking. As main part of study we learned about pattern-based verification. This method is supposed to verify programs with dynamic memory structures like lists. Those structures are presented as directed graph. Pattern-based verifiaction abstracts any number of nodes by replacing them with summarized node. This way we achieve bounded  presentation of unbounded memory structure. Afterwards, verification is very effective due to low number of possible memory configurations. In our own work we deal with making model of a program for a tool that implements pattern-based verification. This model isconstructed from a subset of the C language. The main contribution of work is making the verification of simple programs written in C language completely self-acting by automation of constructing input model. In this paper wepresent the grammar of created subset of the C language and implementation details of translation.
Risk Management Support System
Kubíček, Jan ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The work provides theoretical base of project management. It describes the current approach to project management as a combination of multiple processes. The process of risk management is described with special care. It also discuss some of the different approaches to risk management. \\ The work suggests new way of handling risk management, that combines risk management and data mining. Data mining approach is also used to mine quantitative risk values. This approach was successfully implemented and tested. Tests showed that this approach is very useful for omitted risk identification. Unfortunately it is also not recommendable for mining quantitative risk values.
Company Communication Strategy
Kubíček, Jan ; Veselá, Jitka (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on creating suggestion of communication strategy for the Hotel U Divadla in Znojmo. The first part describes theoretical knowledges which are related to this topic. In the next part is made marketing mix of company, analysis of marketing environment and marketing research too. In the last part are on the base of results of the analytical part create suggestions to increase awereness of existence a company by potential customers.
Modern methods of wet cleaning flue-gas
Kubíček, Jan ; Kermes, Vít (referee) ; Dvořák, Radek (advisor)
Research of conditions when sulphure dioxide is absorbed from flue gas, is the main objective of this master's thesis. Efficiency of this flue gas cleaning was measured on an experimental device, which consist of an absorption column filled with structured packing’s, and another component so-called "O-element". Further, a possibility of upgrade this "O-element" to tread more flue gas is presented.

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