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Stress resistance of PHA accumulating bacteria against conditions associated with gastrointestinal tract
Kovářová, Radka ; Nováčková, Ivana (referee) ; Obruča, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on stress resistance of PHA accumulating bacteria against unfavourable conditions associated with gastrointestinal tract. Two bacterial strains were chosen as model microorganisms for this purpose. Cupriavidus necator H16 producing PHA and its mutant strain Cupriavidus necator PHB-4 without the ability of PHA accumulation. Firstly, three gastrointestinal juices of different concentrations were chosen for the experimental part, namely gastric, bile and pancreatic juices. The stressed bacterial strain was then determined using a spread plate method and a flow cytometry. Other methods used include antimicrobial tests. The agar diffusion method was first tested to determine the size of the inhibition zones. The last method that has been performed is the broth dilution method, which serves to compare the absorbance of pure bacterial suspensions and stressed suspensions with the given juice of a certain concentration. The results show that the production of PHA represents a disadvantage in context of conditions associated with gastrointestinal tract of accumulating bacterial strain.
Role of school by idientification and support of matematicaly gifted pupils
Kovářová, Renata ; Stejskal, Bohumil (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee) ; Kysučan, Jaroslav (referee)
Contemporary period and situation puts a lot of demands on individual members of the society, especially on their individual using skills and successfulness from one's childhood to adulthood. That is the reason why every society can't risk the potential of its people. Also Czech representatives became aware of this situation. To support talents and abilities of people lots of new projects are arising, f.e. Project Czech Head ("Projekt Česká hlava") which has the part called Little Heads ("Projekt České hlavičky"), organized since 2007 for Czech high-school students of technical and natural science branches. In co- operation of the Czech Senate and Parliamen chairman is also announced the competition for european students called Innovating Minds (since 2008). All the professionals who deal with this problem are aware of the fact that the number of successful members of society raise due to effective support and education of children since the early childhood. Pupils with the exceptional talents, according to the valid Czech law, are placed and classified as the pupils with special needs. Our contemporary trend in education of pupils and students with special needs is integration in possible way in dependence of the real needs and demands. Of course, the same law is valid and belongs to extraordinary...
Kinds and sources of financing of living
Zuzaňáková, Markéta ; Kovářová, Renata (referee) ; Hrabincová, Dagmar (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the characteristics of housing and financial sources for housing. It is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part includes information about the housing fund of the Czech Republic and about the financial sources for housing, especially mortgage credit, loans from building society account and loans provided by the State fund for housing development. The practical part includes a description of three model examples using a mortgage credit to buy a new apartment. The aim of this paper is to introduce the basic terminology related to housing, forms, financial sources for housing and their application to specific examples.
Estimation of Migration Parameters of Rocks with Fracture Permeability using Fluorescent Solutions : Research Report considering Work Progress and Results Achieved in 2013 Intermediate Report Covering the I. Phase : bibliography and preparatory works
Lachman, V. ; Kovářová, R. ; Novák, P. ; Rohovec, Jan ; Vašíček, R. ; Frydrych, V. ; Patzelt, Z. ; Šigut, R. ; Vachudová, L. ; Durajová, M. ; Koděrová, K.
The proposed project focusing on the use of fluorescent properties during tracer tests reflects the absecne of tracer substances not modifying the hydrochemical properties of the environment and not being radioactive. A positive result of the proposed research will enable more accurate evalutation of absorption properties of the rock environment in case of leakage of hazardous substances than it is for chemical tracers. Fluorescence salts offer the possibility of continuous monitoring of fluorescence changes without endangering the environment and without negative effects on hydrochemistry. Research will proceed according the fillowith scheme: bibliography-laboratory research-field tests-mathematical modeling. The project proposer has already acquired a patent and design rights in the frame of previous research project concerning the developed facility and technology enabling continuous monitoring and evaluation of fluorescence changes in liquids. The investigation of interaction between fluorescent salts and migratory pproperties of the rock environment will focus on rock with fracture permeability. Further selection of fluorescence salts accomplishing the objectives of the project will be based on the detailed bibliographic study. Particular fluorescent salts will be investigated in laboratory scale on selected rocs. Most promising fluorescence solutions will be consequently used for migration tests in specified rock environment with fracture permeability. The research polygon will be equipped with small-diameter boreholes interconnected by fracture network with two network section - with and without sorption properties. The results of both, laboratory and field tests, will be validated by mathematical models.
Modeling business and information system goals
Kovářová, Renáta ; Panuška, Martin (advisor) ; Šalamon, Tomáš (referee)
The bachalor thesis is about modeling business and information system goals. The objective of this modeling is to determine what are the long-term business and information system goals; it models goals in a current state (business or information system) "as-is" and goals in a future state "to-be". Goal modeling is not about modeling goals in a transformation between these states, because they are not long-lasting. This modeling belongs to an analysis of the system requirements technique. Because it is relatively young, while very beneficial method of system requirements analysis, it is necessary to give it a proper attention. Important is the very definition of the "goal" itself and the reason why we actually model and why. For goal modeling several modeling languages are, used, which include framework i* and KAOS methodics. This thesis closely examines both these languages, and compair their readiness for the goal modeling in a practical way.

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