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Water park Brno
Krček, Jan ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
Diploma thesis Aquapark Brno is directly connected with the previous specialist course "Sports Center Za Lužánkami Brno". This project dealt was focused on overall concept, architectural and urban study of this area with an emphasis on sports, recreation and relaxation. There was created a zone of predominantly professional sport in the southern part of this area. There were built football and ice hockey stadiums on the newly created terrace/platform. These stadiums are located approximately in the same places as their current (football) or non-existent (hockey) predecessors. The terrace/platform (parking is located under the terrace) continues, and the newly expanded Boby Hotel follows the recreational sports zone with an Aquapark and outdoor sports grounds located behind the existing Tesco shopping centre. There is formed a new park in north of the sports grounds forming a recreational-relaxation zone on the territory of Planýrka. The existing building of a 50 meter swimming pool dominates the area of Aquapark. It was built in 1979 according to the project architect Otakar Oplatek. However this object no longer meets the requirements of today's visitors or athletes. The new building which includes a twenty-five meter tall swimming pool with a background is being added to the existing building. So there is a separable swimming area created here, which can serve both - swimmers and teenagers or professional athletes. There is a good possibility of racing as well. The new building connects eastward to the building of the roofed Aquapark partially hidden beneath the terraces and resting areas. These three through-flowing but mutually separable objects together with the platform define the area of the outdoor aquapark. He is also separate off from the noisy Sportovní street, but it has a sufficient supply of sunlight. In the place of the original children's pool and extension to the places of today's little park in front of the building there is space f
A controlling language for 2D games
Krček, Jan ; Děcký, Martin (referee) ; Bednárek, David (advisor)
The thesis covers design of a programming language for controlling turn-based and real-time games with logical or simulative features; implementation of a compiler, a component for runtime support and a graphical user interface that serves both for game development and their running and debugging. The designed language is intended for describing systems with living and communicating objects. Importance is given on easy extensibility, also on simplicity and safety. The language contains for instance multiple inheritance, messages and special type for sets. Primary output of the compiler is C++ source code.
Manufacturing of Ladies Dresses
Krček, Jan ; Suchánek,, Petr (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The study of " PRODUCTION OF WOMEN´S CLOTHING" handles new production building for the clothing brand CHANEL in the city of Brno-Zidenice, namely the use of "brownfields" in the street Rokytova near the woodpark Akatky and the city cemetery. Construction tries to sensitively integrate into the sloping terrain of the parcel and makes full use of its potential. The building is designed as a two-storey and consists of three basic masses; the first is administrative, socio-sanitary spaces and engine rooms, the other two forming the 2nd floor. There is a store, leisure and catering facilities and the production hall. These three basic masses creates a subtle, elegant whole, similarly as it does Chanel in the clothing industry. It leads one main access road to the building from the street Udolicek, which is linked to the service road leading to the warehouses and paved parking areas.
Sound and Movement in Pantomime
Krček, Jan ; Platz, Josef (advisor) ; Halaš, Adam (referee)
Music and sounds could be supportive with some audiovisual works of art and can enhance their quality, or on the contrary the sound composition can be corrupted if the artist chooses improper music. In my thesis I would like to sum up my experience as well as the experience of other experimentators from the past and present in the field of sound creativity connected with performing visual arts like dance, drama, film. I mostly deal with the proper selection and processing of a sound component in nonverbal theatre including methods used in the history of theatre and mime. I particularly focus on mime actors, who creates sounds with their own voice, or with help of modern technical recording technologies.

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