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Crate and alternative housing systems of lactating sows
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Chaloupková, Helena (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
The aim of this work was to compare weight gain, mortality of piglets, and sows and piglets activity using permanent or temporary crating during lactation. Recently, animal breeding places great emphasis on improving welfare, by accepting their biological and behavioral needs. It was predicted that there will be no differences in piglet mortality in both housing systems. There was predicted an increase in short-term effect of activity in sows at day 4 after opening the farrowing crate. 27 sows were included in this study. Sow activity was measured by changing her positions at Day 3, 4, 5 and day 25 and the level of cortisol at Day 5 and 25. Piglets were weighted at day3, 4, 5 and 25 and mortality was analyzed every day. The short-term (day 5th after farrowing) and long-term effect (on the 25th day after farrowing) after opening the farrowing crate was analyzed. All statistical models included the housing, parity sows and litter size. On the fifth day, the activity of sows freely in the pen was higher (p=0.002). Litter size had an effect on growth rate of piglets (p<0.001) and the frequency of "rolling" of the sows (p=0.009). Parity of sows had an influence on the activity of sows (p=0.04). Measurements on the 25th of day after farrowing showed the effect of parity of sows (p=0.013) and litter size (p<0.001) on weight gain of piglets, piglet mortality should only be affected by litter size (p=0.001). Type of crating had only a short-term effect on the activity of sows in the whole experiment. Cortisol levels between groups of sows did not differ. The type of crating had no significant effect on mortality and growth of piglets. Temporary crating does not diminish the economic indicators of litter and also more provides welfare to sows and piglets. It would therefore be appropriate if permanent crating would be replaced by a temporal crating in the future.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Březnice
Trčková, Kamila ; Kubálek, Michal (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
The thesis was built up as a method of case study, dealing with the political development in Březnice from communal election in 1994 to the present. The theoretical part was focused on the development of local authorities in the historical milestones. It defines the term municipality, its institutions, communal elections and its components, the coalition theory, local party system, participation of population, position of independent candidates in local politics and local models of democracy. The practical part uses all the information obtained in the first part and applies it to the municipality Březnice according the knowledge collected from interviews with current and former local representatives. This part also describes history of the village and socio-economic indicators.
Colonisation of islands by the insectivorous mammals
Matějů, Petr ; Černá Bolfíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
Biological invasions are a serious problem worldwide. Besides the natural colonizations mediated by tectonic movements or formation of a land bridge connection, there are also the artificial ones. Humans can deliberately or undeliberately translocate species across ecosystems. Recently, mainly because of the buisness and tourism there is a dramatical increase in human-mediated biological invasions. Many authors, who discussed invasions in the past, were focused on rodents. Despite its severe impact on the ecosystems the topic of insectivorous mammals remains relatively untouched by scientists so far. Practical part of this thesis is focused on the Northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus) and his dispersal in the Mediterranean area. Mitochondrial control region sequences of 28 samples were analyzed and compared to already published data from GenBank. Discussion was made through phylogenetical analysis. Main topics of discussion were focused on a possible contemporaneity and a course of transfer of the gene flow. Most of the samples showed haplotype similarity with individuals occupying the closest mainland. On the other hand samples from Skyros did not go with the trend. They matched with haplotype from Crete.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Horní Cerekev
Toman, Radek ; Kubálek, Michal (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
The thesis deals with the development of local government in the village of Horni Cerekev. The work is conceived as a case study. Thematic framework for the work starts in 1990 and continues to the present. The work depicts Individual municipal elections as an element shaping the local political environment and summarizes the development of the political scene in relation to local government. The introductory part describes the basic theoretical background of the local rural area of the municipality. The work is based on political science theory. The work also defines the context and specificity of municipal elections, the basic characteristics of the typology of the political scene municipalities, mayor types including municipal systems. The theoretical part sets the basis for the practical part. Describing the socio-economic indicators of the village continues in the practical part of the work focusingon on semi-structured interviews to evaluate the local political scene, principles of functioning of local party system and identification of political participants.
Comparison of Financial Statements Compiled according to interational standards IFS and Czech Legal Regulaions
Musilová, Barbora ; Stárová, Marta (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
This bachelor thesis is comparing the differences between the financial statements prepared according to the Czech accounting legislation and financial statements conducted in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). First part is focusing on familiarization with IFRS, with the financial statements prepared by IRFS, financial statements assembled by Czech accounting legislation, and with tangible fixed assets. Second part is addressing the issues presented on the completed financial statement, a balance sheet, as well as the differences between a balance sheet prepared in accordance with IFRS and according to Czech legislation.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Horní Počernice
Žákovský, Marek ; Kubálek, Michal (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the development of local gouvernement of municipality Horní Počernice. The main purpose is to find out the factors, which affect the charakter of local political proces in this municipality. The thesis consists of two parts, which are the literature overview and practical part. The first part includes general charasteristic of self-government and municipal politics in the Czech Republic. The practical part includes the characteristics of major social-economic indicators of the municipality. In the thesis are also indentified the main actors of local political proces of the municipality, the interets and business groups and the relationship between each other. The practical part is especially focused on comparison of municipal elections in Horní Počernice and on the analysis of the local party system. The practical part also includes the characteristics of conduct local political actors, creation coalitions and are characterized local cleavages. In the end of the thesis are summarized the established facts.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Uhelná Příbram
Doležálková, Pavla ; Bubeníček, Václav (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
The subject of this master´s thesis is the development of local government in the municipality of Uhelná Příbram. The thesis is divided into two successive parts. The first part contains the basic terminology related to the topic of the thesis - to local democracy and the communal electoral system. At the same time it introduces readers to two theories, dealing with the issue. The second part is devoted to a case study of a particular municipality - Uhelná Příbram. It represents the community in terms of its history and the most important demographic and socioeconomic characteristics that influence the development of the municipality. The practical part is to analyze the elections to the municipal council in the years 1994 - 2014 and their comparison. The conclusion contains a summary comparison of the elections in a transparent scheme and the inclusion of Uhelná Příbram introduced into the theory from the first part.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Květnice
Uchytil, Ondřej ; Bubeníček, Václav (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
This thesis deals with local level of politics, the municipal politics. The objective of the thesis is to find out what factors influence development of local government in specific conditions of the Květnice village. Literature review containing theoretical basis of the thesis constitutes the first part. There are defined specific notions, for example municipal authorities, municipality, municipal electoral system, citizen participation in the political process, or suburbanization. The theoretical part, based on reference literature, is followed by the practical one. That part is specifically focused on the Květnice village. This part contains the characteristic of the village, its history, public facility and the analysis of socio-economic indicators such as number of inhabitants, age structure or scholarship, with measure of the influence on political life in the village. The practical part also includes an analysis and a comparison of elections results from 1994 to 2014 and an identification of the important political subjects, who participate on political situation.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Bohy
Opavský, Michal ; Bubeníček, Václav (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
The thesis is a case study dealing with the development of local government in the municipality of Bohy and is devided into theoretical and analytical part. The theoretical part defines the basic terms and issues of municipal elections, local government, local party system and typology of local models of democracy. The analytical part is primarily focused on comparing the results of the municipal elections in 1994 - 2014 and to determine the factors influencing the decision of deputies and voters in the municipality of Bohy. In line with these objectives are analyzed demographic and socioeconomic characteristics in the municipality.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Poříčí nad Sázavou
Kolmanová, Linda ; Bubeníček, Václav (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
This thesis has a case study deals with the development of local government in the municipality of Poříčí nad Sázavou district Benešov. The aim is to identify factors that affect the character of the political decisions made by local authorities in that municipality. The first part is devoted to the definition of basic terms concepts and characteristics of the local political system in the Czech republic based on a study of the literature. The second part is based on knowledge theoretical a part deal with socioeconomic analysis also identifies actors of the local political process and their interaction. The work includes comparison of the results of the municipal elections. Attention is focused on the development of the local political system, political participation and the formation of a municipal coalition.

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