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Audience expectations in relation with film authenticity
Jelínek, Jakub ; BAGDASAROV, Georgy (advisor) ; Kratochvíl, Jaroslav (referee)
This study aims to examine the cosmos of mock-documentary films, that are trying to fool its audience throughout the acceptance of the form of real documentary films. By using the same stylistic elements they try to deprive the audience of its critical approach and make it believe. Through the analysis of those fictional mock-documentaries, we are going to reveal procedures used by many directors all over the world to create something what we call the illusion of the real. On the specific examples of "mockumentary" films, propaganda films and some conspiracy theory films, we will explore whether all of those film forms use the same procedures to convince their audience since they are all trying to achieve the same result – to create an ultimate vision of the real throughout the acceptance of visual and formal appearance of documentary film.
Turečková, Kateřina ; Kratochvíl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; BENDOVÁ, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the creative process of a documentary titled Ilusion authored by director Kateřina Turečková. The form of the documentary emulates the aesthetics of computer games. In the first part it clarifies the motivation of the author to make this sort of movie, then it goes through the documentary movie art form and analyzes also computer games. Subsequently it describes the proces of creation of individual scenes of Ilusion and the whole finished version of the movie.
Detection and Vizualization of Features in a Point Cloud
Kratochvíl, Jiří Jaroslav ; Mikeš, Josef (referee) ; Martišek, Dalibor (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
The point cloud is an unorganized set of points with 3D coordinates (x, y, z) which represents a real object. These point clouds are acquired by the technology called 3D scanning. This scanning technique can be done by various methods, such as LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) or by utilizing recently developed 3D scanners. Point clouds can be therefore used in various applications, such as mechanical or reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, biology, nuclear physics or virtual reality. Therefore in this doctoral Ph.D. thesis, I focus on feature detection and visualization in a point cloud. These features represent parts of the object that can be described by the well--known mathematical model (lines, planes, helices etc.). The points on the sharp edges are especialy problematic for commonly used methods. Therefore, I focus on detection of these problematic points. This doctoral Ph.D. thesis presents a new algorithm for precise detection of these problematic points. Visualization of these points is done by a modified curve fitting algoritm with a new weight function that leads to better results. Each of the proposed methods were tested on real data sets and compared with contemporary published methods.
Kiruna - The Limits of Observation
Stocklassová, Greta ; KRATOCHVÍL, Jaroslav (advisor) ; KLUSÁK, Vít (referee)
Bachelor thesis Kiruna – The Limits of Observation deals stylized observation method used in documentary film focussing on production of bachelor movie Kiruna 2.0 directed by Greta Stocklassa. The first part of thesis deals term stylized observation and the Nichols’ diagram of relationship of fiction and nonfiction. Five movies (Play, Involuntary, Turist, Fire at Sea, Into the Clouds We Gaze) lying on the border between fiction and nonfiction are discussed, classified based on their characteristics and placed in the modified diagram prepared by author. Second part describes the preparation and production of the bachelor movie Kiruna 2.0, it describes decisions and choices author had to make and dealt with during filming. Advantages and limits together with formal ethical aspects of observation are then discussed based on opinions of other directors and authors’ experiences. Last part is a brief manual for other future directors who will decide to use observation in their movies.
Values of the Velvet Revolution and the Film
Rousek, Jan ; KUBICA, Petr (advisor) ; Kratochvíl, Jaroslav (referee)
The Master’s thesis concerns with the most important audiovisual works that deal with the topic of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989. The thesis compares their meaning with contemporary historical research of the values that the revolutionary society intended – democracy, socialism and non-violence. Through this comparison it measures the revolutionary character, authenticity, author intention and their impact on viewers. The representation of the values is the most visible in films made between years 1989-1990. The other films include just partial mentions, which is a prove of the ideologisation of those audiovisual works made from the time distance.
The media arts centre FACT and a study on its collaboration with an artist on an example of the Separate Systém film
Kovandová, Alžběta ; TŘEŠTÍKOVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; KRATOCHVÍL, Jaroslav (referee)
FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is a charity media arts centre in Liverpool, UK. It is an institution where multiple art and creative activities take place. FACT consists of three galleries, a cinema, a video-production department and a café. Furthermore, many workshops and social activities take place here as FACT aims to engage local communities in its programme. This is achieved through collaboration with local artists, who create their artwork with the support of FACT, and who engage various demographic groups such as children, war veterans or the elderly in their work. One of those programmes is the Veterans in practice (VIP) which aims to help the veterans. In collaboration with Liverpool’s veterans and FACT, the director Katie Davies has created a film called The Separate System about veterans who have found themselves in prison after leaving the armed forces. This bachelors’ thesis shows the history and operations of FACT and its respective departments. In the second part, it addresses the topic of war veterans and shows how the collaboration between FACT, the artist and the veterans works on an example of The Separate System film and activities of the Veterans In Practice programme. This thesis is based on not only literature and internet sources but also on interviews between the author and employees of FACT and the director Katie Davies.
When The Show! is Over
Bláhovec, Bohdan ; KRATOCHVÍL, Jaroslav (advisor) ; KUBICA, Petr (referee)
The thesis is analytical case studies discharge the example of his own movie Show! a reflection of its effect apart three years after the premiere.
Reflections on the Chechen War in Czech documenatary film
Chaloupka, Zdeněk ; Kratochvíl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; ŘEZNÍČEK, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the image of the Chechen conflict in the Czech documentary film in the 90‘s and tries to understand the environment in which this image was created. Much of the work is devoted to the social and political context of the time. This is especialy a formation of institutions after Velvet revolution such as People in Need and Epicentrum agency, which significantly contributed to the media interpretation of the conflict. Thesis also analyzes the television documentaries reflecting Chechen war in terms of content and tone. Finally considers to what extent was the message of the documentary film makers influenced by ideological attitudes and social order. The aim is to determine what factors influenced the final form of films and on what basis it was biasd to the on side of the conflict.
Boredom in the film Untitled
Bernátková, Tereza ; Kratochvíl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; VACHEK, Karel (referee)
Based on a literature in the fields of psychology, visual anthropology and sensory ethnography the thesis examines boredom in film, especially the critical potential the boredom has. The key is the question, what happens in film if seemingly nothing is going on. Boredom in film is studied specifically on the example of Stephanie Spray's fims, anthropologist and filmmaker associated with Sensory Ethrnography Lab (SEL). Boredom is conceptualized as an interesting emotion encouraging sensing here and now. The thesis does not promote boredom, rather shows it as an sustainable approach towards audiovisual media and representation of the reality.
Mitsuoka Kit Car Design
Kratochvíl, Jaroslav ; Zdařil, Zdeněk (referee) ; John, David (referee) ; Pelikán, František (referee) ; Zvonek, Miroslav (advisor)
A dissertation deals with small single-placed car body design (so-called microcar cathegory). The new design is based on the undercart and the engine of serial Mitsuoka Kit Car. Therefore the aim belongs to re-design tasks. Analytical part of the dissertation deals with two basic questions influencing the final draft. The Corporate identity at first and a problematic of the target group level of aesthetical perception linked to preferred design. On grounds of analysis the core values for new design have been set down. The particular values have been presented with the help of existing reference objects from the field of automotive design. This part also includes a questionnairy, which had been focused on prefered design conception. Due to low microcars topic awareness in Czech Republic, the questionnairy had informational character and the final design conception has been chosen on the base of functional aspects analysis. The final design development, shown on sketches and basic software renderings, is based on gradual steps that lead to the core values expression with regards to input parameters and basic design rules as well. The final design is introduced together with description of its technical solution and detailed design. The solution respects the mentioned target group and the institution Corporate Identity.

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