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Recycling plants in the Czech Republic
Průžková, Kateřina ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Gregor, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on recycling the municipal waste components (glass, paper, plastic). First part of the thesis contains a research into the current state of the waste management and its collection technologies. The following chapter consists in description of the waste components, their recycling and utilization as secondary raw materials including resource efficiency during the plastic recycling. The next part of the work comprises the list of recycling plants, which is sorted by the type of the waste processed. A separate chapter is focused on the technology of the plastic processing recycling line and its energy intensity. Subsequently, the cost of this recycling line and its components is introduced.
Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Composition
Novák, Michal ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Šomplák, Radovan (advisor)
This diploma thesis provides extensive research of municipal solid waste studies and methodologies from all over the world. Firstly, the studies are described in general and then divided into several groups depending on the principle of their working practices, including their advantages and disadvantages. Secondly, the studies are divided by geographic areas. The results of the individual studies are presented and compared. Based on the findings in the thesis, appropriate methodology for municipal solid waste analysis in the Czech Republic is proposed.
Secondary raw materials production from municipal waste
Kouřil, Čeněk ; Gregor, Jiří (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
The main purpose of the bachelor thesis is to give an overview of the current system of municipal waste management and to demonstrate its techno-economical demands. To solve these objectives, an analysis of the current state in Czech Republic was carried out and a calculation tool was created to evaluate the overall techno-economical balance of the management system at the regional level. The results of the tool showed that it is expensive for municipalities to carry out waste management activities and would not be feasible without complex subsidies. The reader gets a basic overview of the current waste management system in Czech Republic and acquires knowledge of its partial techno-economical costs.
Municipal waste composition and origin analysis for potential improvements
Kučera, David ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Nevrlý, Vlastimír (advisor)
The Bachelor’s thesis concerns analysis of composition and production of waste in households. It also introduces legal system regarding Czech municipal waste management and means of waste processing. Another part of the thesis consists of case study, which explains used methodology and describes collected data of selected waste types. The collected data on municipal waste production in Czech households are processed in MS Excel. The results of the statistical methods used for analysis show differences in production of individual municipal waste components in different types of households. The results also estimate the potential of municipal waste sorting.
Circular economy using analysis of separated municipal waste
Plánková, Tereza ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Nevrlý, Vlastimír (advisor)
The bachelor thesis analyses the current state of waste management and presents legislation and changes in waste treatment. The ban on landfilling of usable waste from 2024 and the set recycling targets are the main reasons for analysing the production of the separated components. The thesis deals with revealing potential for increasing the material, or energy, recovery of waste. As a key waste stream, biodegradable waste has been identified due to its rapidly growing production for the future. Modelling of production dependence for territorial units was performed using statistical methods in STATISTICA software based on socio-economic factors. The resulting model for production determination was obtained by multidimensional regression analysis. Applying the model to individual waste producers will allow efficient planning of support assets from an economic and infrastructure point of view.
Recoverability of municipal waste plastics
Jedličková, Kateřina ; Gregor, Jiří (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is identification of running costs and economical claims connected with production of secondary raw materials from separated plastic waste. It also includes a comparison between treatment of separated plastic waste and treatment of plastics that occur together with residual mixed municipal solid waste.
Effective methods for mechanical treatment of waste
Harnová, Veronika ; Putna, Ondřej (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of the Bachelor's thesis is the description and technical-economic evaluation of Czech municipal waste management and sorting lines operation. The main part of the thesis consists of a description of choices of automatic sorting systems in sorting lines operation. The most important part is the analysis of alternative municipal waste collection containers with respect to different settings of manual or automatic sorting lines.
Emerging systems of collection in waste management
Petrasová, Zuzana ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Gregor, Jiří (advisor)
The main aim of the thesis is a description of the methods used in the collection of waste with a focus on non-traditional ways. Its part is the outline of a basic technical specification of the methods. The analysis is further used to determine the technical-economic model for underground waste containers, which is able to calculate the construction costs based on given values. The model is designed for containers of three different volumes and is the main result of the thesis. The knowledge of input investments is being used to compare the economic demand and the potential return of investments with regards to the traditional collecting methods (bins, containers) and the pneumatic underground system, whose estimated costs are taken from foreign models.
Production of material recoverable waste
Odstrčil, Marek ; Janošťák, František (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
Main goal of this thesis is to understand current municipal waste treatment systém within Czech Republic waste management. Port of this thesis is also modleing of this systém for municipalities with extended competence and evaluation of individual outputs and their important parameters.
Municipal Waste Production Analysis
Švarc, Vít ; Nevrlý, Vlastimír (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
Thesis analyses the current state of waste management of Czech Republic and the issue of production of various kinds of waste. Real data about production and composition of waste flows of Jihlava have been used. In addition, thesis evaluates the impact of local conditions on production of isolated constituents of municipal waste within the town. Influences such as density of population, housing development or form of heating have been monitored. A method on the town level for estimation and evaluation of production of municipal waste is designed in the thesis. Tools such as descriptive statistics, correlative analysis or association rules are used.

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