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Reflections of the Munich Agreement in the illegal anti-Nazi magazine "V boj"
Budská, Eva ; Kučera, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šmidrkal, Václav (referee)
This thesis deals with the magazine V boj's reflection of the Munich Agreement. This journal was published illegally in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia from May 1939 to spring 1941. V boj was a part of the resistance standing up for Beneš. This academic work will show the immediate reactions of contemporaneous Czech and foreign authors to the Munich Agreement. A content analysis examines three concrete and distinct paradigms associated with the Munich Agreement. The first paradigm reflects the Agreement of Munich as a betrayal of western countries. The second is the amount of Beneš's responsibility for this event. The third contends that this agreement reflects the collapse of Czechoslovak democracy. V boj allows one not only to look closer at the so-called civic groups, but also to examine the prints published by the military resistance organization Obrana národa (Defence of the Nation). The thesis follows the general knowledge of the V boj's content presented by its reprint, done by Růžena Hlušičková and her collective.
Das Jahr 1918 - der neue Anfang des deutsch-tschechischen Zusammenlebens in Bergreichenstein?
Uhlich, Tereza ; Kučera, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kunštát, Miroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the question of how did the coexistence between Czechs and Germans change after 28th October 1918 in Kašperské Hory, when the Czechoslovak republic was founded. This question is answered by giving historical context that goes up to 1908, the notional milestone of the local national conflicts. The paper presents in which position were the Germans in Kašperské Hory and how they perceived the new republic. It presents also the situation of the Czechs living as a minority in a German town after the republic establishment. Last but not least amicable moments will be outlined that came about thank to the mutual history.
The Way to Prague Treaty
Mentlík, Petr ; Nigrin, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kučera, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis is dealing with the circumstances in which the Treaty on Mutual Relations between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany, known as the Prague Treaty, was negotiated and concluded in the early 1970s. The main focus of the thesis is the chapter on the Way to the Prague Treaty, which contains an analysis of negotiations on the text of the Prague Treaty, where the biggest obstacle was disagreement over the invalidity of Munich Agreement, as well as questions about importance of some treaty provisions for West Berlin, signing the treaty in Prague in December 1973 and finally even the process of ratification of the treaty in both states. The analysis of the ratification process consisting mainly in the negotiation of a treaty in the legislative bodies of both states is based mainly on primary sources, parliamentary papers and stenoprotocols. Complicated was discussion in the Federal Republic, when deputies of opposition (CDU/CSU) in Bundestag spoke against the treaty and Bundesrat voted against the treaty even two times. The treaty was approved unanimously in Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia, nevertheless speeches of each deputies was used mainly for proclamation of own interpretation of some provisions of the treaty. It can be stated that the Prague Treaty...
Module for Network Policy Monitoring in Flow Data
Piecek, Adam ; Kučera, Jan (referee) ; Wrona, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to design a language through which it would be possible to monitor a stream of network flows in order to detect network policy violations in the local network. An analysis of the languages used in the data stream management systems and an analysis of tasks submitted by the potential administrator were both carried out. The analysis specified resulted in the language design which represents pipelining consisting of filtering and aggregation. These operations can be clearly defined and managed within security rules. The result of this thesis also results in the Policer modul being integrated in the NEMEA system, which is able to apply the main commands of the proposed language. Finally, the module meets the requirements of the specified tasks and may be used for further development in the area of monitoring network policies.
P4 Language-Based Description of Accelerated Device against DoS Attacks
Kuka, Mário ; Kekely, Lukáš (referee) ; Kučera, Jan (advisor)
This thesis describes the development of a networking device used to defend against (D)DoS attacks using P4 language. The main purpose was to design flexible device using P4 lan-guage based on already existing device, this would allow us to quickly react and respond to new more complex DDoS attacks. The design of the device dealt with the transfer of individual parts of the firmware into the P4 language. Subsequently, the entire device firmware was designed for hardware accelerators with FPGA technology. The firmware had been designed with respect to the limitations of current P4 language compilers. The device has been tested under laboratory conditions for functionality and performance. The device will be deployed in the network infrastructure of CESNET.
Heuristic Methods for the Mitigation of DDoS Attacks that Abuse TCP Protocol
Goldschmidt, Patrik ; Wrona, Jan (referee) ; Kučera, Jan (advisor)
TCP SYN Flood is one of the most wide-spread DoS attack types used on computer networks nowadays. As a possible countermeasure, this thesis proposes a network-based mitigation method TCP Reset Cookies. The method utilizes the TCP three-way-handshake mechanism to establish a security association with a client before forwarding its SYN data. The algorithm can effectively mitigate even more sophisticated SYN flood attacks at the cost of 1-second delay for the first established connection. However, the method may not be suitable for all the scenarios, so decision-making algorithm to switch between different SYN Flood mitigation methods according to discovered traffic patterns was also developed. The project was conducted as a part of security research by CESNET. The discussed implementation of TCP Reset Cookies is already integrated into a DDoS protection solution deployed in CESNET's backbone network and Czech Internet exchange point at NIX.CZ.
Mitigation of DoS Attacks Using Neural Networks
Odehnal, Tomáš ; Wrona, Jan (referee) ; Kučera, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with design and implementation of two approaches as protection against SYN Flood attacks, which are part of DoS attacks. Nowadays Denial of Service attack are very widespread and their execution are quite simple. While they can cause big financial damage to internet or service providers. The purpose of this work is to determine that conventional algorithmic approach and heuristic approach using neural network are capable of SYN Flood attacks mitigation. Implementation of both approaches were done by their design. Then both implementations were tested.
Testing of Device for DoS Attack Protection
Burzala, Matúš ; Vrána, Roman (referee) ; Kučera, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with testing of a device for (D)DoS protection DCPRO, that is developed within the CESNET association. The aim of the thesis was to design and implement an extendable testing system, which would allow automated testing of DCPRO device. In addition to the testing system, there was created a collection of tests for verification of functional and performance parameters of the device within the thesis. Afterwards, the developed system was integrated into a continuous integration system Jenkins. Particularly within the thesis there were created 109 specific test scenarios to test device firmware modules, 7 throughput test scenarios, 10 test scenarios to verify proper functionality of software modules dedicated to SYN Flood and amplification attacks protection, and one test for verification of device network routing ability. The developed testing system is easily extensible. In order to simplify a future extension of the system, there is a created template encapsulated in source files for new test creation and text part of the thesis contains guide how to create new tests.
IPv6 Prefix Sets Generator
Utkin, Kirill ; Kučera, Jan (referee) ; Matoušek, Jiří (advisor)
Due to the fast adoption of IPv6 protocol, number of IPv6 prefixes in routing tables are incessantly increasing. Based on this fact, development of new lookup algorithms is required. However, testing of those algorithms is highly dependent on size of datasets, which are not large enough for this purpose at the moment. Design and implementation of generator of IPv6 prefix sets, which will be based on currently using address allocation policies, is the main goal of this bachelor's thesis. Implementation of generator was preceded by study and implementation of the generator V6Gene. Validation of generated datasets were performed by comparing length distribution and level distribution of prefixes with the real world datasets. Finally, speed of the generating process and memory usage were compared for implemented generators.
The DPDK DNS Probe Application Extension
Doležal, Pavel ; Kučera, Jan (referee) ; Vrána, Roman (advisor)
This master's thesis is focused on extension of the DPDK DNS Probe application that monitors DNS traffic in high speed networks. It presents framework DPDK, which can be used for fast packet processing. General architecture of the DNS system is described as well as details of its components. Basic principles of transport protocol TCP are described. It introduces an effective design and implementation of DNS packet parsing to optimize DPDK DNS Probe's performance. It also introduces a design and implementation of processing DNS messages sent over TCP for export of traffic statistics. The application's performance was tested using a high speed traffic generator Spirent.

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