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Electrochemical Preparation Of Graphene Oxide For Lfp/Graphene Composites
Krejčí, Pavel
This work deals with issues of application of the graphene material in the field of electrochemical energy storage. It presents the essential way to synthetise graphene oxide material for enhanced electrodes. The general aim is to present growing opportunity of application of graphene based materials in the electrochemical energy storage field.
SMV-2018-22: Optimization of helium recycling in the National NMR Centre of J. Dadok
Srnka, Aleš ; Hanzelka, Pavel ; Krejčí, Pavel ; Heinige, Vladimír
Experimental research included all aspects of ensuring optimal and effective helium recycling. There were particularly optimized procedures of liquid helium refilling to the individual apparatuses and were identified and eliminated undesirable losses on separate parts of technological chain including transport Dewar vessels.
Printed Planar Inductor
Krejčí, Pavel
This work deals with issues of application of the thick film technology in the field of planar inductors. It presents the essential impact of parameters on designed coil. Subsequently it describes equation for calculation of inductance of single layer inductor. Finaly, exemples of designed coil are shown and some technological ways are proposed.
Electrochemical preparation of graphene oxide and its utilization in LiFePO4 composites
Krejčí, Pavel ; Chladil, Ladislav (referee) ; Čech, Ondřej (advisor)
This work deals with issues of application of the graphene material in the field of electrochemical energy storage. It includes basic graphene properties, the overview of methods for the production of lithium-iron-phosphate/graphene composites and results of different research approaches. The general aim is to present growing opportunity of application of graphene based composites in the electrochemical energy storage field. In the experimental part of this work, a electrochemical exfoliation of graphite and a production of LFP/G composites with different amount of graphene material and with different types of graphene material are carried out. This work includes also x-ray diffraction spectroscopy measurements and the evaluation of impacts of graphene additives on final properties of the electrochemical energy storage.
Development a new technology of liquefaction and soil stabilization
Chlachula, Jakub ; Krejčí, Pavel (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
Nowadays, efforts are being made to reduce the environmental impact on the planet even at soils management. Excavated soils are treated as waste and often end up in landfill or depot landfills. It is an effort to exploit these soils. By adding suitable stabilizing additives, features such as yield fluidity, moisture or compressive strength can be adjusted. This composite can be further liquefactioned by using water and suitable liquefiers or plasticizers. Such iquefactioned soils are a suitable self-compacting grouts dressing for excavation for the laying of utility grids, where it is necessary to fill the hole again. The advantage are low economic demands and the absence of excess waste. In the course of this thesis the situation of soil usability in the Czech Republic will be evaluated and possible technologies of soil adjusters will be described. Further, the known types of stabilizing additives and their influence on soil stabilization will be evaluated and verified. Then, different types of liquefying additives will be evaluated and verified. The aim of the thesis is to develop a new technology of liquefaction and soil stabilization.
Czech and Serbian phraseology: comparison, aspects and structure of the Czech-Serbian phraseological dictionary
Linda Popović, Snežana ; Čermák, František (advisor) ; Jirásek, Karel (referee) ; Krejčí, Pavel (referee)
Title: Czech and Serbian phraseology: comparison, aspects and structure of the Czech-Serbian phraseological dictionary Author: Mgr. Snežana Linda Popović Department: Department of South Slavonic and Balkan Studies Supervisor: prof. PhDr. František Čermák, DrSc. Abstract Despite the fact that phraseology is present-day and appealing theme in linguistic, that many linguists gain from, which is due to fact that our language is made up of many steady and idiomatic structures that foreign students have to learn, this scientific discipline is still an area where the linguists have not yet agreed on the definition of its basic unit and field of research. Besides that, there is evident variance in the number of works within phraseology and phraseography in Czech and Serbian linguistics. The main objective of this dissertation is to analyse the Czech and Serbian phraseological theory, classification of phrasemes and phraseography, including the theoretical background to create a bilingual phraseological dictionary. The analysis was based on field of definition of phrasemes, its formal distribution, equivalents on all combinatorial levels and design of dictionary entry in monolingual and bilingual phraseological dictionaries. The findings have confirmed that there are areas in context of phraseology that did...
Possibilities of Non-monetary Social Support of Over-indebted Families at Risk of Losing Their Housing
Krejčí, Pavel ; Klusáček, Jan (advisor) ; Klusáčková, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of over-indebtedness and loss of housing, and their mutual relationship. It examines the causes and consequences of overindebtedness in particular in the field of housing and discusses the influence of monetary and non-monetary social benefits to the situations of families who are over-indebted and / or at risk of losing housing. A part of the bachelor thesis is a qualitative research to determine what economic and social impacts could bring the introduction of non-monetary support in housing, for example in the form of vouchers for energy consumption. Another aim of the research was to determine how the non-monetary form of support would be received by recipients and providers of housing. One of the knowledge resulting from the research is the need to devise and implement mainly preventive measures for indebtedness, because the consequences of over-indebtedness are then no longer easily solvable. Furthermore, it was also shown that for the housing loss prevention it is necessary to ensure that the benefits of housing are not abused. Thus the non-monetary forms of payments could be a helpful solution in this case.
British Political Parties and the Entry of Great Britain into the EEC (1970-1975)
Krejčí, Pavel ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Horčička, Václav (referee)
This thesis is focused on the British entry into the European Economic Community in 1973. The reasons why the United Kingdom was led to join the Community are researched in great details. Such reasons also influence the attitude and behaviour of the United Kingdom toward the European Union at present. This historical backdrop could account for British reluctance to join the Community in 1950' as well as the present attitude of British politicians toward the EU. The main British political parties, namely the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, stood on the same side as far as the basic goal was concerned - to maintain the British Empire after the 2WW. The collapse of the British Empire, the poor economy and the Cold War all forced British political parties to find a new position for the United Kingdom in the post-war world. Key words: Great Britain, the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, European Communities
Creation of Logistic Concept in the Selected Company
Krejčí, Pavel ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The diploma thesis on the topic "Creating a Logistics Concept in a Selected Company" analyzes the logistics system of the company in terms of material and information flows in the production. The theoretical part explains the individual concepts of logistics. The analysis of the current situation of a selected company describes the current order processing, activities that affect order processing and how these activities contribute to the order realization. There are solution proposals in the field of information and material flows as a part of this thesis. These proposals contribute to streamline the course of the order management by the company.
Former German Colonies and the Policy of Appeasement, 1933-1939
Krejčí, Pavel ; Horčička, Václav (advisor) ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis is focused on the policy of appeasement during the 1930's. It aims to describe one shade of a policy appeasement and its position in British and German foreign conceptions This thesis further deals with the rise and fall of the German colonial Empire, the British reaction to this process and also with the fate of the German in Africa colonies after the First World War. It is concentrated solely on German African colonies. The thesis works with hypothesis of the same methods and different aims of British and German attitudes. Whilst the British aim was the peace in the world, the Nazi aim was world war. Despite these differences, both sides adopted a similar approach to negotiation processes. The thesis shows the impractibility of British efforts and critically judges the British proposals to appease Germany on account of the third countries. Key words: appeasement, colony, revision, Africa, Great Britain, Germany, Empire

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