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Jump cut, the cut jumping about conventions of continuity editing
Kozáková, Tereza ; BROTHÁNEK, Adam (advisor) ; ČIHÁK, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the discontinuous editing process - jump cut in the theoretical-historical context, as well as in the three film analyzes, both practical and meaningful. The theoretical part of this work serves to realize the basic principles of shearing composition and, in particular, defines the circumstances that are behind the successful binding of shots in general. The next part of the text is devoted to the technical aspects of the jump cut and the related aspects that are decisive for its composite quality. This part also explores the historical origin of the jump cut on film examples, where it appears first and / or consciously. To a large extent, how much and how the popular film criticism has contributed to its popularization. Finally, the analysis of the three selected films examine both the useful jump cut and the occasions when it is not. Analysis are specifically intended to characterize the importance of jump cut and its impact on the viewer in the story of the analyzed works and whether, under what circumstances the jump cut contributed to the resulting whole or not of the work.
Vybrané vlivy na reprodukci u stáda holštýnského skotu
The aim of the work was to elaborate a literary review of the characteristics, reproductive properties of Holstein cattle and influences affecting the reproduction of cattle. Another objective of the work was to evaluate the selected influences on their reproduction in a group of selected dairy cows from the monitored cattle herd. The data were processed and sorted by genotype, level of milk performance, parity, length of dry period, length of insemination interval, difficulty of calving, age of the first calving and synchronization of estrous (Ovsynch). In evaluating the effect of the genotype on reproductive parameters, there were no statistically significant differences between purebred Holstein cows (H100) and crosses (H50-88C). In addition, the effect of milk yield on lactation on reproductive performance was evaluated. The results showed that with increasing performance, the values of reproduction indicators (insemination index, insemination interval and period service) have increased. The statistically lowest insemination index (1.70) and insemination interval (96 days) were detected in cows with a yield up to 8,000 kg. The service period (122 days) was conclusively the lowest in a cow group with a yield of 8,001 to 10,000 kg lactating milk. In contrast, the highest conclusive values of the insemination index, interval and period service were detected in a group of dairy cows with a yield above 12,001 kg of milk. It is further evident from the results that the values of the pregnancy rate after the first insemination increased with the increasing level of milk performance. The lowest value (27.14%) was detected in the group with the highest milk yield (over 12,001 kg of milk). There were no significant differences between the different groups of dairy cows in the evaluation of the influence of parity on the reproduction indicators. Furthermore, the influence of length of dry period was evaluated. The average dry period in the monitored herd was 69 days. The pregnancy rate after the first insemination was better for the group with a dry period over 61 days (40.38%). On the other hand, periods of service and days open values were lower in dairy cows with a dry period less than 60 days (119 and 394 days respectively). The length of uterine involution was also monitored by the length of insemination interval. Most cows in the monitored group of dairy cows (25.29%) were first inseminated 66th - 87th day after calving. No statistically significant differences were detected in the assessment of the age of the 1st calving and the severity of births on reproductive parameters. The use of controlled reproduction methods (Ovsynch) was also monitored and applied only in the case of reproductive disorders of dairy cows. In the monitored period, Ovsynch was used in only 10 dairy cows and the average service period was 140 days.
Roles of Women in the Works of Two Jewish-American Female Authors: Rebecca Goldstein and Allegra Goodman
Kozáková, Tereza ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Grmela, Josef (referee)
The Jewish-American situation seen through the lenses of Goldstein's and Goodman's works bring us closer to understanding the challenges the Jews in America have had to face. American culture provides open possibilities and chances that Jews had not been used to. This change starts the process of gradual assimilation in the forms of new educational opportunities, new views of gender roles, a modern approach to life where all people can be appreciated and successful, women not excluded. The impact of place and culture shapes the face of traditional Judaism, which needs to find ways to retain orthodox ways and keep Jews united against the possible dangers that might come from the outside. Yet progressive assimilation is inevitable and concerns all American Jews, even those who try to seek shelter in the womb of the orthodox communities. The changes take place especially in the new generations who do not have much connection to the past and Jewish experience on the far distant continent. They create their own version of Judaism based partly on the ways of their parents and partly on what American society offers. American values are gradually taken into consideration and influence the views of the young Jews. The new face of the religion is no longer what Judaism used to look like in the old shtetls. New rules...
The analysis of milk performance in the group of holstein cattle
The analysis of selected factors influencing milk performance in the group of holstein cattle.

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