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Big Data Processing from Large IoT Networks
Benkő, Krisztián ; Podivínský, Jakub (referee) ; Krčma, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to design and develop a system for collecting, processing and storing data from large IoT networks. The developed system introduces a complex solution able to process data from various IoT networks using Apache Hadoop ecosystem. The data are real-time processed and stored in a NoSQL database, but the data are also stored  in the file system for a potential later processing. The system is optimized and tested using data from IQRF network. The data stored in the NoSQL database are visualized and the system periodically generates derived predictions. Users are connected to this system via an information system, which is able to automatically generate notifications when monitored values are out of range.
System for Automated Server Administration
Pavelka, Martin ; Pánek, Richard (referee) ; Krčma, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to design the user interface and implement the information system as a web application. Using the custom implemented library the system communicates with GraphQL server which manages the client data. The thesis describes possible solutions for physical servers automatization. The application provides the application interface to manage virtual servers. Automatization is possible without human interaction. Connection to the virtualization technologies is handled by web interface APIs or custom scripts running in the virtual system terminal. There is a monitoring system built over project components. The thesis also describes the continuous integration using Gitlab tools. Running the configuration task is solved using the Unix CRON system.
Spatial 3D printing methods
Skurka, Šimon ; Vespalec, Arnošt (referee) ; Krčma, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with methods of spatial 3D printing, which can solve many problems of manufacturing by fused deposition modelling. The aim of this thesis is to describe their strengths and weaknesses, requirements for hardware, software and their benefits to the world of 3D printing. Methods are introduced in the first part of the thesis, while the final evaluation is placed further.
Mechanical design of experimental extruder for 3D printing of industrial clay
Žižlavský, Vít ; Krčma, Martin (referee) ; Paloušek, David (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis deals with possibilities of FDM printing of industrial clay and construction of experimental extruder for 3D printing of this material. The extruder delivers 3D prints of art and design items. There is no facility to print these clays on 2019 market. The main task of this work is to create a design of the extruder. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with summary of modeling clay properties. In the practical part, the parameters of the extruder are determined, the thermodynamic properties of the clay are measured, the forces necessary for extrusion are measured at different temperatures and the piston extruder is designed. The device extrude the preheated material with a screw piston. Axial displacement of the screw is achieved by turning the nut. The device is adapted for quick replacement of the capsule with preheated clay. The resulting extruder is suitable for experimental prints of model clay with different viscosities. Using the extruder, it is possible to test the actual behavior of the modeling clay during printing and to design optimal printing parameters for its more massive use.
Experimental comparison of recycled and non-recycled filament of ABS plastic
Grygar, Filip ; Krčma, Martin (referee) ; Koutecký, Tomáš (advisor)
Plastic waste which arises from 3D print could be recycled. One of the most used materials is ABS with which this degree work deals. During recycling of ABS mechanical qualities rapidly deteriorate which is compensated by adding non-recycled ABS. This degree work dealt with a ratio of 25% of recycled to 75% of non-recycled material which is a ratio not have been tested so far, and most likely represents a boundary ratio when recycling still makes sense. Unfortunately, it was not possible to extrude from a recycled material a filament of high-quality enough which could be used for problem-free print. It was influenced by non-homogeneity of crushed components and the construction of an extruder. For improving the characteristics a more complex extruder would be needed, with a bigger screw diameter or with two screws, and also a cooling system with more zones. Professional grinders with screens would have to be used for improving homogeneity of the material. The melt flow index of the liquid alloy and the testing of the filament itself showed that this way is practicable and such a recycling is realistic.
Itirenary Planning Application
Filák, Tomáš ; Pánek, Richard (referee) ; Krčma, Martin (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the design and implementation of an application for planning itineraries. The application aims to simplify the planning of the entire travel and provide a tool for the user to create multiple travel versions. These versions can also be compared with each other in both financial and time aspects. The application provides a clear and attractive user's interface along with features which make the entire process of planning easier. Such features, for example, include autocompleting of location names from the Google Map database or automatic currency conversion according to the current Czech national bank rate.
Qt Based Programming Editor for Linux Systems
Hauerland, Richard ; Pánek, Richard (referee) ; Krčma, Martin (advisor)
Objective of this Bachelor's Thesis is about design and implementation of free text editor designed for Linux. Comparison of most popular existing solutions was performed before the design and it's output serves as basis for design process. Functionalities not provided and behaviors provided only by some, mostly proprietary, solutions, were taken in account in editor design. As well functionalities for projects manipulation used in development environments were considered. Editor is implemented in C++ language with use of Qt Framework.
USB Flashdrives Virus Detector Implemented in RaspberryPi
Polehňa, Dominik ; Pánek, Richard (referee) ; Krčma, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the analysis of internet security and the implementation of USB flashdrives virus detector. We will firstly analyze the basics of viruses and antiviruses and from gained knowledge we are going to create an automatic virus detector which doesn't need an user intervention. For impelementation will be used a platform Raspberry Pi and programming language Python.
Fast and Partially Translated Simulator for Application-Specific Processors
Richtarik, Pavel ; Krčma, Martin (referee) ; Zachariášová, Marcela (advisor)
The major objective of this work is to analyse possibilities of using simulation within the development of application-specific instruction-set processors, to explore and compare some common simulation techniques and to use the collected information to design a new simulation tool suitable for utilization in the processors development and optimization. This thesis presents the main requirements on the new simulator and describes the design and implementation of its key parts with emphasis on the high performance.
Horizontal grill
Horák, Vojtěch ; Krčma, Martin (referee) ; Brandejs, Jan (advisor)
This barchelor's thesis deals with the construction of a homemade horizontal piglet grill with an electric propulsion. The grill is designed for solid fuel in the form of timber or charcoal. It is proportioned for 50kg. The research part consists of a description of the main types of grills and their advantages and disadvantages. The constructive part deals with the solution of the constructional problemes, documented by calculations. This construction is considered to be made with lowest expenses. Part of this work is also a continuous photodocumentation, which captures the whole process of the construction progress. At the end of the thesis there is the estimation of production costs.

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