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Development of Business Activities from the Perspective of Added Value Products
Kratochvíl, Petr ; Chlebovský, Vít (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the development of business activities of the company JPL kovo s.r.o., with the focus on strengthening its current position in the machinery market. The theoretical part summarizes knowledge from the areas of management, marketing, and business activities, and it also presents selected analytical methods. The analytical part looks at the current situation of the company through its internal and external environment. The last part provides recommendations leading to the development of the company and its business activities.
Optimization of Ethernet network in manufacturing plant
Kratochvíl, Petr ; Kubánková, Anna (referee) ; Krajsa, Ondřej (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes the work performed in the optimization of the corporate network in the company Alps Electric Czech to expand the amount of information obtained about the state of the network and thus improve the response of the IT department to potencial errors. During the optimization, a monitoring system was also deployed and its connection to the helpdesk and a tailor-made website running on the Flask microframework. With the gradual deployment, adjustments were made based on feedback from the IT department staff. Overall, the network has become more clarified, increasing the efficiency of maintenance and service.
Monitoring differential pressure of filters
Vacek, Jiří ; Kratochvíl, Petr (referee) ; Hammer, Miloš (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis is at first dealt with pressure, pressure, manometers, technical diagnostics and monitoring. In next part is analysis of methods of particle filters on basis of published academical papers. Following part introduces reader with current state of filter monitoring in production areas of BOSCH DIESEL ltd. and continues with choosing of pilot area for application of differential pressure monitoring method and designs solution itself. In the last part of the thesis is simple financial analysis and roll-out ideas for this method.
Philosophy and urban public space
Kratochvíl, Petr
The essay develops the idea of urban public space from the paradigmatic situation of dialogues that Socrates conducted on the agora with his fellow citizens about common affairs of “polis”. This opportunity to confront own experiences with those of other people represents the deeper social sense of the public spaces and should be protected against restrictions connected with privatisation, and commodification of urban public space. The essay refers to theories of H. Arendt, J. Habermas and R. Sennett.
Proces Management of the Contract in a Manufacturing Company
Kratochvíl, Petr ; Jirků, Radim (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This bachelor thesis analyzes the course of the production by the company Vezeko s.r.o., which deals with the production and service of trailers and superstructures for cars and trucks. The theoretical part is familiar with terms related to the problems of this work. In the analysis of the current situation, I deal with activities that are related to a specific contract. Then I put forward suggestions for improvements, which are designed to improve the business management.
Transmission of accurate time and stable frequency through the optical network
Kratochvíl, Petr ; Vojtěch, Josef (referee) ; Münster, Petr (advisor)
Transmission of accurate time and stable frequency using satellite technology is slowly starting to rise to it's limits, which logically leads to the search for a refund that will further increase accuracy. A very good substitute in this case is optical fiber, which has undergone great progress in recent decades and has helped to launch scientific and commercial use of time and frequency over this link on all connecting lines.
Perception of Otherness in Europe – Analysis of the Media Discourse before The United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum 2016
Kutišová, Zuzana ; Kratochvíl, Petr (advisor) ; Rolenc, Jan Martin (referee)
The thesis contributes to explaining the perception of otherness in Europe by conducting the analysis of the media discourse before The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum in 2016. The aim of this thesis is to identify the key concepts used in the media discourse to construct the internal and external otherness in Europe and to reflect the consequences of this practice. The thesis is based on the theory of critical geopolitics which helps us to understand how the social construction of territory and identity works. The result of this thesis is to answer the following question: how was the otherness in Europe described by the British press during the days before the referendum and how was the result affected by this description?
Global terrorism from the constructivist perspective: Human mind as a security factor
Fajmonová, Veronika ; Lehmannová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kratochvíl, Petr (referee) ; Chytilek, Roman (referee)
The aim of this dissertation is to examine the process of securitization of terrorism, to develop the role of the audience (public) at the individual level and subsequently to provide recommendations on an alternative way of fighting terrorism. In order to achieve this goal, the author uses socially constructivist securitization theory, critical terrorism studies and political psychology, namely cognitive and social psychology. Throughout the chapters, the securitization process of terrorism is explored; terrorism as a (to a certain extent) objective problem, further, from the point of view of critical terrorism studies, the security measures are assessed and public opinion is examined through public opinion polls. The author comes to the conclusion that public opinion is one of the key factors in implementing extensive security measures. Therefore, she further examines the factors that affect public opinion; the narrative, the role of the media, and ultimately the psychological processes influencing the perception of reality. It turns out that the narrative about terrorism and the media have their share in the public reaction to terrorism, but the role of the audience in the securitization process of terrorism is not fully explained and there are the psychological processes that illuminate it. Therefore, by running an experiment, the author examines the effect of three narratives about terrorism, based on psychological theories. It concludes that there is a potential for reducing the public's fears and thus the alternative fight against terrorism.
Cultural and religious identities as concepts in the IR discipline. The case of European identity in interactions of the EU and the Roman Catholic Church
Doležal, Tomáš ; Lehmannová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Veselý, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Petr (referee) ; Černý, Karel (referee)
The text deals with the relation between religion and politics, in particular, with the conceptualization of religious identity in the discipline of International Relations from the position of postmodern approaches. The main goal is to examine whether and how feasible, useful, and usual is to work with the religious (and inseparable cultural) dimension of identity. The author claims that the concept of religious identity well reveals an important link between the religious and the political and represents a useful analytical tool. A categorisation and a model of identity are introduced and applied. The application is twofold, the categories are used in the academic discourse analysis and then once again it is used for the case of European identity in interactions of the EU and the RCC. Finally, the concept of the religious actor is discussed on this empirical basis and also the political construction of the religious, in general, is debated.
Czech Urbanism 1938 - 1948: Regionalism and Work of the Country Research and Planning Institute in Brno
Pražanová, Eva ; Švácha, Rostislav (advisor) ; Halík, Pavel (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Petr (referee)
The given dissertation presents the work of the Country Research and Planning Institute in Brno and depicts regional tendencies in the Czech urbanism in the 40's. In her paper the author focuses on the period between 1938 and 1948 that marks the active existence of Brno's institute which was the most progressive institution within the field of regional planning in that era and whose activities have never been described sufficiently. The main initiators and authors of the institute concept were Bohuslav Fuchs, Jindřich Kumpošt and Josef Mrkos; later a significant figure of the Czech regional planning - Emanuel Hruška joined them. The dissertation defines the urbanistic works of the specified period as continuance of the previous development forcibly interrupted in 1948. In order to understand the motives for the regional planning, this paper outlines the principal idealistic concepts of the planners: criticism of liberalism, holism, technocracy, and redefinition of so called scientific stage of functionalism related to the problem of mental functions in the architecture. After introducing the regional planning in the world and Czechoslovakia at the beginning of the 40's the history, concept and functioning of Brno's institute is presented, including analyses of its main projects. The following...

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