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The Profession of Social Worker
Hrbková, Denisa ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Mlejnková, Kristýna (referee)
The profession of a social worker has a significant role in the society context. The task of the social worker is to help people to solve their problems, cope with difficult everyday life situations, provide courage for active solutions and reinforce the responsibility for one's own life. This thesis presents the social worker's profession and it is divided into six main chapters. In theoretical segment social work is defined in the first chapter. The second chapter contains information on history of the social work and analyses the current state of it. The third chapter is devoted to the ethics of social work, ethical dilemmas, ethical code and professional values. The fourth chapter defines the social worker's profession, mentions the required personal qualities and competences as well as its roles. Furthermore, it describes the characteristics of the profession itself and professional identity, studies the prestige of the profession and education of social workers. The practical part starts with the fifth chapter and it maps the opinions of social workers about their profession. The research strategy, the selection of the respondents and course of the survey and the data evaluation methods are described there. The final chapter interprets the collected data and provides their graphical depictions.
Social work clients with hearing disorders
Sittová, Denisa ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Ondrušová, Jiřina (referee)
In my thesis I deal with the specifics of social work with clients with hearing defects. The purpose of my work was to find out what experiences the students of Czech schools have with people with hearing impairments and how they orient themselves in this issue. This thesis is divided into two main parts: Theoretical and Practical. The theoretical part of my work is divided into twelve chapters, which are focused on surdopaedia, hearing impairment, diagnostics, hearing screening, education and last but not least communication, compensatory aids and specifics of social work. In the practical part I used the questionnaire to find out basic information from students from the Hussite Theological Faculty. I was wondering if there are students at the faculty who are interested in this issue and whether they would like to work with people with hearing impairment in the future.
Consequences of low unemployment for social work in the Rychnov nad Kneznou region
Žid, Marek ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Nová, Monika (referee)
1 Abstrakt Diploma thesis "Consequences of low unemployment for social work in the Rychnov nad Kneznou region" concerns about negative consequences of low unemployment on the citizens of the Rychnov nad Kneznou region, especially about impact on traffic and social infrastructure and criminality. The first chapter is given to unemployment overall and to statistics of unemployment in the Czech Republic. The second one brings statistic view of demography and regional unemployment in Rychnov nad Kneznou. The third chapter is focused on foreigners and their statistics in terms of the Czech Republic and the Rychnov nad Kneznou region. In the fourth chapter are described particular negative results caused by low unemployment in this region. The last final chapter contains the practical part where is done examination of citizens' opinions in three chosen microregions about this matters. This examination was done by survey and its result is statement that citizens in the center of happening does not think the situation is as bad as the citizens in other two microregions (which are quite isolated from the core of issues by distance) think it is.
Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder in Social Work Practice
Hudcová, Josefina ; Žáčková, Hana (advisor) ; Krahulcová, Beáta (referee)
9 Summary This thesis deals with obsessive-compulsive disorder in connection with the practice of social work. It draws attention to numerous problems of anxiety disorders in society, risk factors for the development of anxiety disorders and risks in the social sphere. It also analyzes in detail obsessions, compulsions, manifestations and diagnosing of OCD and, last but not least, the practice of social work with the obsessive-compulsive disorder. Social work with people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder may be more challenging overall, requiring increased patience, knowledge of social workers, and the ability to use some important methods. The same importance is dedicated to managing clients to refer to follow-up professional help. People with OCD deserve support from experts and acceptance by the public, which is also a reason why it is so important to have knowledge of obsessive-compulsive disorder and do not underestimate this issue..
Effect of occupational therapy on the client with mental and multiple disabilities
Čiefová, Martina ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Nová, Monika (referee)
The Bachelor thesis entitled "Influence of occupational therapy on clients with intellectual and multiple disabilities" is focused on the effect of occupational therapy on people with disabilities. The theoretical part deals with the issue of the concept of occupational therapy, looks at its history and origin and defines the concept of mental retardation and Down syndrome. The second part focuses on the employment rate of people with intellectual disabilities. I'm finding out, how the therapy works upon them and whether it is beneficial for them. In the survey I used the method of observation and a partly free conversation. The results of the observation are processed in a detailed description of the client's skills, their evaluation and recommendation of further treatment.
Encounter with death of close person in childhood
Franclová, Justýna ; Bravená, Noemi (advisor) ; Krahulcová, Beáta (referee)
In this dissertation, I will attempt to describe a child's reaction to a death of a close person (parent). To do that, I separated my paper into two parts. The first part sets out the theoretical framework for death, its role in our lives, and the underlying processes. The second part, a qualitative research, applies the theoretical framework on a specific case and draws from an in-depth interview.
System of services for homeless people in Prague
Havrlíková, Jana ; Kaňák, Jan (advisor) ; Krahulcová, Beáta (referee)
The Diploma thesis called "The system of services for homeless people in Prague" is focused on answering the main research question: "What is the demographic structure of homeless people in Prague using social services?". The first chapter is devoted to the theory of homelessness, its development, changes and society's responses in according to this socially pathological phenomenon. The second part of the Diploma thesis focuses directly on the situation of homeless people. Firstly, the definition of social services is described, I also focus on social prevention services that help solve the problem. I also describe problematic areas of homelessness and their solutions in the context of social services aimed at minimizing the negative effects of homelessness, preventing its development, as well as preventive action. The third part is focused on explaining the notion of demography, its exploration and interpretation of basic terms, the definition of which is necessary for the understanding of the research part of the Diploma thesis. I present here the results of the first official Census 2011 of homeless people in the Czech Republic. In the last chapter of my thesis, my own research survey is conducted, in which I try to answer the main and partial research questions. A quantitative survey is used,...
Quality of life mentally handycapped persons in context of transformation social services
Skořepová, Romana ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Ondrušová, Jiřina (referee)
1 Abstract Thesis name: Persons with mental retardation and their quality of life in context of Social Services transformation. Purpose of this thesis is to describe process, history, progress and risks of transformation of Social Services in Czech Republic. Target of this thesis is not transformation of Social Sevices in Czech Republic generally but it is targeted on Nalžovický zámek organization, Social Services provider where transformation is in progress from 2013. In thesis I investigate how clients using supported housing perceive this service in context of quality of their life. My thesis includes theoretical base focused on mental retardation, social services, institutional care. Purpose of this thesis is not representative research or academic analysis of data. Used information are extract from professional literatury and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs website. Main used method is narative interview. Thesis has six chapters. Results of my research are presented in chapter five and I consider this chapter as most important. Research shows clients of supported housing perceive this service in a very positive way and are satisfied. Feel this opportunity as a new way how to make quality of their life better.

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