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Extension of the oncology centre of The University Hospital Brno - rough substructure
Gottvaldová, Denisa ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the construction and technological solution of the rough substructure stage of The University Hospital Brno oncology centre. The thesis content is a technical report of the construction and technological project, construction site equipment, design of the machine assembly, transport routes solution, technological regulation for micropiles implementation, control and test plan, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, line budget, timetable.
Administrative building with storage hall - preparation for carrying of supporting structures
César, David ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The content of the thesis is preparation works for realization of the supporting structure to an administrative building and a storage hall in the town of Troubsko. The administrative building has three above-ground floors; vertical supporting structures are made of the Porotherm ceramic blocks, and the ceilings are made of the Spiroll prestressed ceiling slabs. The storage hall is made of steel with a truss girder with the span of 31.5 metres, the supporting pillars are made of I 500 profiles. The thesis includes the technical specification of the selected technical stage, the technical specification of the construction site facilities, the technical specification of general transport conditions, technological prescription for the steel hall assembly, the design of machinery system, the inspection and test plan for the hall assembly, the environmental requirements, health and safety protection during work. The enclosures contain a table with inspection and test plan, the construction site layout, the itemized budget, the time schedule, the spending cap, and a labour deployment schedule.
Apartment House Kasárny E in Uherské Hradiště, Gross Upper Structure
Beníček, Matěj ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the technological solution of the implementation of the rough upper constructions of the apartment building in Uherské Hradiště. Content pages related to business travel, technology regulations for carrying vertical load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, machinery design, site equipment solutions, site safety and health protection concepts and inspection and test plan for masonry construction.
Preparation for realization of reinforced concrete storage hall in Polička
Zelinková, Marta ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is the design of an effective construction-technological project for the construction of reinforced concrete prefabricated storage halls and halls of Ravensburger Karton s.r.o.. The solution of the chosen problem is the design of the building site equipment, the verification of the transport routes, the assembly schemes, the technological regulation and the control and test plan for the precast reinforced concrete frame, the BOZP plan, the budget item and the schedule of the main building, timetable, calculation timetable and environmental aspects of the construction.
Nursing House in Těmice, Preparation for Building Realisation
Ratajský, Radek ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is a preparation of documentation for the construction of the nursing home in Těmice. The work contains budget, schedule, financial plan, construction technological project, technological regulation for trussing construction, inspection and test plan, material resources plan, construction machinery and a safety plan.
Residential House in Kunštát na Moravě, Gross Superstructure
Šedivý, Peter ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the technological stage of the rough top of the residental house in Kunštát na Moravě. It focuses on the implementation of monolithic supporting structures. The work includes the technical report, situation of wider transport relations, item budget with dimension report, construction organization, time schedule, the desing of the machine assemby, technological regulation, the two control and test plans and the work safety.
The Extension of the Business Incubator - South, Rough Superstructure
Sankot, Martin ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
The topic of thic bachelor thesis is processing of a technological solution of the rough top construction of the Business Incubator in Brno. It is a new four-storey, non-cellular building for administrative and office activities. The subject of this thesis is processing of a technological regulation for the prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton. The next parts of the thesis, focused on the phase of the rough top construction, are: technical report, situation with wider relations of the transport routes, plan of the construction organization with the drawing of the building site facilities (equipment), itemized budget with the statement of acreages, schedule of work, inspection and test schedule, design of the mechanical (machine) assembly and the safety of work of the (solved) technological phase.
Malý, Martin ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this work is the processing of the technological project for the ,,Skladová hala v Měříně“, which addresses the preparation and organization of construction. Construction technology the project involves the processing of time plans, economic evaluation, design of pumping sources for construction, working procedures, construction site equipment, and design of major machines and mechanisms. Further, it is processed a detailed technological regulation and inspection and test plan for a prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton. All technological procedures are processed with regard to work safety and environment.
Kudiovský, Filip ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the construction project of the new building of the primary school in Bobrová. The main goal of the thesis is to propose a suitable implementation procedure in relation to the specific place of the site. The thesis deals with the time schedule of the main object, itemized budget, major building machines and mechanisms, project of site equipment, study of the construction realization, material resources plan, technical report, time schedule and financial plan of the main object and also with the situation of the construction. It focuses in detail on the stage of earthworks, including the reinforcement of the walls of the building pit using soil nailing. For this stage a technological regulation and a control and test plan have been developed.
D1 Reconstruction of Bridge on Motorway D1-212 in Ostrovačice, Preparation and Realization of Structure
Kratochvíl, Tomáš ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with preparation and realization of D1 reconstruction of D1-212 bridge in Ostrovačice. It is a motorway bridge that transfers traffic over road II / 386. The reconstruction will demolish the superstructure of bridge with bridge equipment and parts of the abutments and their new construction. The preparation of the project solves the engineering report, the block plan drawing, the financial and time schedule - by objects, the budget SO 201, the study of the implementation of the main construction technologys, the project of the site equipment, the design of the main building machines, the SO 201 time schedule, a desigh of the bill of quantities for structure, technical note for superstructure of a bridge and control and test plans. Part of the preparation of the building is the processing of the emergency plan.

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