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Marketing Practices on Pornsites
Votruba, Daniel ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the relation between internet pornography and marketing communication. The topic has lately been very relevant, as it examines the dynamic internet porn industry combined with the phenomenon of the last decade - marketing. The theoretical part of the thesis outlines the basic facts, genesis and history of pornography in the online environment. The influence of pornography on the technological developments of the internet is also described. The thesis introduces the basis of marketing communication that is relevant to the applying practices which lead to profit in the context of the pornographic industry. Key online marketing tools, which are used for advertising purposes on porn sites are introduced. At the same time, specific concepts related to the operation of erotic content are defined, furthermore, various types of business models are listed. The practical part deals with the analysis of advertising space on porn sites and together with this, it describes particular examples of communication within the activities of individuals as well as companies whose marketing activities are related to the porn industry. In particular, the factual communication practices and their effectiveness for profitability on the porn sites are primarily investigated. The content...
The Change of Product Placement and its Influence on the Maskulinity of James Bond character
Vokatá, Gabriela ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the change of product placement and its influence on the masculinity of James Bondy characters. In the theoretical part is first described gender theory, gender socialization and gender stereotypes. Attention is also paid to masculinity, especially to the concept of hegemonic masculinity, and after that the work is focused on the relationship of gender in media and advertising. Then the concept of product placement in marketing communication, its types and psychological aspects are presented. The work also deals with product placement efficiency and examples that are given. Based on the theory of the first two chapters, the third part describes James Bond's masculinity, the chapter focuses on two different actors, Bond's representatives. The content and descriptive analysis in the practical part describes product placement in selected audiovisual material. These are four film adaptations of Ian Flemig's novels: Golden Eye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), Casino Royale (2006) and Skyfall (2012). At the end of the thesis, the author assesses the knowledge from the practical part. The aim of this thesis is to find out if the change of product placement influences masculinity od James Bond character.
The development and position of female characters in the Witcher video games series
Boukalová, Kateřina ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This work focuses on the analysis of visual representation, behaviour and development of female characters in the video games series the Witcher, which consists of three games with consequential stories. The aim of this work is to analyse all female characters that appear in this three-part series, from main characters to supporting characters and female monsters. In the first part of this work, there is the theoretical clarification of the basic gaming terms and how the gender problematics are connected with video games - namely femininity, sexism and basic female archetypes, which are an inseparable part of games. Furthermore, the thesis introduces the origin of the Witcher world as well as its main hero, Geralt, and briefly introduces the plot of the series. In the second part of this work, the three main characters of the series are analysed in the terms of their visual representation, behaviour, motivation as well as their relationship with the main hero, their behaviour during fights and their relationships with other characters. Furthermore, this work analyses selected female characters, which are examined as individuals (for example sorceresses and warriors) or as groups (for example village women, town women and vampires), according to how significant they are. This thesis focuses on how...
Sexting as a common practise in media users life: analysis of social media phenomen
Veselá, Gabriela ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
In recent years, sexting has become common part of online communication. This thesis aspires to analyse this media phenomen and sexting behavior among online users. One of the aim of the thesis is to find out if gender differences among online sexual communication occur. For purpose of this thesis, I used quantitative method of research and analysed data extracted from the questionnare distributed among internet users with use of statistics. Research did not prove gender difference in frequency of sexting, however men were more open to sexting outside of stable relationship. Although research did not confirm presumption suggesting that women deal with greater negative impact of sexting, women displayed higher concerns about risk and stigma related to online sexual communication. These concerns could be effected by gender stereotypes in sexual behavior sustained by society.
The content analysis of Czech feminist zines
Kopecká, Mahulena ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Hroch, Miloš (referee)
Cílem práce bylo prostřednictvím kvalitativní obsahové analýzy najít témata, skrze která vybrané české feministické ziny (tedy neprofesionální nezávislé publikace, které jejich tvůrci produkují a distribuují sami) prezentují myšlenky feminismu a problematiku ženské emancipace, a následně porovnat, jak ziny jednotlivá témata pojímají. Šlo vždy o dvě vybraná čísla zinů Wicca, Esbat, Bloody Mary a Přímá cesta, vycházejících z českého anarchistického hnutí. Nejdříve práce popisuje, co je to zin, z čeho vznikal a jaká byla politika jeho vydávání, kdy se tvůrci ohrazovali proti fungování mainstreamových médií a konzumerismu. Následně se soustředí na vývoj jednotlivých vln feministického hnutí, které rozebírá v souvislosti s tím, jaké publikační metody využívaly. Zatímco první vlna se utvářela skrze "scrapbooky", lepené knížky plné koláží, dopisů a novinových výstřižků, druhá vlna se soustředila na letáky a manifesty, tisknuté na cyklostylu. Třetí vlna se v 90. letech utvářela právě skrze dívčí ziny a vycházela z hnutí Riot Grrrls. Zkoumání obsahů jednotlivých zinů probíhalo prostřednictvím prvního stupně kódování zakotvené teorie. Nejdříve se porovnal tematický záběr obsahů jednotlivých zinů, pojmenovaly se témata a definovaly ústřední kategorie - pojetí feminismu, konstrukce mužství a ženství a pojetí...
Media Construction of Kurdish women's militia in CT, CNN, AJE and RT
Slezák, Prokop ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Krobová, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis The media construction of the Kurdish women's militia in CT, CNN, AJE and RT deals with the media coverage of all female Kurdish militias in three world media and one domestic. The aim of the thesis is to allow readers a comprehensive approach to the studied media in covering topics related to Kurdish fighters with the use of a qualitative method known as interpretive reading. The author has included TV stations, each of which represents one dominant region - CNN American, AJE Middle Eastern, RT Russian and Czech TV domestic. Existing academic papers often focus on media fascination with Kurdish fighters, labeling them as "tough warriors", describing them as an unusual phenomenon in the territory of the patriarchal Middle East. This work focuses mainly on comparing the degree of fascination and gender stereotyping in media coverage of each media house. Kurdish women's militias have been the center of media attention in connection with the war with the so-called Islamic State, which has captured large areas in Syria and Iraq since 2014. The main events that raised media attention around the Kurdish women fighters were the battle of the city of Kobani in northern Syria and the assault on the Yazidi community in the northwest of Iraq at Mount Sindjar. In both cases, Kurdish women became an...
Campaign for the same-sex marriage in the Czech Republic and its presentation in Czech online media
Pavlovský, Jakub ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Dobosiová, Martina (referee)
This thesis defines the basic terms concerning not only the homosexual minority but also other sexual minorities, and maps the historical and social development of primarily Czech gays and lesbians from the late 19th century to the present. Based on the study of selected Czech literature dealing with the history of homosexuality, the author presents the first preserved mention of people with minority sexual orientation in the territory of the Czech lands, describing their situation during the First Republic, World War II and Totalitarianism. The author devotes substantial part to the associations and movements that could be legally founded after 1989 and also presents a list of various radio and television programs and printed periodicals. At the same time, the thesis illustrates the efforts of this sexual minority to improve its social acceptance and its rights. It also describes specific milestones that led to the removal of homosexuality from the list of diseases in Czechoslovakia and subsequently the Czech Republic, through the adoption of the registered partnership act to the same-sex marriage campaign. The analytical part is devoted to the characteristics of the Koalice za manželství (Coalition for Marriage) and its campaign Jsme fér (We are fair), which was created in 2017 and aims to...
Transformations of the Czech fantasy and sci-fi fandom in the last decade
Hažlinská, Jana ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis inquires into the Czech fantasy and sci-fi fandom and its transformations in the last decade, whereas the research focuses on the mode in which the fandom is being viewed by the fans themselves and in which the fans create their fandom identities. The fans were interrogated in a series of in-depth interviews in which they described the significance of being a fan for their personalities and the impact of fanship on their lives. Attention is also focused on the fans' relations, specifically on the relations towards the non-fans, towards the other members of their community, and also towards the trends they consume. The research emphasizes on loyalty of the fans towards their favourite franchises and whether their taste is being steady or if it possibly varies over time. The goal is to examine if these changes in the fans' taste have any impact on the fans future inside of their community. The respondents also described their approach to the technology and the development of the new media, and how this development impacts on their fandom in terms of an access to more texts, or how it can facilitate a mutual communication. Special attention was paid on the way how fans reflect their own media image, if they feel to be displayed in accordance with the stereotype describing fans as...

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