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Spatial heterogeneity of selected soil properties assessed from airborne imaging spectroscopy and satellite imagery data
Zemek, František ; Pikl, Miroslav ; Lukas, Vojtěch ; Ždímal, V. ; Kraus, M. ; Širůček, P.
The methodology aims at presenting new and economically efficient approaches to assessment of spatial heterogeneity of selected properties of bare soils. There are three key features the authors paid attention: 1/the simplicity in usage with keeping sufficient accuracy, 2/data availability, 3/economic aspects allowing application to many users. The methodology covers two complementary parts. The first one gives an overview of laboratory and field soil spectroscopy. It is followed by a detail description of practical application of airborne hyperspectral and satellite multispectral data in assessment of spatial heterogeneity of bare soils. All applied methods have been developed and tested on scale of medium size farm.
Advances in chemotherapy and novel antitumor drugs
Kraus, Michal ; Kovář, Marek (advisor) ; Koudelková, Lenka (referee)
Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. While some types of cancer became almost entirely curable, majority of malignant tumors are still potentially deadly diseases due to unsensitivity of tumors to conventional chemotherapy or diversity of cancer cells within the tumor and subsequent development of resistance. The underlying mechanism of action of conventional antitumor drugs is mostly related to cell division. DNA damage, inhibition of DNA synthesis and repair or disrupted formation of mitotic spindle are the most common mechanisms. However, it implies that most of the drugs are cytotoxic for rapidly dividing cells in general which results in variety of undesirable side effects for patients. Search for novel anticancer drugs targeting cancer cells more selectively has been point of interest of researchers for decades. Hundreds of new potential anticancer drugs are being described every year, some posessing so far unrecognized mechanisms of action. Process called drug repurposing examines drugs that have already been approved for clinical use in other than oncology field and results into discovering of interesting "novel" anticancer agents. Another general trend is represented by shift towards development of targeted therapy which is slowly replacing traditional cytotoxic...
Apartment building in Moravany near Brno
Kraus, Martin ; Juránek, Robert (referee) ; Sukopová, Dáša (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor theses is the design of a multi-storey apartment building with underground in Moravany u Brna. The apartment building is designed for family housing and consists of nine dwelling units. The main entrance of the building is oriented to the north. The apartment building has an ractangle floor plan and covered by a flat roof. The occupiable rooms are oriented to the south. The above-ground floor is made of clay blocks and the basement is made of concrete blocks. The horizontal structure consists of část-in-place reinforced concrete floor. The project was designed in the educational version of software AutoCAD. This work emphasizes layout design, architectural design, static requirements and structural safety requirements.
Development and structure of early medieval settlement in northwest Bohemia
KRAUS, Miroslav
The thesis summarizes and subsequently describes and evaluates contemporary knowledge, development and structure of early medieval settlement in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic. Emphasis is placed on the spatial relation of settlements and burial grounds to local selected features of the natural environment, which is evaluated on the basis of graphical representation and statistical processing in individual periods of czech early Middle Ages. The spatial context and the distribution of the settlement in the landscape are also evaluated. Spatial settlement properties are processed into catalogs and are handled in GIS and statistical tools. The resulting model is rather of a general nature because it is the first comprehensive treatment of the early medieval settlement in this part of Bohemia and is thus discussed from a methodological point of view.
Some results in convexity and in Banach space theory
Kraus, Michal ; Lukeš, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kalenda, Ondřej (referee) ; Smith, Richard (referee)
This thesis consists of four research papers. In the first paper we construct nonmetrizable compact convex sets with pathological sets of simpliciality, show- ing that the properties of the set of simpliciality known in the metrizable case do not hold without the assumption of metrizability. In the second paper we construct an example concerning remotal sets, answering thus a question of Martín and Rao, and present a new proof of the fact that in every infinite- dimensional Banach space there exists a closed convex bounded set which is not remotal. The third paper is a study of the relations between polynomials on Banach spaces and linear identities. We investigate under which conditions a linear identity is satisfied only by polynomials, and describe the space of poly- nomials satisfying such linear identity. In the last paper we study the coarse and uniform embeddability between Orlicz sequence spaces. We show that the embeddability between two Orlicz sequence spaces is in most cases determined only by the values of their upper Matuszewska-Orlicz indices. 1
Integral representation theorems in noncompact cases
Kraus, Michal ; Malý, Jan (referee) ; Lukeš, Jaroslav (advisor)
Classical Choquet's theory deals with compact convex subsets of locally convex spaces. This thesis discuss some aspects of generalization of Choquet's theory for a broader class of sets, for example those which are assumed to be only closed and bounded instead of compact. Because Radon measures are usually defined for locally compact topological spaces, and this is not the case of the closed unit ball in a Banach space of infinite dimension, there are used the so called Baire measures in this setting. This thesis particularly deals with the question of existence of resultants of these measures, with the properties of the resultant map, with the analogy of Bauer's characterization of extreme points and with some other concepts known from compact theory. By using some examples we show that many of these theorems doesn't hold in noncompact setting. We also mention forms of these theorems which can be proved.
The individual regeneration programmes for the improvement of the clinical symptoms and dysfunktions of the locomotive system in patient with multple sclerosis
Kraus, Milan ; Prokešová, Eva (referee) ; Strnad, Pavel (advisor)
3 ABSTRACT TITLE OF WORK: The individual regeneration programmes for the improvement of the clinical symptoms and dysfunctions of the locomotive system in patient with multiple sclerosis. WORK AIMS: The aim of the work is to suggest and clarify the individual regeneration programmes for the improvement of the clinical symptoms and dysfunctions of the locomotive system in patient with multiple sclerosis. This work should find out to what degree the regeneration programmes influence the improvement of the clinical symptoms and dysfunctions of the locomotive system in patient with multiple sclerosis and what the influence of the duration of these programmes is. METHOD: The method of this research was to create the individual regeneration programmes, wich included: exercises of the pivotal regions of the correct body postures, modified spinal exercises, particular individual exercises to stretch the muscles, breathing exercises, exercises of Feldenkrais method, eye exercises, the positive efect on the mind and relaxation methods. It was used the neurological tests, clinical tests and the method of the palpation and aspection. The evaluation of the improvement of the clinical symptoms and dysfunctions of the locomotive system was under way on the basis of the clinical tests of the measured parameters (spastic,...

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