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Assessing awareness of library services: an ethnographic examination of bachelor students at two Czech technology universities
Chodounská, Alena ; Krueger, Stephanie
In this paper, the authors present interim research results from an ongoing ethnographic examination of eight engineering undergraduate students from two technology universities in Prague, Czech Republic. A multi-layered data gathering strategy was employed, including semi-structured in-person interviews as well as in situ and virtual observations of participants interacting with learning environments. This data enabled the authors to examine whether or not students are aware of library services. “Library services” are here broadly defined to include not only traditional support services but also new, emerging areas of activity which can be categorized under the broader concept of undergraduate student support. Findings indicate very poor awareness of library offerings although participants were aware of the library as a study space. The authors additionally touch briefly upon the concept of “backward design” for service development, in which research data is gathered and considered prior to service design and launch.
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Letting Traditional Boundaries Blur: a Case Study in Co-Developing STEM “Excellence” Courses
Krueger, Stephanie
This illustrative case study describes the evolution of a series of courses (2014-present) aimed at providing advanced students and early career researchers from a Czech science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)campus with the skills they need to adequately participate in global scientific endeavors. The involvement of library staff in the courses described here ranged far beyond embedding in the passive sense of the word, with all aspects of course design, implementation, and revision managed collaboratively and actively by an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional team championed by library personnel. Thus, this study raises the question of whether or not “embedding” is the appropriate term for describing active library leadership in such “catalytic” endeavors. Structurally, the case study will linearly relate how course modules were developed and how the team approached various organizational and structural hurdles which emerged over time. The study will also show how information literacy concepts were woven into the curriculum without being labeled as such - thus identifying a possible necessity for refining the discourse surrounding information literacy concepts so that students and researchers better understand why they are valuable. The study includes original data from course evaluations as well as descriptions of final syllabi (topics covered, readings assigned, types of homework assigned) for two courses, Scientific Writing in English, and Gaining Confidence in Presenting. Because all instruction and materials were delivered in English, the content described will be relevant to anyone working with advanced STEM students and early career researchers who publish in English. Finally, the study relates how such courses provide essential starting points for proactive engagement with patrons and includes examples of dialogues about writing, publishing, and related topics, introducing issues related to blur: the blurring of traditional boundaries between librarianship and scholarship.
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International Original Research in Information Sciences Colloquium: February 2015
Krueger, Stephanie
Seminář byl přínosný tím, že poskytl příležitost na mezinárodní úrovni prodiskutovat a vyměnit zkušenosti a trendy s předními odborníky na poli poskytování a rozvoje specializovaných akademických služeb.
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International Original Research in Information Sciences Colloquium: December 2015
Krueger, Stephanie
Naše účast byla velmi přínosná, protože seminář poskytl příležitost prezentovat a prodiskutovat s předními evropskými výzkumníky v oboru informační věda nejvýznamnější současné strategie, služby a trendy. Prezentace výsledků jejich výzkumu bylo možné přímo využít a přispěly tak k rozvoji strategie NTK pro rozvoj služeb a webu NTK v roce 2016.
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Cooking Stone Soup: Porous Workforce Training at the Czech National Library of Technology as a Supplement to (Impermeable) University Education
Chodounská, Alena ; Krueger, Stephanie
As in many other countries around the world, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) libraries in the Czech Republic are facing the difficult challenge of meeting the rapidly-evolving service needs of the communities they support in an environment in which the current university educational system does not provide graduates—neither those from STEM subjects nor those graduating from Czech library/information professional schools—with the appropriate set of skills needed for working in today’s specialized information provision settings. As a result, the Czech National Library of Technology (NTK) has been forced to provide on-the-job workforce training since early 2015 to its reference, instructional, and front-lines services staff simply in order to keep pace with STEM library developments outside the Czech Republic. This weekly workforce training effort, christened NTKu (short for NTKyouniversity), does not resemble traditional university education with its rigid structures and focus on the attainment of a degree. NTKu is, instead, porous: traditional “impermeable,” less flexible university curricula are supplemented with on-demand, ever-changing targeted instruction on specific issues, topics, and skills applied immediately to real-work settings. This manner of instruction, as the authors discuss in the paper, can yield highly effective results; however, unique challenges can emerge in an instructional environment lacking traditional measures of effectiveness (i.e., grades) and requiring voluntary participation by both learners and instructors. Such porous instructional efforts resemble those of open source software (OSS) communities, in which voluntary effort can produce results benefiting a particularly community—but only to the degree of investment provided by contributors. Such initiatives resemble cooking stone soup: the results can be tasty, but everyone involved needs to bring something to the table.
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Virtual Polytechnic Library: From “Home-Grown” Document Delivery Concept to aNational Collaborative Platform for Resource Sharing
Heicl, Václav ; Krueger, Stephanie ; Skenderija, Sasha
The Czech Virtual Polytechnic Library (VPK) began in 2000 as the “virtual resource sharing alliance” by the leading Czech STM libraries as their response to the rapidly changing landscape of STM publishing and acquisitions, resource sharing, access policies, and technologies. VPK utilizes the INVIK document delivery management system developed in 1997 by a team of developers from the then-State Technical Library (now NTK), with NTK as its logistical “service center.” After its launch, the VPK alliance soon grew to also include non-STM libraries and became the Czech Republic’s most efficient and reliable national interlibrary resource sharing platform. VPK’s technological infrastructure and the logistical service center at NTK have adapted in an agile manner to changes in scholarly publishing over the past fifteen years and to the demands and needs of its participating members, who contribute data and resources to the sharing system. The VPK platform is now being considered as a resource sharing platform for the Central Portal for Czech Libraries (CPL), which would serve (starting in 2020) public libraries in addition to academic institutions and which would have more robust end-user functionality. The presenters will discuss this unique collaboration solution, which shows how a “home-grown/grassroots” initiative—developed and managed by its participating members in direct response to their changing needs and circumstances through time—can prove to be an inspirational, flexible and viable solution, even at the national level.
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Problematika zveřejňování různorodých vědeckých výstupů v repozitářích šedé literatury z pohledu biomedicínského inženýrství
Francová, Pavla ; Krueger, Stephanie
Bez ohledu na zaměření či oblast výzkumu, každý vědec v průběhu své kariéry produkuje velké množství různorodých výstupů – laboratorní deníky, grantové zprávy, obrazové výstupy apod. Přestože jejich zpřístupnění by přineslo značné výhody celé vědecké obci, nejsou tyto materiály běžně dostupné. Z jakého důvodu se proto vědci stále zdráhají aktivně využívat repozitářů šedé literatury pro sdílení odborných materiálů? Autorky budou diskutovat možnosti povzbuzení vědecké komunity ke sdílení různorodých výstupů v repozitářích a konkrétními ukázkami vědeckého využití šedé literatury na vlastním výzkumném projektu.
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Digital Library Conference 2014
Krueger, Stephanie ; Skenderija, Sasha
Témata konference byla do určité míry relevantní pro aktivity NTK, zejména prezentace zástupců vědeckých knihoven a knihoven se zaměřením na technické a přírodní vědy. Naopak některé prezentace byly přínosné pro knihovny poskytující služby pro společenské a humanitní vědy a knihovny s archivní povinností. Nejvíce relevantní informace z konference o vzorcích chování uživatelů online zdrojů a o požadavcích Horizon 2020 byly přeneseny do aktivit současných týmů pro služby a komunikaci knihovny. NTK se musí i nadále věnovat naplňování své mise směrem k rozvoji repozitářů a podpory open accessu.
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