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Political-news satire in The Daily Show
Janák, Antonín ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The aim of the Bachelor thesis "Political-news satire in The Daily Show" is to map evolution of political and news satire in TV in United States of America with emphasis to evolution and impact of the cult show The Daily Show, which is airing on Comedy Central channel. It tries to map structure and evolution of the show throughout the whole history of the show. After general introduction to the history of political satire in television before The Daily Show was broadcast, the thesis focuses on the most prominent personalities who worked as a staff of the show and had the biggest impact on formation of content and the message of The Daily Show. Particular attention is paid to the main era of Jon Stewart's role as a host, where the show has experienced a period of the greatest fame and has influenced the future of the political-news satire to the present. However, it also examines the main changes in recent history of the show and the changes brought by the new moderator Trevor Noah. In the last part, the work focuses on the influence that the program and its prominent personalities have had on the current wave of increased interest and popularity of political- satire not only in the United States, but all around the world and examines the most famous figures of contemporary political-news satire.
Typology of series and programming structure of continuous broadcasting CT24
Klepáčová, Sára ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Kruml, Milan (referee)
Typologie pořadu a programová struktura kontinuálního vysílání ČT24 Sára Klepáčová Annotation The aim of this thesis is to define and analyze one of the TV shows of the ČT24 news station - Studio ČT24. It is a specific type of continuous broadcast delivered by ČT24 to the viewers, as the only one in Czech republic, every day - seven days a week. In its way it is also unique among the TV shows of european public service media. Theoretical part deals with standart procedures in news broadcasting, starting with acquiring the information and its incorporation into the broadcasting script. This part contains factual notes provided by the ČT 24 news broadcast deputy editor-in-chief František Lutonský. Research aims on the structure of the show itself, particularly on the content, by means of the quantitative content analysis. It demonstrates the structure and composition of the continuous broadcast of the ČT24 news station on the sample of four whole weeks choosed from four programme periods. It also aims on the changes of broadcast composition in case of extraordinary event. in context of the viewership.
Local production as a future for Netflix? Comparison of business strategy when entering selected European countries
Carhounová, Kristýna ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Růžička, Daniel (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the current phenomenon of video on-demand and the strategy of the streaming company Netflix when entering the European market. In the opening chapters it is necessary to explain the boom of the video on-demand services (VoD) in the context of television history and its position in relation to traditional linear broadcasting. Subsequently, the dramaturgical line and the programming offer of the company are presented , which is undoubtedly a competitive advantage of Netflix. In this context, Netflix's biggest competitors and their approach to production of original content are mentioned. The challenges Netflix is facing in its international expansion are also mentioned, including the need to tailor its offer and produce local content when entering new markets. Afterwards the European market as a whole is analyzed with regard to the specificities of the region and the key steps that were necessary to successfully start doing business on the continent. Last but not least, the thesis examines the position and development tendencies of Netflix in the field of original production in selected three European markets - Norway, France and the Czech Republic. In this part, Netflix is compared to other VoD competitors in these markets as well as by established players such as...
The evolution of internet televison in Czechia and its impact on linear television
Benda, Tomáš ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Křemen, Pavel (referee)
The thesis deals with the development of internet TVs in the Czechia, their business models, possibilities of further development and thein impact on linear television. Since TV production is distinguished by serial production, it also describes the revolution in the television industry at the turn of the millennium, which changed the rules of writing and filming TV series so far. The thesis also presents all series of Czech internet TVs and compares their genres with audience preferences. For this comparison, the thesis uses both in-depth interviews with internet TV audience respondents and data on the most watched TV shows. In addition to what the viewers on the internet watch, the in-depth interviews also found out when and how (on what device) they watch it, supported by detailed Netflix (the largest internet TV in the Word) statistics. Respondents also watched episodes of three series of Czech internet TVs, which they then subjectively evaluated. Based on their testimonies, it was found that posting all the episodes of one season of any series at once could contribute to its overall viewership (due to binge- watching). Furthermore, based on in-depth interviews, a specific use of the new form of product placement in series for women is suggested, as women are minimally represented in the...
Living History on The Czech Television: Holiday in the Olden Days
Halva, Tomáš ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Růžička, Daniel (referee)
The living history TV shows (in some cases also referred to as historical reality TV shows) are one of the contemporary trends in the creation of the reality TV genre. The purpose of such programs is to display a certain historical period in a fun and light-hearted form on television. Since they are programs included in the reality TV genre, their aim is also to capture the authentic reactions of those who perform in such programs. With this narrative style, the audience can see how the 21st-century man adapts to the period and how he behaves when confronted with certain historical moments. This kind of program is very popular in foreign media. Two shows created by Czech Television appeared on Czech TV screens. This is a series of Holidays in the Old Times - contains Holidays in the Protectorate and Holidays in the Era of Steam.
Stars, points, percentage: the influence of critics reviews on the Czech cinema attendance
Karlíčková, Iva ; Křeček, Jan (advisor) ; Kruml, Milan (referee)
Diploma thesis Stars, points, percentage: the influence of critics reviews on the Czech cinema attendance aims to verify whether reviews and critics in printed and electronic media affect how many viewers see the movie in the cinema. Besides this main question, this study is also focused on other hypotheses associated with the general notion that a professional film critic, as an expert, has higher demands on audiovisual works, and therefore films rated in professional journals have a lower rating than when they are evaluated in the media intended for the general public. The theoretical framework of the thesis briefly deals with the definition and historical development of criticism at first in general and then with the critics and reviews of film. It also outlines the evolution of cinematography and film as media and art. In addition, some other factors that may affect cinema attendance are mentioned. The last passage summarizes the current foreign and domestic studies and works dealing with similar topics. In the research part, all the films that premiered in our country from 2006 to 2015 were analyzed by the quantitative method. There were almost 2,300 films, which were reviewed in Cinepur and Cinema magazines, on and news servers and, and ČSFD web portals....
The evolution of interactive television in the United Kingdom
Opluštil, Ondřej ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Kruml, Milan (referee)
This thesis describes the phenomena of interactive television, focusing on the development of this technology in the United Kingdom which is considered the country with the largest development of this technology. The thesis starts by defining interactive television as such, dividing it into three main categories. Aside of that a short overview of the evolution of television broadcasting in the United Kingdom is presented, and the term Convergence is explained as it is a crucial one for many of the interactive applications. The second part consists of a case study of evolution of interactive television in the United Kingdom. As it tries to answer the main research question - which technological phases must have happened in the transition from linear to interactive television - the thesis divides interactive television into five main phases. The first phase occurs in the analogue broadcasting era, with Teletext as the first instance of "on demand", and first instance of convergence by using telephone. The second phase starts around 1998 with the start of digitalisation. The new technology allows the providers to launch several new forms of interactivity, such as the walled garden, first applications and others. The third phase, starting around 2002 can be seen as the acceptance of interactivity as a...
Music online journalism: iReport and Musicserver websites and application of theoretical concepts of journalism
Šindlauerová, Marta ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
The diploma thesis describes the application of theoretical concepts of journalism into the environemnt of two most popular music websites Musicserver and iREPORT. In the theoretical basis for the topic are featured the basic characteristics of online journalism and the problematic nature of the term "ideal critic". Furthermore, there are at first theoretically established and afterwards analyzed the concepts of agenda-setting, gatekeeping, objectivity and bias, participative journalism, user generatec content, professionalism, hypertextuality and intertextuality, the usage of social networks, tabloidization and the analysis will also touch upon the issue of name transformation to fit the Czech language. There is also a semiotic and visual analysis of chosen samples performed. On the basis of concepts, the paper intends to explain the functioning of the websites, the aspects that are influencing their content, the factors that have an effect on the selection of the content, the means of working with the audience, the problems in terms of objectivity in the art criticism, the requirements laid upon the editorial staff members and the level of influence upon the readers. Keywords online journalism, theoretical concepts, Musicserver, iREPORT, music, agenda-setting, gatekeeping, objectivity,...
The TV series Black Mirror as a substantial creation of British TV production
Kopecká, Barbora ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
Thesis: The TV series Black Mirror as a substantial creation of British TV production Abstract: ENG The thesis deals with the analysis of the British TV anthology Black Mirror. It examines the program in terms of authorship, processing method, theme, genre, and impact on society. The aim is to determine the basic characteristics of the Black Mirror and to point out its uniqueness in the context of current trends in television content. In individual chapters, it focuses on the role of authorship, the definition of the genre and the definition of the main topic. The program is also subjected to a narrative and stylistic analysis that examines the way the story is constructed, the narrative structure, the work with the characters, the environment and the style. Furthermore this thesis also want to examine the the extent to which the topics of Black Mirror correspond to reality. The result of this research offers a complex picture of Black Mirror, including a comparison with selected British television programs.
Archiving of news and sport footage in the Czech TV
Ondrejčík, Gustav ; Záruba, Robert (advisor) ; Kruml, Milan (referee)
This thesis describes the process of archiving of shots and programmes in news and sport editorial offices of the Czech Television. Newsroom prepares broadcasts for ČT1 and ČT24 programmes. The sport editorial office provides the broadcasts for ČT SPORT and also prepares the news for "Branky, body, vteřiny" on ČT1. With regard to this, both offices produce a considerable amount of audio-visual material. The thesis examines how this material is subsequently archived. Do both offices have a systematic and comprehensive procedure for archiving of shots and programmes? And are these archives easily traceable, available and usable for further broadcasting? The thesis summarizes the history of archiving of news and sport audio-visual material. The key process of digitization, which allows the transcription and saving of old archive materials stored on tape media, is also mentioned. After describing the history of archiving, the author focuses on the current methodology of the process and describes the system of archiving in news and sports news. Who does archiving and what systems and programmes are used for it? At the end of this thesis the future of archiving is analysed with regard to the progress in technologies used for archiving.

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