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Peat formation and peat meadow restoration
Krejčová, Jana ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Picek, Tomáš (referee)
This work aims to clarify and describe the necessary conditions of the peat soil horizon formation. The following three types of locations were compared. Drained locations that were revitalized afterwards. Locations which were drained and never revitalized. And lastly undrained localities where the original peat horizons are still presented. It has been proven that the grounwater level differs in drained and undrained areas. However, there was no significant differrence between revitalized and non-revitalized areas in drained types of locations. The results confirmed that Sphagnum spp., which is the most important species in peat formation, dominates the plant community where the groundwater level is higher than 25 cm. If the grounwater level is lower than 25 cm below the surface, Sphagnum spp. disappears very quickly and degrades peat soil horizons. The work also proved the groundwater level directly affects plant comunities that more or less promote carbon accumulation in the soil but water level and anaerobic conditions have no direct affect on soil carbon accumulation and only affect the vegetation composition of the peat soil horizon.
Remuneration System of Employees in Chosen Company
This diploma thesis deals with the system of remuneration of employees in the company. The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the current system of remuneration of the selected company and to propose possible innovations in this system that could led to its improvement. The theoretical part first introduces the basic concepts of remuneration and the legislation that deals with remuneration. The second part describes the system of remuneration, payroll forms of remuneration and employee benefits. The last part of literary research characterizes innovations and their division. The practical part is focused on the system of remuneration in the concrete company. First are the general and economic characteristics of the selected business stated. Subsequently the human capital of the company is analysed from the point of view its development and separation by gender, education and level job. The next section describes the current system of remuneration. Then is the system evaluated using SWOT analysis. There is also evaluation of the human capital and its effectiveness. The result of the work are concrete proposals of innovation which should contribute to improving the current system of remuneration.
La Nation Tchèque: the construction of Czechoslovak nation in France
Krejčová, Jana ; Matějka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Bauer, Paul (referee)
During the First World War intense diplomatic efforts of T. G. Masaryk and his companions helped to create circumstances for the foundation of the Czechoslovak independent state. Extensive propaganda was an important element of the activities of the Czechoslovak National Council, the official organ of Masaryk's group, based in Paris. Revue La Nation Tchèque was a crucial communication channel targeting the French audience. By the means of thematic analysis and elements of historic-discourse analysis, this thesis aims to unveil crucial argumentative lines which were supposed to create the idea of Czechoslovak nation in the mind of the French people. The first chapter introduces the theoretical and methodological framework and deals with the different concepts of nations, it defines propaganda as a type of political communication and presents the approach of discursive creation of national community. In the second part, revue La Nation Tchèque is briefly characterised together with its redaction background. The last part of the thesis is dedicated to the thematic analysis which resulted in three main topics. The first topic focuses on the concept of national history, description of Czechoslovak national character and develops on the relationship with the West European history. The prevailing motive...
Variants of Financing of Fixed Assets Acquisition
Vorálková, Veronika ; Křejčová, Jana Pavelcová (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis is focused on options for financing the acquisition of fixed assets. The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of fixed assets and possibilities of financing. The analytical part possibilities of a particular company is evaluated for financing the acquisition of new CNC coordinate riveting machine RNC331 based on evaluation of its financial situation. In the final part of the work is suggested the best financing option.
The effect of drainage and restoration on vegetation of wet peaty meadows.
Krejčová, Jana ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to summarise the current knowledge of the effects of amelioration entervention especially drainage on wet meadow vegetation. First part of this thesis consisting of literature review of scientific papers and other studies summarises the influence of water on soil. It describes how the loss of water and degradation of soil influence the plant communities of wetlands. Drainage of wetlands was very common due to the intensification of agriculture in the past. The amelioration intervension resulted in the loss of peat horizon in soil and reduction of biodiversity. This review explains the reasons to common drainage in the past. In conclusion of the review, the thesis evaluates the efficiency and possibilities of wetland biotopes restoration. The second part of the thesis describes the specific research in the village Senotín (running between 2015 and 2016) which compared the results of the studies from 1996 and 2016. The effectiveness of restoration was examined and compared on the basis of phytosociological images of vegetation which are presented on three different types of areas.
Order to Pay Costs of Jundgment Enforcement
Krejčová, Jana ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
Thesis Order to Pay Costs of Judgment Enforcement describes the most important aspects of judgment enforcement proceedings in relation to its costs and decisions about them, with focuses in more detail on the order to pay costs of judgment enforcement, as a specific mean of bailiff's decision. The first part deals with the judgment enforcement in general. There are explained the basic concepts relating to enforcement proceedings, which the thesis deals with, presented sources of enforcement law and for a better understanding to these chapters and necessary insight, there is also briefly outlined the actual course of enforcement proceedings. The thesis in its second part deals with the costs that the bailiff decides about with order to pay the costs of judgment enforcement, which are therefore essential part of the paper. Since the cost of judgment enforcement are widely discussed as very hot topic, the thesis deals with them in a more detailed way, taking into account not only the laws but also the case law regarding the amount and its compensation. The third part describes the actual area of bailiff decisions of cost of judgment enforcement and deals with different types of decisions, which determines the costs, depending on how the judgment enforcement proceeding ends. It deals with not only the...
EEC and CMEA in 1957-1973
Krejčová, Jana ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Lomíček, Jan (referee)
The relationship between the European Economic Community and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance went through a major transformation between 1957 and 1973. This thesis argues that the institutional interactions between these two organizations were a logical consequence of their internal development. Both represented a regional economic integration and despite political and ideological differences they have been forced to establish a certain level of cooperation, due to the expanding contacts between the member states. After the signing of the Treaties of Rome, which founded EEC, CMEA refused to recognize de jure the existence of the Community and condemned it as a discriminatory capitalist organization. At the same time the Council passed reforms that were supposed to link its economies and strengthen the cohesion of the Eastern bloc. By adoption of the Statute of 1959, the CMEA established its internal structure and operating principles. The first success of the EEC, the pursuit of its own reforms and the UK application motivated CMEA to revise its attitude to the EEC for the first time. The Soviet leadership tried unsuccessfully to get through a supranational leadership of the CMEA - principle they criticized in the EEC for being discriminatory. After the appointment of de Gaulle as...
Effect of Depreciation of Tangible Fixed Assets on Economic Results of Business
This bachelor thesis deals with the depreciations of tangible fixed assets and its impact on the economic results of business. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to survey the structure of tangible fixed assets in a chosen company, to analyse and to evaluate the methods of depreciation of chosen groups of tangible fixed assets in relation to real situation and economic results. The final aim is to suggest any possible solution of the depreciation policy of a company depending on detected results. . The theoretical part deals with the characteristic of fixed assets and tax and accounting depreciation. The practical part is focused on an unnamed limited liability company, whose business object is the retail sale of pharmaceutical products. In the practical part are calculated and then compared the various of methods of tax depreciation. There are also examples of accounting depreciation and subsequently deferred tax is calculated. The result of the work is to evaluate the depreciation policy of the company and to give a specific recommendations to the method of depreciation in subsequent periods.
Design of the Flat Plate Slab
Krejčová, Jana ; Šulák,, Pavel (referee) ; Švaříčková, Ivana (advisor)
Bachelor thesis describes the design and assessment of monolithic concrete, locally supported roof structures of parking place and ramp, elaboration of shape and reinforcemenet drawings of selected structural element. The work also includes the teoretical part dealing with measures for buildings located in the gap. Calculation of internal forces was performed by komputer program SCIA Engineer in two different models. It was control by simplified method of summary moments and results were compared.

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