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Generel of barrier-free routes in the city district of Královo Pole
Dubšíková, Karolína ; Kozák, Petr (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with research of barrier-free design requirements in public space for Slovak Republic, Republic of Poland, Federal Republic of Germany and Republic of Austria. Then the main barrier-free design requirements for traffic structures are compared to requirements in Czech Republic. In the second part of this thesis is elaborated Generel of barrier-free routes in the city district of Královo Pole, which contains of creating four routes connecting important obejcts in the city district of Královo Pole. Following is a detailed analysis of those routes, a comparison with a decree, a methodology and a proposal for repairs.
Cloud computing in the field of upper secondary teaching
Kozák, Petr ; Vaňková, Petra (advisor) ; Neumajer, Ondřej (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on mapping and analysis of the possibilities of using cloud computing from the point of view of a pedagogical worker at a level of higher secondary education by using a suitable method of evaluation and comparison of cloud technologies. A part of the work is devoted to ICT competences of teachers and possibilities of their further development in the field of cloud computing, withal focusing on models and programs of ICT competencies development, more precisely digital competences of national and international significance. In the practical part of the thesis, a research is carried out among pedagogical staff at secondary schools in the Czech Republic which is focused on the use of cloud computing with emphasis on competence, activities and work of pedagogical worker. The results of the research are summarized as recommendations for further practice.
Spatial distribution of the European catfish Silurus glanis influenced by familiarity
Fořt, Martin ; Slavík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kozák, Pavel (referee)
One of the key elements of animal social behaviour is the recognition of individuals on the basis of previous experience. This relationship is called familiarity and affects individual's behaviour. We know many examples of familiarity-based behaviour among fish. Many results show that familiarity is advantageous. Familiar individuals are less aggressive, forage more, make more cohesive shoals and grow faster. We tested the influence of the familiarity on the spatial distribution of juvenile wels catfish Silurus glanis from two unfamiliar groups, which were held in separate tanks. In a laboratory experiment was the spatial distribution of individuals monitored in the artificial stream by using passive integrated transponders. Shelters, which were occupied by individuals, were placed in the stream. Two groups of fish were subsequently added into the experiment under conditions of limited or unlimited shelters. These groups came from the same tank (so they were familiar) or from different tanks (so they were unfamiliar). 1080 individuals were used in this experiment and over three million individual fish positions were recorded. We discovered changing levels of activity under different conditions. When we compared activity of original and additional individuals, we measured higher level of activity in...
Environmental impact assessment
Kozák, Petr ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
Environmental Impact Assessment Résumé: Environmental Impact Assessment, as a process for integrating environmental considerations into decision making, is one of the most important instruments of environmental protection. It was first applied in United States of America and then emerged internationally since 1970. Strategic Environmental Assessmet (SEA), which is the aim of my thesis, is developing very quickly for last twenty years. Now is established in international documents and also domestic legislation - especially cause of the Czech Republic accession to the European Union. Strategic environmental assessment presents a process, which should provide information on the environmental consequences of proposed plans, programs and policies, and also ensure participation of potentially affected subjects, including public. In my thesis I describe respective international regulation, European directives and Czech legislation of strategic environmental assessment and analyze the level of quality and effectiveness of the SEA process and public participation in Czech regulation according to respective international and European regulation. For the SEA legislation in the Czech Republic a number of international treaties and European directives are very important. It is Convention on Environmental Impact...
Distribution and genetic variation of invasive crayfish of the genus Orconectes
Filipová, Lenka ; Petrusek, Adam (advisor) ; Kozák, Pavel (referee)
Crayfish are an important part of European fauna, but since the 19th century native crayfish species have been largely influenced by biological invasions, when large number of their populations was dramatically reduced due to the introduction of the pathogen of the crayfish plague (oomycete Aphanomyces astaci) to Europe. Several North American crayfish species were then brought to the European continent to substitute lost populations of native crayfish, the most widespread being the spiny-cheek crayfish (Orconectes limosus), the signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) and the red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii). However, these crayfish can carry pathogen of the crayfish plague and therefore represent a serious threat to the native species. My work focused mostly on the spiny-cheek crayfish (O. limosus). Available literature data suggest that the species was brought to Europe only once, and all European individuals may be descendants of the founder population. However, other cases of introduction may not have been documented, and cannot be ruled out. The first aim of my thesis was to evaluate the haplotype variation of the spiny-cheek crayfish populations from Europe and North America. Mitochondrial gene for cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (COI) of selected O. limosus individuals from several...
Development of adaptive interactive system for increasing vehicle crew safety and its utilization for classification quality of surface carriage way
Kudrna, J. ; Plíhal, Jiří ; Nedoma, P. ; Herda, Z. ; Kozák, P.
On board measuring the surface quality carriage ways aspects is able to expressively contribute to increasing road safety. This paper introduce system concept based on evaluation friction coefficient and road surface bumps with using available vehicle sensing elements. The concept includes two separate parts: deterministic mock-up vehicle movement and stochastic analyses of correlation model varieties and surface features on basis data recorded on testing ground.
Assessing the Financial Indicators of the Company Livi Dubňany Using Time Series
Kozák, Petr ; Štěpánková, Vladěna (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis will deal with selected economic indicators LIVI company, spol. s.r.o. and subsequent application of statistical methods to these indicators in order to predict. The thesis consists of four main parts. Specification of the thesis, namely the development and evaluation of proposals, the creation of the calculation of economic indicators. Theoretical basis, especially financial data, regression analysis and time series analysis. Enterprise characteristics and by calculation of financial indicators of borrowed financial statements. Application of theoretical knowledge for its own calculations and draft recommendations. The output of this bachelor’s thesis will serve as a possible starting point in choosing strategic plans and compiling business objectives.
Application of Financial Analysis in a Company
Dvořák, Petr ; Kozák, Petr (referee) ; Konečný, Miloš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focus on to evaluation of the financial health of the company and its development during years 2006–2009. Using financial analysis and its various methods will be described the current situation, causes and on this basis will proposes some measures to improvement.
The link-up of the Jihlava city Southeastern by-pass - transport junction of main road I/38 and major road II/523
Kozák, Petr ; Kutín, Ivan (referee) ; Smělý, Martin (advisor)
This diploma work deals with researching study of transport junction of main road I/38 and major road II/523 and than link-up of the proposed Outer ring road (VMO) and Southeastern by-pass (JVO) routes of region capital Jihlava, district of Jihlava, Vysočina region. Road structure will solve designed staged link-up of aboved mentioned roads according to their construction schedule. The design takes into account current roads and completed stages, with respect to minimum costs. Road structure is situated on Czech-Moravian Highlands. Its terrain is hilly, pondy and composed of agricultural parcels. The main purpose of this design is steady link-up of all considered traffic flows in the given locality.
The Business Plan for the Development of Small Business
Dvořák, Petr ; Kozák, Petr (referee) ; Kučerová, Vladimíra (advisor)
This thesis deals with the suggestion of a business plan, which is used for the development of small business. The thesis analyzes the present situation of the company by analyzing of the internal and external surroundings. The aim is to suggest changes and choose the appropriate strategy for the development of small business. The proposal is analyze the possibility of transformation of the business entity to a limited liability company and the possibility of obtaining the operating and investment loan.

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