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Contentious issues of necessary defence in judicial practise
Králová, Jana ; Vokoun, Rudolf (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
Contentious issues of necessary defence in judicial practice Abstract This thesis discusses necessary defence and its contentious issues which appear in judicial practice of Czech courts. It is one of the conditions precluding illegality stated in the section 29 of the Penal Code. Which means that a criminal offence is not committed if legal requirements for conduct in necessary defence are fulfilled. These requirements are that the defence should avert an impending or progressing attack to an interest protected by the Penal Code as well as not to be obviously grossly disproportionate to a manner of an attack. Necessary defence is an important institute of criminal law because it may affect everyone, and for this reason it has often appeared in the media and some cases even provokes social discussion on its legal regulation. The goal of this thesis is to analyse contentious issues appearing in court decisions such as possibility and manner of usage of a weapon or automatic defensive device, evaluation of motive to an act in necessary defence, comparison of protected interests, for example protection of life and health against protection of property or domestic freedom, consideration of an existence and a term of attack and related apparent necessary defence, the difference between mutual assault and...
Annotated Czech Translation of Selected Chapters from Miró (colección Pintores de siempre); Domènec Ribot Martín. Susaeta, 2015.
Pokorná, Michaela ; Mračková Vavroušová, Petra (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
The objective of this bachelor thesis is to translate selected chapters from the publication called Miró by Domènec Ribot Martín. It was published in 2015 by Susaeta editorial in the collection Pintores de siempre. The book deals with the life and work of Catalan artist Joan Miró. The chapters selected for the translation are the first chapter called La infancia y los años de formación and the fourth chapter called Entre Nueva York y París: El éxito. The second part is the theoretical part, the commentary of the translation. First, I made the analysis of the source text, determined the translation method and described the problems I faced during the translation as well as the translation shifts and methods used. Key words translation, translation analysis, translation methods, translation shifts, translation problems, style, text, lexis, syntax, Joan Miró, surrealism
The role of a book editor in Vladimír Medek's translations, focused on Muñoz Molina's novels Plenilunio and El jinete polaco
Kutková, Martina ; Charvátová, Anežka (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with the Spanish author Antonio Muñoz Molina and with the Czech translator Vladimír Medek who has translated two novels of the writer: Plenilunio, in Czech as Za úplňku (Garamond, 2008) and El jinete polaco, in Czech as Polský jezdec (Leda, 2018). The thesis also focuses on revisions that a book editor Anežka Charvátová made in the second novel. The thesis is divided in two parts: a theoretical and a practical part. The first one is dedicated briefly to Antonio Muñoz Molina's life and to his work as a writer. The following chapter addresses the translator Vladimír Medek and his translations from Spanish literature. The last chapter of this section describes a book editor's work and his role within a publishing house. The practical part of this thesis deals just with the two novels mentioned above. The two books are characterized first according to Christiane Nord's model of text analysis and then concrete translation processes and solutions used by Vladimír Medek are shown on examples. In case of El jinete polaco a translation handwriting before and after editor's revisions is analysed and changes made in the preparative phase of the translation are traced. That is an aspect of a book editing that an ordinary reader does not come across normally. The translation handwriting was...
Annotated translation: Bernardo Stamateas - Gente tóxica
Vaněčková, Jana ; Obdržálková, Vanda (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
The thesis consists of two parts. The first part contains the Czech translation of the introduction and first two chapters of the book of the Argentine psychologist and theologian Bernardo Stamateas Gente tóxica: Cómo tratar con las personas que te complican la vida. It is a self- help book for the general public. The author describes different types of persons who can complicate our life, for example people with tendencies to manipulate others, psychopaths or people who tend to complain frequently. The author presents some recommendations on how to resist these people and how to prevent them from controlling us. The second part is a commentary where translation procedures, problems encountered while translating and their solutions are described on the basis of the translation analysis of the original text. Key words: annotated translation, expository texts, psychology, translation analysis, Spanish, translation problems, guilt, envy
The Impact of Spanish Regional Varieties on the Quality of Simultaneous Interpreting into Czech
Balounová, Zuzana ; Mračková Vavroušová, Petra (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
This theoretical-empirical study deals with the impact of regional varieties of Spanish on the quality of simultaneous interpreting into Czech. The aim of this thesis is to find whether interpreters make more omissions, additions, semantic errors and errors of performance when they interpret from Latin American varieties of Spanish than when they interpret from standard European Spanish as defined by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). Another aim is to confirm that different user groups have different expectations regarding the quality of simultaneous interpreting. The theoretical part of this thesis presents findings and conclusions of previous studies. It also provides an overview of strategies and coping mechanisms and a description of some of the Latin American varieties of Spanish. The research part of this study consists of an experiment and a questionnaire survey regarding quality assessment. The empirical part of this thesis presents the results of the experiment and the questionnaire survey.
Czech Translations of Short Prose by Gabriel García Márquez
Čechová, Eva ; Obdržálková, Vanda (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the Czech translations of four pieces of short prose by Gabriel García Márquez, an important Colombian writer, each by a different Czech translator. The initial theoretical part deals with the author's life, work and with how his works were received in the Czech territory. The second part focuses on stylistic analysis of the Spanish texts chosen for the purposes of this thesis. The results serve for a better commensurability of the methods of translation in the following chapter. That is also why special emphasis is put on those characteristics of the author's style, which repeat in more than one of the texts. The third and most important part of this thesis consists of translation analyses of the four Czech translations. The thesis will conclude with a comparison of the translation methods used in the Czech translations, focusing on their semantic accuracy, acceptability in the target language and their adequacy to the author's style as manifested in the original texts. Key words: Gabriel García Márquez, literary translation, translation analysis, Hana Posseltová, Vladimír Medek, Blanka Stárková, Lada Hazaiová
Annotated translation: La fauna iberoamericana
Šímová, Veronika ; Obdržálková, Vanda (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis consists of two parts. The first one deals with the translation of selected chapters of a Spanish publication called La fauna iberoamericana by the zoologist Miguel Delibes de Castro. The second part focuses on the translation analysis, translation techniques description and problem definitions which I encountered while translating and justification of their solution.
Annotated translation of the text "FANFICTION: Fomento de la escritura creativa a través de las formas de literatura emergentes" by Barbara Abad Ruiz of the University Cardenal Herrera
Dudková, Zuzana ; Charvátová, Anežka (advisor) ; Králová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the translation from Spanish to Czech of the article Fomento de la escritura creativa a través de las formas de literatura emergentes by Bárbara Abad Ruiz. The first part consists of the text of the translation itself with an accompanying glossary of terms. The second part contains information about the analysis of the original text, the hypothetical translation assignment and the individual translation problems with their solutions and the reasoning behind those solutions.
Expression of interpropsitional relationships in the translation of art historical texts
Procházková, Vendula ; Králová, Jana (advisor) ; Eichl, Radek (referee)
The author of this paper focuses on the transfer of interpropositional relations in the translation process of art- historical texts from Spanish into Czech language. When analysing the real, synchronic and representative texts, she applies the descriptive-contrastive approach using both qualitative and quantitative descriptive methods. The emphasis is placed on the genre conventions, interpreted as a determining factor of the compactness of the expression. El objetivo que la autora persigue con este trabajo es el análisis de los medios de expresión de las proposiciones, así como el estudio de los modos en que las relaciones interprosicionales toman cuerpo en ambos idiomas, el checo y el español. Para este fin, la autora aplica método tanto cualitativos como cuantitativos y trabaja con textos reales, sincrónicos y representativos con el objetivo de describir y comparar dichos fenómenos sintáctico-semánticos en ambos idiomas. Consciente de que las convenciones del género influyen sobre la sintaxis, se enfoca exclusivamente en textos pertenecientes al género que denomina bajo el término "catálogo de exposición", relacionándolo únicamente con textos de contenido histórico-artístico. Su hipótesis se basa en las conclusiones a las que llegaron los autores de las tesinas que, desde 2000, han sido defendidas en el...
The role of translators and interpreters in the conquest on Latin America
Cimflová, Martina ; Králová, Jana (advisor) ; Charvátová, Anežka (referee)
This work is focused on the role of translators and interpreters in the first contact of the Spanish conquerors and the indigenous people of Latin America, and their influence in the conquest. Although they are often unheeded, translators and interpreters played a fundamental role while conquering the newly discovered continent. Meeting new cultures with completely different languages and ways of thinking was a great challenge for the conquerors, that's why we cannot forget about the translators' role during this era. This work is focused on the Inca culture in Peru and their first contact with the Spanish conquerors lead by Francisco Pizarro. Apart from that, other parts of the conquest are discussed, such as Columbus' very first contact with the indigenous peoples or Hernan Cortes' conquest of Mexico.

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