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Marketing Utilization in Service Sector
Pluháček, Stanislav ; Král, Pavel (referee) ; Chalupský, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with marketing of hotel services for the Hotel Celnice, located in the town of Breclav in the heart of the Lednice-Valtice area. It discusses the marketing mix of hotel and try to find weaknesses in this area and suggest improvements that would lead to better communication and economic outcomes.
Selected Methods of Recruitment in a Firm
Švecová, Veronika ; Lochmanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Král, Pavel (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to describe the process of recruitment and selection of employees. It focuses on two commonly used and very interesting methods: an assessment centre and a selection interview. The theoretical part contains an introduction to the issue and a summary of the information about these methods. The task of the practical part is to confront the theoretical knowledge with the process of the selection procedures in selected company. The cooperation with ČSOB was begun for the needs of the bachelor thesis. The goal of the practical part is to describe and evaluate the process and the content of the selection procedures in ČSOB. There are mentioned similarities and differences between the theory and the practice. Finally, suggested recommendations are based on the obtained information and the participation in the selection procedures.
Evaluation of the implementation of system of evaluation and remuneration
Poskočil, Ondřej ; Král, Pavel (advisor) ; Smejkalová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis consists two goals. The first objective is to evaluate a new system of remuneration and current system of employee evaluation in NVision company in Votice. The second objective is to find out how the systems are evaluated by employees themselves. I have evaluated the first objective according to interviews with employee who introduced the system and also with persons employed in the company. The second goal has been evaluated based on questionnaires passed to employees who filled them in. I found out that introducing of new system of remuneration does not deviate too much from the way it should be introduced but I still found some possible recommendation for the company. In contrary system of employee evaluation is not correctly set up and I have recommended some steps which should be implemented. Evaluation of survey showed that employee evaluation is not set up correctly and system of remuneration is in implementation phase.
Financial support for sport at the municipal level: Analysis of rules and genesis of their creation
Beránek, Jiří ; Král, Pavel (advisor) ; Vopátek, Jiří (referee)
Diploma thesis Financial support for sport at the municipal level: Analysis of the rules and genesis of their work deals with the concept of sport support in the Czech Republic, its financing and financial support at the municipal level. The aim of this work was to analyze the financing of sport in three towns in the Vysočina Region in Třebíč, Jihlava and Náměšť nad Oslavou and to find out whether there are rules for the allocation of funds from urban budgets to support sport. By analyzing the documents of individual cities and interviewing them, it was found out how many percent of the city budget goes to support the sport. The rules for their division are individual in relation to sport in a particular city. Partial analysis of the work can serve, for example, individual cities as a basis for other sports strategies following the Act on Sport Promotion No. 115/2001 Coll.
Sociopreferential relationships in a working group and the use of their knowledge in the management of organization
Visčurová, Monika ; Novotná, Eliška (advisor) ; Král, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on working groups, their structure and importance for organizations. The theoretical part is dedicated to organization, primarily its varied approaches and structure, working groups and teams and sociometry with focus on a sociometric test, which is the base of the practical part. In the practical part is realized a research in form of the sociometric test in the chosen working group. The aim is get knowledge of the informal structure of the group. Based on the data from the research is established a comprehensive view on acting of the group members and a functionality of the group as an entirety. Thanks to the gained results are suggested sociotechnical recommendations for improvements of the relationships in the group individually for each member and for the whole group.
The Social Stratification of a Municipality
Vondrušová, Hana-Kristýna ; Novotná, Eliška (advisor) ; Král, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the social stratification in the village Příbraz and is divided into the theoretical and the practical section.The theoretical part is dedicated to the social inequality, history of social stratification, stratification theories, social stratification and its associated concepts, measurement of social stratification and the characteristics of the village Příbraz. The practical part of this bachelor thesis deals with methods of sociological research and data collection. Based on the data from research in the practical part of this bachelor thesis are interpreted results of the above survey, according to which are created models of social stratification characterizing social stratification in the village Příbraz. Based on these characteristics are proposed socio technical recommendations for the municipal management.
Psychic terror in the workplace
Šafková, Karolína ; Hejda, Jan (advisor) ; Král, Pavel (referee)
In this bachelor thesis named Psychological terror in the work place I explain the problematic and single terms which are included in this topic. In this thesis, I present concerned observation in the chosen work place that I made, and introduce observed forms of psychological terror between employees. I created some advised measures for prevention and dealing with psychological terror in the workplace between employees based on observed behavior, which are evaluated by the agent of the management of the company. This thesis contains also presentation of some differences in opinions on determination of psychological terror forms as well as on interest of workers in important information for defense against the psychological terror
Draft of the System of Evaluation of Employees
Nová, Michaela ; Král, Pavel (advisor) ; Šíšová, Veronika (referee)
The thesis deals with a most topical issue which is the staff evaluation relating to the remuneration. The purpose of the thesis is to propose a staff evaluation system. The first part gives a definition of the evaluation, a detailed description of the meaning and the goals of the evaluation, the best-known methods of the evaluation and component steps leading to the implementation of the evaluation system. The research represents a proposed evaluation system which was introduced to a company. The proposal was gradually modified according to the requirements of the owners and managers. Some reactions and pieces of knowledge relating to the evaluation system were found out during the process itself. The evaluation system has been completely worked out and is prepared to be implemented. The thesis is a kind of qualitative research. The design is represented by an action research.
Olympic Park Lipno: Economic Assessment of the Project
Binderová, Monika ; Král, Pavel (advisor) ; Tripes, Stanislav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the economic impact of the Olympic Park Lipno. First of all, it describes the so-called mega sport events and their impacts, especially the economic ones. Furthermore, the ex-ante and ex-post studies and crowding out effect are characterised in the research. In addition, two analyzes which are described in detail in the thesis were prepared by KPMG. The research method is a questionnaire survey with all information gained at the Olympic Park Lipno. The questionnaires and the collection of secondary data allowed us to proceed to comparison of the researched studies and, in particular, to the calculation of the economic impact.

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