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Metals in atmospheric particulate matter
Barboříková, H. ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Hegrová, J. ; Pokorná, Petra ; Krajčovič, J.
Atmospheric pollution is one of the most serious global enviroment problem. Metals constitute important class of pollutants which have received athe attention of researchers all over the world. Metals have strong potential to be adsorbed on particulate matter and than enter the human body through inhalation causing several health issue (asthma, lung cancer).
Synovial Hemorrhages of the knee Joints as a Vital Sign of Fatal Hypothermia
Zátopková, Lenka ; Hejna, Petr (advisor) ; Sokol, Miloš (referee) ; Krajčovič, Jozef (referee)
Synovial hemorrhages of the knee joints as a vital sign of fatal hypothermia The cold represents an underestimated health issue for a man because the abilities of the human body to resist low ambient temperatures without adequate clothing are minimal. The professional literature defines hypothermia as a non-physiological state with core body temperature being below 35 řC, severe hypothermia sets when core body temperature is lower than 27 řC. Death due to hypothermia usually appears if core body temperature declines to 25 řC. The most hypothermia-prone and vulnerable individuals involve infants, seniors, homeless people, intoxicated or injured subjects and people from various reasons exposed to extreme cold. Even in the era of molecular, genetical and virtual methods, postmortem diagnostics of hypothermia remains difficult mainly because of the absence of any specific and consistent diagnostic sign. Accordingly, the optimal diagnostic approach has to encompass not only careful external and internal examination of the deceased person, but also critical analysis of available information from the place of fatality, appraisal of the medical history, evaluation of the local meteorological situation, body temperature measurements, performance of histological and chemico-toxicological analyses, ultimately also...
Study of effect of side chains of organic semiconductors for bioelectronic applications
Ivanová, Lucia ; Cigánek, Martin (referee) ; Krajčovič, Jozef (advisor)
Organic bioelectronics is a relatively young but perspective science discipline that introduces the applicability of organic electronic materials in bioelectronic devices. The promising outlook for using these applications ranges from improving the quality of the disabled people's life to the development of artificial intelligence. The theoretical part describes the essential properties of semiconducting polymers for the utilization in bioelectronics and, moreover, it presents a way of improving these properties by the proper implementation of the side chains. It deals with the possibility of optimizing the biomimetic properties of conjugated polymers by using bio-inspired molecules as peripheral chains, specifically nucleic bases. The nucleobase groups introduced onto the polymer chain thus provide the synthetic molecules with the ability of self-assembly and recognition of each other. The second part of the thesis focuses on the modification of the adenine molecule, with the preparation of the key intermediate for Stille coupling. Subsequent cross-coupling reaction results in the extension of the adenine’s -conjugated system with the thiophene molecule.
Novel organic semiconductors for bioelectronic applications
Veselý, Dominik ; Richtár, Jan (referee) ; Krajčovič, Jozef (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with a highly perspective field of bioorganic electronics. It is divided into a theoretical and an experimental part. In the theoretical part of the thesis basic device functioning principles in conjunction with living organisms and production of such devices together with their practical application are elaborated on. In the next part of the thesis conductive polymers as advanced materials for organic electronics, their synthesis, chemical modification and functionalisation, but also their use for functional electronic devices are analysed. A synthetic route for preparation of new functional organic materials by the means of modification of a basic monomer on a molecular level is proposed in the final chapter. This chapter is connected with an experimental part where a basic monomer of the most important conductive polymer for bioelectronic applications is prepared.
Back analysis of embankment dam and prediction of its behaviour during accidental design situations
Krajčovič, Ján ; Říha, Jaromír (referee) ; Chalmovský, Juraj (advisor)
Diplomová práce představuje vytvoření softwarového 2D MKP modelu přehrady Slezská Harta v České Republice za pomoci softwaru PLAXIS 2D. V úvodu práce je analýza vodní nádrže, vytvořené jako zásobárna vody a protipovodňové dílo. Analýza sleduje geomorfologii, geologii, konstrukci tělesa hráze, použité materiály a metody, a stávající monitorovací zařízení. Pro pochopení tvorby 2D MKP modelu jsou předloženy a definované metody použitých analýz - metoda konečných prvků, analýza prosakování, materiálové modely, citlivostná analýza. Následně byla definována tvorba struktury modelu - určení posloupnosti použitých analýz, definování vstupních dat a mezních podmínek a tvorba kalibračního segmentu. V závěrečné části práce je analýza dosažených výstupů rozsáhlého testování modelu, jejich korelace s reálnými naměřenými hodnotami a celkové shrnutí přínosu vytvořeného modelu pro jeho využití při předpovídání chování přehrady v extrémních případech.
Oxidative potetial of atmospheric aerosol as indicator of ROS formation
Barboříková, Hana ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Hegrová, J. ; Krajčovič, J.
Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) affects our environment especially human health because it contains many toxic chemical substances. The purpose of this study is to determine a total content and a soluble fraction of selected metals and also the contribution of metals soluble in pulmonary fluids to a total oxidative potential of PM.
The synthesis and functionalization of diketopyrrolopyrrole derivatives for organic electronics
Mamleev, Kamil ; Halaksa, Roman (referee) ; Krajčovič, Jozef (advisor)
Nowadays, organic electronics is a promising field of science. Because of a number of advantages, materials based on organic substances can replace existing inorganic analogues in such devices as organic solar cells, OLED, OFET, biosensors, etc. In the theoretical part of the bachelor's thesis, the molecules of diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP), dithioketopyrrolopyrrole (DTPP), and their derivatives were fully reviewed. An overview of the synthesis and the properties of the derivatives of these molecules was given. Possible applications of DPP and DTPP in various areas of organic electronics were provided. The experimental part of the bachelor's thesis described the synthesis of DTPP structures with thiophene and phenyl substituents. In addition, a modification of thiophene DTPP with S'S alkylation was demonstrated. All synthesized compounds were purified by silica gel column chromatography. The structures of the obtained products were characterized by 1H NMR spectroscopy.
Synthesis and characterisation of advanced molecules with implemented adamantane skeleton
Jančík, Ján ; Maier,, Lukáš (referee) ; Krajčovič, Jozef (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes synthetic approach and characterization of advanced molecules with implemented adamantane skeleton and perspective use in attractive field of organic electronics. Three of four prepared molecules based on para-bis(2-thienyl)phenylene are original and totally new, and there were performed different synthetic approaches with comparison of yield, ecological and financial impact. Study of microwave synthetic approach was provided for cross-coupling reactions on para-bis(2-thienyl)phenylene skeleton. For all molecules were used ethyladamantyl and methyladamantyl substituents. Also, two completely new molecules based on 2,2':5',2''-terthiophene with ethyladamantyl and methyladamantyl substituents were prepared. In the next part were prepared new dimer structures of adamantane with possible application on field of polymers as bridge molecules. In the thesis were also made series of experiments for preparation of tetrasubstituted adamantane molecules, and for optimisation of preparation of spiroadamantane systems.
Geotechnické řešení protipovodňových opatření
Krajčovič, Ján ; Chalmovský, Juraj (referee) ; Račanský, Václav (advisor)
Main target of work is problematic of flood protection systems and possibilities of improvement of them by methods of geotechnical solutions. Parts of work are overview of basic flood protection systems and resume of normative requirements for design of levee against flood. Practical part of work is composed from complex overview of geotechnics methods used for levee improvement. Work is ended by examples from practice.
The phenomenon of symbiosis and its importance to theoretical biology
Lhotský, Josef ; Markoš, Anton (advisor) ; Neustupa, Jiří (referee) ; Krajčovič, Juraj (referee)
7 Abstract Close physical interspecific associations called symbioses are central for understanding both evolution and interactions of all branches of living creatures, as well as shaping the Earth's physical features - in other words, they are essential for understanding the nature of whole biosphere. Symbiotic research takes place in some variation in all fields of biology, and since the nature of the phenomenon apparently has a fundamental importance as an exceptional underlying & unifying scheme, there is growing need for appropriate theoretical analysis. Here I discuss the theoretical frame, definition and history of the concept of symbiotic interactions and its significance and use in theoretical biology. Keywords: symbiosis, life, microorganisms, evolution, metaphors and models

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