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Human Body in the Czech Paremiology: An Ethnolinguistic Study
Kovařík, Tadeáš ; Vaňková, Irena (advisor) ; Bozděchová, Ivana (referee)
The submitted Master's thesis deals with the linguistic picture of the human body and its parts in proverbs, which are listed in Václav Flajšhans's dictionary Česká přísloví (Czech proverbs). The material is processed using approaches and methodological tools of cognitive linguistics and ethnolinguistics. First of all the theoretical and methodological framework of the thesis is outlined, these are in particular approaches of cognitive linguistics and ethnolinguistics to language and the theory of linguistic picture of the world. These methods are then used to analyse the linguistic picture of human body and its parts in Czech, as arises from proverbs. Then the research paremiological context is defined and possible approaches to proverbs are characterized. The proverb is then defined using specialized literature. Individual chapters that focus on parts of human body present meanings of somatic idioms that are explained with help of monolingual dictionaries. Also there are lists of the most common collocations and idioms in which these somatic idioms occur. The linguistic picture of the human body and its parts in the Czech language picture of the world is then worked out on the basis of the analysed proverbs. These proverbs are used to present linguistic pictures of the sense of sight and hearing...
Horse in Czech Phraseology, Proverbs and Fairy Tales. Contribution to the Linguistic Picture of the World
Kovařík, Tadeáš ; Vaňková, Irena (advisor) ; Lehečková, Eva (referee)
The focus of this bachelor thesis is the image of the horse in the Czech phraseology, proverbs and fairytales of Karel Jaromír Erben. The material processing has been based on cognitive linguistics and linguistic worldview theory and their methodological tools. First, the theoretical-methodological scope is explained with the focus on cognitive approach to language and linguistic worldview. Using these methods, the language and culture image of the horse in Czech environmentis processed, as presented by dictionaries. The etymology and history of the expression are examined; the meanings are defined using monolingual dictionaries, followed by the list of the most common synonyms, hyponyms and co hyponyms (hřebec, kobyla/klisna, hříbě etc.) On the grounds of phraseology, idiomology and paremiology as well as figurative usage, neologisms, derivations and compositions, the stereotype of the horse in Czech linguistic worldview is described. This is followed by the image of the horse in Erben's České pohádky. At the end of the thesis an open definition of the expression horse is given.
The Chronicle of Town Cheb of Pancras Engelhard of Haselbach. Contribution to the historiography of towns in the early Modern Period.
Kovařík, Tadeáš ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
The present thesis deals with city chronicles from the early Modern period with particular focus on the 1560 chronicle of the city of Cheb by Pancras Engelhard of Haselbach which is an important piece of work for the historiographical tradition of the city. The thesis first focuses on literature and other resources related to the topic. Scientific literature is used to define chronicles as genre with emphasis on city chronicles. There is a brief description of the development of chronicles of the Kingdom of Bohemia from the period before the battle of White Mountain and an overview of the history of chronicles of the town of Zhořelec. Another chapter presents the history of the city of Cheb, its economic background and political position within the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire. Furthermore, the development of literature of the city of Cheb in the early Modern period is described. A section on the chronicles of the city of Cheb from the period before the battle of White Mountain follows. Particular attention is paid to the manuscript of the chronicle by Pancras Engelhard of Haselbach and to other manuscripts of this chronicle still in existence. A special chapter is devoted to the illuminations this chronicle contains. The edition of the chronicle by Heinrich Gradl is described, too....

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