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Disappointment expectations as a Cultural Practice: Romantic Love Dreams and Disenchantment in Life of Young Czech Women
Kompanová, Zuzana ; Kotík, Michal (advisor) ; Králová, Eva (referee)
This thesis is focused on the form of contemporary love relationships and the posibility of love disappointment. The aim of the thesis is to explore the connection between dreaming about romantic love and the love young women get in a real love relationship. Text is based primarily on theory of Anthony Giddens and Eva Illouz, who talk about romantic love in the connection with a process of modernization and the form of relationship in modern societies. In contemporary societies romantic love comes into conflict with sexual freedom and intimacy becomes a consumer product thanks to the mass media and the leisure industry. Contemporary relationships are maintained only if they satisfy both partners. The conclusion of the form of relationships nowadays and the role of romantic love in current relationships was achieved via qualitative interviews. Young women long for long-term love relationships based on mutual intimacy with their partner and have romantic expectations. However, real relationships nowadays are being established sensing that can be ended anytime, if one of the partners decides, thus relationships are fragile end newly committed relationships are being only temporary.
Liminality in modern society: Erasmus as a Rite de Passage
Picková, Iva ; Cirklová, Jitka (advisor) ; Králová, Eva (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the topic of liminality in modern rites of passage which are represented here by the Erasmus+ programme. It looks at how some of its aspects differ from the liminal phase of ritual as described by Victor Turner. The work is based on research that took place during five-months studies at KTU (Kaunas University of Technology) in Lithuania within the frame of Erasmus study programme. The data was obtained through participant observation and also nine semi-structured interviews with other program participants. The research discovered that a change in liminal characteristics in modern rites of passage occurs through the globalization process. The thesis deals in detail with individual phenomena connected with the process of globalization. One of them is, for example, the development of modern technologies, which results in loosening of isolation of liminal persons and it also allows them to maintain contact with their home and the original structure. Another point is the reduction of space-time distances and the simplification of mobility, which also increases the sense of detachment from the structure of the society in which these liminal persons are located. Globalization also has an impact on the intensity of communities, because through the process of...
Historical brewery - potential for regional development
Mosler, Štěpán ; Boháč, Ivo (referee) ; Králová, Eva (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
Nowadays there are hundreds of breweries scattered throughout Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, waiting for their new future. They are either abandoned or in private property. In the worst case they have been deteriorating with no hope of recovery. There are not many left. It is very difficult to find a new function and especially enlightened investor. Important thing is how we will treat with these structures in the future. Will we use this unique potential, or leave this place for a new function? Which way we can choose? What is the potential of these buildings and what they need? This thesis attempts to briefly describe and demonstrate the value of brewery architecture which due to dramatic changes in society became endangered. And to offer possible solutions for the preservation this unique buildings their charm and atmosphere for the next generations.
Political Culture in Narratives
Kapal, Tomáš ; Grznár, Miroslav (advisor) ; Králová, Eva (referee)
Political culture in narratives Abstract Thesis "Political culture in narratives" aims on the phenomenom of Political culture as was defined by Almond and Verba. Base of this thesis are researches on Political culture by Almond and Verba and other authors who done researches on this topic including political culture researches done within context in the Czech Republic. The research in this thesis is based on ten semi-structured qualitative interviews with informants, who grew up during the communist era in former Czechoslovakia. Interviews aimed on informants' experiences during the communism era, Velvet revolution, economic transformation and present day. Informants evaluates their understanding of political situation during mentioned eras, their political activity and their life situation. Thases aims on behalf of this data to discover how growing up during communist era, Velvet revolution and economical transformation influenced informants' political attitudes and how it influenced their political culture. It was discovered that during the communsit era subject political culture dominated. This changed right after Velvet revolution, when participant attitudes dominated. After the series of dissapointments in political situation during the economic transformation, informants showed anomic attitudes...
Quality of life in patients with cervical cancer
Králová, Eva ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the quality of life in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer. The aim of the thesis is to assess the quality of life of this group of patients in the period after the completion of treatment and the influencing factors, and to compare the differences in the assessment of the quality of life for various time intervals from the completion of treatment. The theoretical part of the thesis gives an overview of cervical cancer, including the epidemiology, risk factors, classification, diagnosis, therapy and its early and late side effects, and the prevention of the disease. Definition of the quality of life is given together with the significance of the assessment of the quality of life. The empirical part is aimed to find out the subjective assessment of the quality of life and the level of functional status of the patients. The aims of the thesis and working hypotheses are defined, methods of the survey are described and the group of patients surveyed is presented. Patients were surveyed with a non-standardized questionnaire and the questionnaires for the assessment of the quality of life EORTC QLQ C-30 and QLQ CX-24. The data are presented in the form of graphs and tables with comments. The results of the survey are given together with their comparison to other...
The expert knowledge of czech political parties and issue of mandatory spendings from 2006 to present
Králová, Eva ; Novotný, Vilém (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
The thesis Expert Knowledge of the Political Parties Aimed at Mandatory Spendings from 2006 to present is focused on mechanisms of generating expertisis, which are disposed by particular political parties dealing with amount of the manadatory spendings. Thesis captures election terms characterized by Czech membership in The European Union connected with the obligation of the following Maastricht criteria, then the results of the worldwide economical crisis, that took shape also in czech economics. The teoretical part characterizes the budgeting policy with the accent on progression and structure of the mandatory spendings in particular election terms, deals with the organizational theory of political parties and with the policy advisory systems, that forms capacities in the decision-making process of the state budget. The objective of the empirical part is to find out how policy advisory systems effect the decision making process of budgeting by political parties (ODS, ČSSD, TOP 09 and ANO 2011). The research is realised by interviews with the Members of Parliament (members of the particular political parties). The results of the interviews are compared with the documents of political parties and macroeconomical indexes. Powered by TCPDF (
Intensive home care - Home care with elements of intensive nursing
Králová, Eva ; Hošťálková, Monika (advisor) ; Meisnerová, Eva (referee)
The master thesis deals with an intensive home care - home care of intensive nursing and maps the situation concerning the home mechanical ventilation. The theoretical part draws from the researchers' reviews. It clarifies the basic concepts, intensive home care and trends in providing the home mechanical ventilation. Furthermore, this part of the thesis explains the term mechanical ventilation. To facilitate long-term ventilation of a chronic patients it is necessary to ensure an adequate airway. Therefore, it is included a chapter dealing with a tracheostomy and its treatment.The first part of the survey summarizes a statistical overview of the home mechanical ventilation used in the Czech Republic till 31th March 2013. Next section includes a qualitative form research, which is observing the whole indicating and transferring process of a patient from a hospital to the home environment where the home mechanical ventilation is assured. I have concluded that men are more ill and women, mothers or wives are taking part in the healing process according to the investigation results. We have 81 ventilated patients in home care in total. Mechanical ventilation is mostly indicated for children with spinal muscular atrophy disease. Men compared to women are more often affected by traumatic conditions,...
Crossroods of europian socio-economic classifications: Evaluation of new europian socio-economic classification ESeC in Czech Republic
Králová, Eva ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee) ; Tuček, Milan (advisor)
This diploma presents a Czech part of international research that deals with the new European socio-economic classification, ESeC. It has been organized under the auspices of Eurostat, contributing to the effort to harmonize the measuring of socio-economic structure. My paper is focused on the description of the main principles from which the categorization is constructed and on one of the methods of its content validity evaluation in Czech society. This evaluation presents the question of whether criteria being used by this categorization respond well to criteria being used by people when evaluating their own and others' socio-economic status. Specifically, I will first describe two main theoretic approaches to studying socioeconomic inequalities and the consequent socio-economic categorizations that inspired the construction of the ESeC. In addition to this, I will describe the evolution of several statusforming criteria in Czech society. The analytic part of my paper brings a basic exploration of ideas concerning which aspects of work Czechs consider important and explores to what extent different ESeC criteria influence individuals' evaluation of their own status in society. Finally, I will present a case study that analyzes the subjective categorizations of respondents and the respondents'...

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