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Evolutionary history of hedgehogs from genus>Erinaceus
Černá Bolfíková, Barbora ; Hulva, Pavel (advisor) ; Janko, Karel (referee) ; Kryštufek, Boris (referee)
Hedgehogs from the genus Erinaceus are extremely interesting and suitable model organisms for studying impacts of climatic changes during Pleistocene on species and speciation processes. Erinaceus europaeus and E. roumanicus, which have diverged in southern refugia, formed a secondary contact zone in Central Europe. The widest part of this zone is situated in Czech Republic. Our work benefits from this position and processes that take place here such as reinforcement, character displacement and hybridization are discussed. Moreover, we addressed several questions about biological invasions and topics connected to peripatric processes. Using combination of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA we detected differences in population structure between the species and also between sexes. E roumanicus is mainly restricted to lowlands. Ranges of both species expand and hybridization may play role during formation of reproductive isolation. We did not observed ecological character displacement when using 3D geometric morphometry approaches. Populations in sympatry are more similar than in allopatry. Our data are enhanced by description of parasite fauna of sympatrical populations and we discuss the role which they may play in evolution of the hedgehogs. Study proceeded in New Zealand was based on comparison of...

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